OK …..Here we go>>>>>>

The start of what could be an epic journey around two continents ( most probably will end up as a bit of  dilly dallying here and there but has good intentions:  ), by boat and foot, possibly balloon .  To see what lies on the outer reaches of  the Sansara and Heterocera continents.

This is roughly the route I intend to take .


Hi  let me introduce myself .

My name is Nish and I run a small shop/cafe called

the Explorers Club Cafe  in Kekekabic.


 This is my shop and cafe in Kekekebic. Sansara

I called it the Explorers Club Cafe  because I like exploring, club sounded good,( and it’s also a cafe duh)there is free tea and coffee , food and magazines to read and also  I have slide shows in the cafe area which I hope to fill with pics of  expeditions.  I  also like   hearing about other peoples explorations and discoveries.The thing is, I never seem to find  enough time to explore. I’m always too busy building stuff (I’m a very slow builder) to sell in the shop, or reading of others exploits. Although I love building because it fills the creative niche in me .I have a taste for the open road/waterway/sky,and I think now is the time to go exploring again.(reader nods) (Nish nudges them awake again)

   snapshot_005       quest1_035     2304572373_9697211ec0            sailhome_002        by-horse         off-road-2                                



I say again because I have travelled the roads of Sansara quite a bit.Bus ,car, overhead in balloons rollerskating,  horse riding and of course plain old walking .I’ve even tried giving guided tours on a few of them(not too successfully). I like roads , they are easy to travel. With a bit of patience they take you where you want to go and also there’s  not that risk of banging into red ban lines and security features, grrrr. I tried a cross country trip by foot  once and just gave up .”Nish Mip.You are trespassing.You have 15 second to get off my land.”  Then you panic and try to work out which way to go. “You have 5 seconds to comply.” Agggh You decide to just run for it 4………….3……you suddenly remember you can fly. 2…..You attempt to fl………’re back home for the umpteenth time that day, wondering whether to bother  again or give it up and go do a bit of shopping. Unless you turn on property lines  and spoil the views, how are you meant to know when you stroll on to someones private area and where did it start anyway. I’m only trying to  have a walk . I’m not trying to invade your space, for goodness sake.  I just want to wander carefree, looking at the architecture, the art, the beautiful the bizarre. Believe me S.L is not friendly to cross country hikers or bikers .KEEP OFF THE GRASS. stay on the straight and narrow and you won’t get hurt  .Oh but those freshly mowed prims seem so tempting…


   I had made a sailing trip a while back now around what I think today is known as Maebaleia or the Japanese continent.I didn’t know what it was called at the time, I can’t remember seeing anything or anyone reminding me of Japan.I was sailing as far as possible the outer seas surrounding land. It was still  a bit map23dangerous. Those ban lines are lethal in a boat. When you hit them  it spins you off into no-mans land   and when you manage to get out of your seated animation( I always find that the most embarrasing bit, hobbling along in the seated position like you’ve been forcibly ejected from a   toilet)  You usually  end up re-logging before anyone sees you .Then you have the problem of finding your vessel . I was once called to a shopping mall where my boat had ended up. Apparently it had blocked the door to a shop and had  prevented customers from entering.(like they were queueing up outside I’m sure) The owner was away but a staff member  was threatening to report me . When I tp’d in he actually captured me in a cage and ranted on for some time as though I had deliberately parked my boat outside his dam shop. Being still fairly green behind the gills I took this all in and apologised profusely. He eventually let me go as I was “sooooo cute”, as he put it. What a total arse. Just the sort of person who puts up the dam red lines that had catapulted my boat  in the first place.I am only too pleased for people to walk over my land come one come all you are more tham welcome.(stands back to avoid the rush )  I didn’t record the journey in any way then, but armed with  slightly more confidence and a lovely little motorboat which  I have made myself incidentally (not for sale yet as the sounds are not up to scratch)I am (all of a sudden)ready to take on another journey of discovery .



What made me decide to do this.  What  I think swayed me this time to venture out from beneath my virtual prim shell.   began when I was out testing the boat, adjusting the script, a bit at a time trying to make it feel, well like a “real” boat .I had just gone over the top of a waterfall as you do and noticed someone sort of halfway up the waterfall with their arms and legs sticking out of a rock.   They were shouting  “HEY”  “HEY” I called back “ARE YOU OK”.   “NO I’M STUCK” came the reply  ” HOLD ON ” I shouted  up at him .  All of a sudden I just couldn’t help myself and I  burst into laughter at the surreal humor . It just hit me as it often does here, the bizarre nature of  this place. I love it, although I’m not always sure I’m laughing along with it

I was just about to suggest some things, when the poor guy must of realised that he could actually TP out and promptly did so before any more embarrassment ensued. Well this incident sort of  got me thinking  of my earlier days here and the   journeys across SL I made looking for a place to live  How I had seen and learnt so much.(probably seen  a lot more than I actually learnt) Maybe I should  do another trip, put it all down on paper this time . All the weird and wonderful. I was musing this over when I rounded the corner of the river and there in front of me was what can only be described as S.L. nature in her full beauty . A thing to behold with awe. The one thing maybe that inspired me more than anything else to write this travelblog and to journey to the furthest corners of the Sansara and Heterocera continents in search of  wonderment’s such as this ….


S.L Beauty.


The Giant Orange Penis.

Now maybe in the Saatchi or some other contempory, this would not of looked out of place . But imagine in a reality world  seeing  this site as you  blissfully meander down a picturesque  river canyon ? You only get this in S.L. Maybe that’s why I love it so. Although I am not drawn to make my avatar obscurely weird or for that matter anything that I build strange in any way( I do find myself getting slightly more eccentric the longer I stay here) . It’s my straight lace, everything in its place thinking, opposed to the off the wall antics and creations that others put into this world that keep me hooked. For as much as this virtual world is a place of idyllic “natural” beauty with picturesque landscapes full of  rolling hills , dramatic waterfalls, sun sparkling seas.There is always a giant orange penis waiting to greet you round the next corner.   I crave the contrast. That’s what I wanted more of and hoped to find in the  journey that i had now decided to embark on.


So here we are at the start Campello the sim is called. It looked as good a place as any to begin . In fact it reminded me a bit of lands end where a lot of people in the UK set off or end   long  journeys. Ive got myself a rucksack for a dollar, and sown a couple of badges onto it and I’ve packed it with my trusty torch and compass I’m also taking along a good pair of binoculars you never know what you might see. The bag still needs a bit of work on it to get it to fit properly but it’ll do for now.campelo

I notice a girl standing a little way back from the lands end ,staring out to sea and I’m just about to go up to her to say hello When out of nowhere two guys come soaring through the sky leaving a trail of smoke behind them and land near the girl staring out to sea.They go straight up ,her name is Zena and they are asking if she wants to become a vampire and then they remark on her  boobs . It could be that an ample  proportioned   (and lets be honest here, the lovely Zena was blessed with some outstanding ones )It could be as I was saying that this was some sort of qualification for joining the undead perhaps a large chest was beneficial to their nocturnal habituals, for they payed me scant attention as they concentrated all their efforts on recruiting this fair maiden . She was a gamely girl though and appeared to resist all their wit charms and offers of immortality. I am wondering to myself at this time if this had anything to do with the bloodlines game that is doing the rounds at the moment and call them over to ask them .They somewhat reluctently avert their gaze and shuffle over. “Is this the bloodlines game thingy I’ve heard about ” I ask. They stare at me like I am some halfwit .(they quite possibly have a point) NO they gesture out loud . “wha tis… that.”I try to explain but Its all a bit too much. somebody holding a conversation,you know, with words and all that sort of twaddle . They look at each other shrug and take to the sky. Hmmm was it something I said. who knows never mind at least they didn’t try to bite me.    I’m just about to head down to the boat when I remember Zena . “Hi” I say to Zena I’m doing a tour around these two continents. “Cool ” Zena boating_008says and she lets me take a pic with her and she wishes me good luck. I don’t know why but I sort of expect some sort of crowd to gather to wish me bon voyage but Zena will do nicely, in fact a more fitting Avatar to see me off on  a journey around  two very large continents I can not think of .Thank you Zena. She is still staring out to sea. I better get going its  late . i can see the sun click a little bit lower on the horizon . Time to move I don’t want to be caught out after dark , not with those two b easts flapping about all over the place .  . nasty things vampires.




to be continued……>>>







~ by Nish Mip on March 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Start.”

  1. Hiya Nish – I’ve been meaning to reply to this all weekend, but time has not been kind to me 😀

    I’m really happy you’ve got a blog – I love blogging soooooo much that I always want my friends to have one just so I can read more. I’m a selfish social networker 🙂

    I still haven’t been to your cafe and shop, but by god I will! I’m also sorry I missed the start of your tour – if you’d have said something, I could have gathered a few of us Kahruvel lot to come and see you off and make a fuss! Tsk!

    I totally agree with you about banlines – they should be banned! There is no place for them in a world where you can cam into every nook and cranny anyway. It’s bad enough we have to contend with sim crossings that make Russian Roulette look like a game of skill without having people forcing us around or over stupid lines. And add fekking security systems that bounce people all over the grid and, well it just makes me mad! For however long I stay in this world (or others) I will always make my places free and accessible to all! /me punches the air from atop my soap box and leads the assembled throng up the hill to the mill owner’s mansion with a demand for fairer working conditions, access to unions, every 3rd Sunday off and an end to all ban lines!

    I love your description of how a giant pink knob in the middle of a beautiful river typifies the wonderfully bizarre nature of SL. Sometimes I’d love for all the griefing and stupidity to just go away so I can enjoy the beauty of the world, but then I realise that actually, all that naughty, cheeky stuff also makes it fun.

    Like the two guys and girl you met – how wonderfully random and post-modernly amusing. Two wannabe vampires not knowing about the biggest vamp game in world being unwilling to talk to you because your not-real-anyway-boobs are drawn smaller than your head. I LOVE stuff like that – just makes me smile.

    Mind you, you are right about one thing… vampires are horrible. I blame Anne Rice – Vampires are supposed to be selfish, amoral parasites, not haunted sexy poets. Gawd! Give me the stench of the grave, not the latest Beckham perfume! Nah, I’d pitch a werewolf over a vampire any day 😀

    Where was I? Oh yes! Good luck on your journey matey! Keep in touch – get the free Twitterbox from Ordinal Enterprises and tweet as you go – use the Mystitool to create a SLURL and drop it into your tweets 🙂

    Hey, at the snail’s pace my own road trip is going, we may even meet up on the road one day – I’ll wave to your dust as you go by 🙂

  2. Thanks Head for your encouragement . This is all a bit new to me and it dosn’t come too natural nothing does but slowly getting there.It was all a bit sudden this decision to do the tour and then the blog just seemed to follow,hardly planned at all but that’s probably the best way. I think it might be a very long trip as i’m constantly dashing back home checking I didn’t leave the gas on, and as I never write stuff down and have the memory of a ,whats that things name again , I forget where i left off and have to retrace my footsteps. I actually dropped by your place in Cowell on Sunday morning. What a divine setting I didn’t go in. Isn’t it funny because you weren’t around I felt it rude to just walk in , many would. It’ s things like that get me giggling away to myself. I love your rooftop garden by the way. 🙂

  3. Opp – please delete that last comment – I sent it from the wrong account 😀

    What I would have said, had I have said it, was:

    Anyone is welcome in my home – you & my other friends doubly so! Pop over and try the carrots – they are sooooo organic 🙂

  4. As I said in the comments of the next post, this is so great! 🙂

    Is it actually possible to get between Sans and Heter these days without TPing? I did a Great Mainland Trek the other year, from my home in the south to a friend’s home up north, and I ended up TPing between islands to get between continents, because I couldn’t find a connecting route of filled-in regions. Maybe I should try again!

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