Today at 12 noon SLTime I  went to the Nova Albion 5th birthday celebrations. Nova Albion was one of the first cities built in S.L. and it is a beautiful place surrounded by water  and bridges  and to celebrate their 5th birthday they(being the folks who live there) put on a wonderful parade. My friend Headburro who did a super firework display at the end,  invited me along and I built a float with a large cake and newbie candles on it to go in the parade .

I had some difficulty getting to the start  so I waited across the bridge from where the others were starting and then when the parade went by I  followed on .There were all sorts of weird and wonderful costumes and floats and apart from a lot of lag and a few wrong turns everyone had a wonderful time  here are some pics I took of the parade. I had to leave a little earlier than I wanted but really enjoyed it . Thankyou to all who organised the celebrations.













~ by Nish Mip on March 22, 2009.


  1. Hi Nish! Welcome to blogorrhea, that terminal illness from which we all suffer. Lovely float at the parade, with fire-belching mannequins or man-shaped birthday candles, I couldn’t decide which. I’m looking forward to your future explorations and reports!

  2. Hiya Nish – cracking float! It was HUGE! With as capital HU!

    I had a right old ‘mare getting in (compounded by the fact it was the little ‘un’s bath & bed time so I was pulled all over and only just logged on with 3 mins to go).

    I tried to rex both my old float and your Quest 1 but neither wanted to play 😦 Frank didn’t mind coming out, but that’s because he’s an attachment.

  3. Thankyou Young,thankyou Head. I do tend to go for the large showey creations but I thought your unicycle Young, most appropriate and fun too. Frank seemed very calm despite the loud music and general mayhem surrounding him, you trained him well. Give him a pat from me would you Head, and thanks for the photo tips.

  4. The footage of your float turned out to be a nice opening for the hastily-assembled parade video I made. The float was EXCELLENT!

  5. Thanks Osprey, and thanks again for the work you and everyone put into arranging these things. I look forward to seeing the video.

  6. Love the way you used it in the vid, Os – dead clever!

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