Camping Out

It isn’t long into my trip before the waves calm a little and I notice the coast start to head inland as river mouth extends into a bay and beckons me in . The sun sits low on the horizon as I slow the motor and approach some brightly lit buildings with a myriad of colour dancing round their glassy structures. there is a beautiful dragon statue that breaks the surface in front of me ,I steer round enticed,drawn like a moth to the brilliance.




Kelham and Deimos




Beyond the twirling light show are small islands dotted around the bay and belonging to the Pakhuis Dutch group.

The first island is filled with numerous creatures of all types. Bears , flamingos, wild cats, butterfly’s and a gorgeous hippo who twists his head occasionally to get a better look as I go by. It is an idyllic little island but there again anywhere is for me once you add animals to the equation.




Across from them over a wooden bridge I can see people moving between the trees…….hhmmm people.




I moor the boat and tread gingerly up the  sandbank peering through the undergrowth as I go . I don’t want to disturb them .

It’s not always a good idea to suddenly drop in amongst a group of people.  I remember showing my niece the delights of this world a few days after I had first set foot here, i was happily flying about over the roof tops and swooped down to a large gathering of grey goo avatars some sort of gym as far as I could work out by the numerous pieces of apparatus scattered about. It quickly became obvious that this was not your average gym when the goo started to ware off and the members (and there were a lot of those )took on their less than clothed appearance . i declined the numerous annual membership offers and hastily took leave much to my niece’s amusement.

I could see now ghost like unruthed  avatars twirling around on platforms . they were I was pleased to find fully clothed and Camping .

Above their heads were floating signs indicating how long they had been dancing for and how much they could earn and had earned .

Camping had been an integral part of my early avatarhood. You could earn a fair bit if you were prepared to put in the hours scrubbing floors washing windows or just lounging around. Just as long as you kept the numbers up and it looked like a venue was popular. It was easy money  or so i thought at the time. looking back it probably cost me more on my electric bill than it would of if I had handed my credit details over , but there again I was testing the water , getting to know this strange new world . I remember everything I bought with with my hard earned cash was precious .I had bought my first horse Pippet through camping out night after night. for weeks on end. It had taken time,  searching for the highest paying spots, waiting to  jump on to  the camping pads as soon as somebody went went away, setting your anti idle and dancing till dawn.

My favorite spot to camp was a beautiful little island called Mischief where you could play the guitar along to dreamy Latin music on the promenade, get free building lessons in the bay and watch the visitors parade in and out of the shops sometimes giving generous tips occasionally giving away freebies  and every so often plonking a wooden cube or maybe something worse on your head.




Camping out at Mischief


“Hi I said to each dancer in turn without response ” how you doing “…..Nothing . I think maybe there is a unwritten rule about talking to strangers whilst camping here or perhaps its just me getting paranoid , Is everyone AFK or maybe secretly messaging each other “Don’t speak to her she might be one of those vampire thingy’s come to steal our  souls.




Well I couldn’t get this lot to wake . maybe the vampires had already been this way .Eventually I did manage to speak to a girl who came along to dance . Her name was Mutti and  she was waiting to get on a pad. she listened politely as I blabbered on about my trip ,where I was heading etc, and I gave her a LM for Mischief . I hoped she would enjoy camping there as much as I had .



Mutti Dancing





Waving goodbye to Mutti I realise that time was getting on  . I needed a place to rez the boat in the morning and so I headed off in search of a friendly beach. It’s not too long before I find a quiet spot a few sims further N.W. and moor up . it was dark by now and I hadn’t realised where I had ended up .

I was on the  southern shores of the Kahruvel forest and someone  was  calling out to me .

Who was it ?

more soon ………..>>>>




~ by Nish Mip on March 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Camping Out”

  1. Wow! When you travel, you really travel! you’ve covered more sims in one go than I managed in a year. /me is sad for my poor readers and thinks it is only fair to point them your way where more stuff happens 🙂

    I, too, spent my early days in-world camping for cash – but I didn’t know about anti-idle things so could only do it when I was online and that was so boring it two weeks to gather L$150. At this point I gave up and slapped my card into the machine – first thing I bought was skin and then a shape. I still use both today LOL!

    How weird you ended the first leg at Kahruvel – that place is magickal, you know 🙂

    But who was calling to you?

  2. Ooh, this is so great! I love reading about expeditions on / around / within the Mainland. Too bad you’re sticking to the coastline or I’d insist you stop by the middle of Hughes Rise and say hi to my park. 🙂

  3. Who was calling me ? * ****** of course offering me a free private Island and a years supply of wooden cubes if I didn’t do the story on the F.I.C. I just took the cubes I’m not greedy

  4. Dale I’d love to drop in some time to visit your park send me a LM and yes you can get between continents nowadays , i sailed across not that long ago Its a narrow strip with some sort of oil or gas platform in the middle worth exploring .

  5. That’s the old aand famous ANWR prim rig – it’s where all the raw prims are drilled from the grid bed and pumped up to ships that deliver them to the mainland. If it’s working, you can see the prims moving through the system.

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