Can real ghosts inhabit a virtual world?

I became interested in Virtual world Ghosts VWG when on a trip out in my tour bus. I had just passed the large castle in Hogback Sim and all of a sudden a girl ran out in front of me and I thought I had hit her in fact I know I should of hit her, the bus I was driving was a physical object. but she somehow tumbled over the steep incline to my right and disappeared although I looked straight away,she had gone,she had no name and there had been nothing showing on the map.


Well nothing strange in that really was there ? Computer errors glitches happen all the time. The thing was the feeling I got . Ive seen all sorts of monsters, zombies , vampires, prim ghosts, green dots with nobody there, but Ive never had that feeling ,a sort of chill with a sense of loss at the same time that I got when this occurred.

I have yet to find another ghost although I have heard reports from others of encounters.

Last night I did a search for ghosts in SL and found this blog by Peace Bella I decided to take a look to see if maybe the  ghost she wrote about was still around.



This is the Anastasiya sim where Peace bella had seen the girl . When I took this photo and froze it on my screen My image did not show up on it at all . I studied it and i was nowhere  on it .I only appeared  when I uploaded this pic to the blog.

I waited around , walking amongst the shops and rental spaces, I couldn’t find the club Perhaps it had been pulled down the story after all was June 2007. maybe it would be worth taking a look on that date


I was just about to give up when I noticed this girl in the adjoining sim she was dancing by a fountain all alone for no apparent reason just by chance I took a closer look.




they say the eyes are the windows to the soul . Was there a trapped soul within this girl ?

what made me take a closer look? I have to say I could not find the ghost Peace Bella had written about but I did feel something ,a presence 

 .I’m going to carry on searching.

Have you or anyone you know encountered VWG’s ? 

tell me about it

If you managed to take one , send me a pic (full perm) and I’ll put it in a special slide show at my cafe

and maybe I’ll come take a look for myself .


~ by Nish Mip on March 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “Ghosts”

  1. Well, a sort of a ghost. Although the person it was a ghost of eventually contacted me and said that he hadn’t been there at all. Which makes it either more or less spooky…

    Sunken Aeroplane

  2. Definitely spooky , looking at the definition of a ghost It can mean the spirit or soul not necessarily dead .

  3. Hi. Found ur blog thu HBA’s blog… I don’t know if I’ve seen actual ghosts but seen a lot of oddities in SL that may or may not have any rational (technical/scripting) explanation. One I’d perhaps like to explore sometime are what I call the Okinu sim glyphs.
    I’ve done quite a bit of underwater exploration in SL but not run across sharply cornered geometric shapes as this. That’s one odditiy… not technically ghost-related…
    I’ve also wondered if there are legitimate “ufos” in SL. I’ve seen things flashing thru the sky at various times…
    It has also occurred to me that SL would perhaps be a logical place for extraterrestrial or ultraterrestrial beings to “safely” contact Earth beings. How’s that for a thought?!
    Oh yeah, I’m kind of a ghost myself, with the blank eyes and all.

  4. Your idea of UFO’s isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. Logically an advanced race that had uploaded themselves into coded form and lived in some form of metaverse, would, if they felt the need to contact our planet, start with the more advanced race that was also living in a similar form. They could be walking among us as we speak. maybe they are the ghosts of S.L. Many thanks for those thoughts baker and those sim glyphs are most intriguing a true mystery.

  5. Several years ago, I was with a friend who was terraforming under water. During one pass of her bulldozer, she uncovered a man, who then flew up and out of sight. We both gasped. The man had a nametag and we looked him up. He was nowhere near that spot!

  6. brrrrrrr I’m getting the shivers again I wonder if avatars can form a soul of their own and be in two different places . I love this stuff 🙂

  7. Ye gods! Aliens contacting us in SL? Ghosts with dead eyes? Avatars in two places at once? I’s sure Salazar would have some theroies on these things, but I’m betting the inherant instability of Linden Lab’s gridding of this world – a world that stands between so many possibilities and active wave functions…

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