‘Witch’ way now.

Well  here I was in Noyo on the southern shores of the forest of Kahruvel with someone calling to me .Its not very often that I bump into anyone that I know when exploring, but it’s kind of a nice feeling  when you’re away from home to hear a friendly voice and look up to see someone familiar. The disembodied voice that was hailing me was Mr Neal Lyle.

I know Neal because we are following each other on twitter and from when in December my Friend Headburro and myself organised a sort of winter skating event in Zermatt  I  seem to remember Neal in the skating race utalising some sort of  hovercraft . This time when I eventually located the voice, he was hovering above me in  a huge airship.





Neal  is the owner/keeper  of the lighthouse on a little island  in Palomarian an idyllic location he also has the looks of a favorite uncle, the sort that you just want to give a big hug to. he is also  a very down to earth sort of guy when he’s not above you !  So when he eventually came down from his craft we had a nice chat about this and that and I showed him one of my magic spells.



Magic spells ? I hear you say ( or maybe wonder why I’ve mentioned them) you mean you are some sort of witch!     Oh yes.




My profile used to read I am a witch and a bitch. It rhymed and seemed right at the time (as does this line .hee hee) This was when around the times I was  enrolling in various Harry Potter/ medieval type role play groups.  ( I could never get on in role play, everyone trying to talk over each other  and saying out loud all their thoughts and actions) *Nish wonders if anyone will notice as she edges her way quietly to the back of the classroom and leaves through the highly detailed oak paneled doors of the Hogwarts assembly room, the other pupils do not notice she has gone as they  still have their heads firmly  fixed up their own posteriors. OOC. It just wasn’t for me , I did try, There just wasn’t enough chances to do my spells on people.    





How I first got interested in being a witch has a strange connection with where I was now, The Kahruvel forest.

Not long into my second life I visited  a library. I can’t say where it was Maybe the one on info island I can’t find it anymore…… anyhow I was perusing the books inside when I happened upon a book charting the  journey undertaken by a group of citizens from the Sansara continent to the newly formed third continent of Jeogeot. This gave me inspiration . before then I hadn’t even thought of other continents. I decided to explore this place for myself . and so I set off . I studied the map and picked out a place that was largely uninhabited at the time. When I arrived I found myself in a sort of wood  with many broadleaved trees dotted around the area. It was kind of nice as I was the only one around apart from one other green dot I could see on the radar screen but that was some distance from me . As I wandered round the wood just enjoying the space, I didn’t notice the green dot had moved closer and all of a sudden from out of the trees a cloaked man on a horse appeared ,behind him trailed a cascade of brightly lit  twinkling stars and other glowing particle trails. I was just dumb  struck by this sight . “Wow” was all I could muster as the  man got off his horse and introduced himself . His name was  Xenophon and he was a genuine S.L.wizard. he showed me  a few of his spells, mainly ones that knocked me off my feet but I was absolutely entranced, spellbound. I knew then what I wanted to be in this life I wanted to be a witch.



This is when I started seriously camping , for in able to become a witch in second life I would need a wand ,and unless I could build one which I certainly wasn’t capable of then , that was going to cost me money . I had a little money saved up so the first thing I bought was a cloak .just to look the part ,then after many hours dancing I was able to buy my first magic wand with spells.





There was one thing missing though .The horse that I had seen Xenophon riding . I had never seen a horse in this world before it was one of the things that had amazed me when he had come riding through the woods that day. I took a look around and found the AKK ranch . the horses were expensive. (for my measly wages) but if you want the best and they did  really  look  beautiful, I was going to have to go back on that dance floor.

So many weeks later and with $2000 in my pocket I Tp’d over to the AKK ranch and bought myself a strawberry and cream dream of a horse called Pippet. ( all my pets in SL are called Pippet, because I am very lazy with naming things in this and any other world ).





The first thing of course I wanted to do was ride Pippet ,so I went straight to search and looked up fields woods etc and came up with the Kahruvel forest in rodeo. I liked the sound of it so I hopped onto Pippet’s back and went to take a look .



The forest stretches over 200,00 sq m the main part of it being in Rodeo and the surrounding sims. It is absolutely steeped in history which I will not go into here, one  because I am not a very good  historian and two you can find all about this beautiful and mysterious location and its amazing history at Salazar Jack’s site . Salazar Jack and his family created the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust named after his great grandfather and they help care take the forest and record the many historical and mysterious artifacts found there.

Now here is where the circle all be it a little ragged ,completes. Salazar was one of the citizens that undertook the journey to the southern continent, that I had read about in the library, that inspired me to look there myself, meet a wizard,become a witch, by a horse and then ride in the forest that he tended.

 I love it when things go  round like that It makes me feel like things aren’t out of control that there is something maybe gently nudging you round steering you in the right direction even if you  veer off down blind alley’s now and then, a sort of cosmic loop maybe.

Well after we had exchanged goodbyes  and  Neal had departed I was ready to  return to my ‘cosmic loop’  tour of  of the sims.



It was  morning, and a fresh easterly  sea breeze was nudging me to my next destination.


more to follow…………>>>>




~ by Nish Mip on March 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “‘Witch’ way now.”

  1. Wow! What an amazing start to your life in here. I know I’ve said it before, but it was only when I bumped into Sal, Osprey & Enjah that my life really took off. And Kahruvel has been a major part of that so to hear how much Sal and the forest played in your early life to is simply wonderful – after all, it’s where I met you and Doug too 🙂

    I tried RPing in world too (and I know Doug did). I think there must be some connecting factor in our psyches that the Forest tapped into – maybe a sense of wonder, or a desire for a greater underlying meaning to this strange, new life? We each seem to be the kind of folk wwho want to explore, befriend and evolve.

    And look at you, Ms Witch! (I have to say, I also wondered about the “and Bitch” line as you seem so far from that as to make me think it was either a quotation or written in a less happy time for you. Either way, you may be a witch, but you certainly are not a bitch.) All magic and wands and pyro displays – you should think about doing an act for TSMGO 🙂

    I can’t wait for your next installment – I’m hoping to get back in world soon mysewlf and restart my eternally on-off road trip – I’ll be heading back to where you are now, more or less, so wave HI as I gallop by 🙂


    p.s. I only bought a horse in the last year and Frank came from the AKK stables as well – such good breeding 🙂 I’ll always be grateful to my old mate Janey for persuading me to buy one: http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/2008/04/10/bareback-burro/

  2. Hi Head
    If I had been a bit smaller it could of been titch , more appropriate would of been kitsche 🙂 I never know where this life is taking me there always seems to be something just around the corner but it is strange how things turn out especially our fates tied into the forest Thats the magic of this world ,more so than my parlour tricks . Hey you better get going some to catch me up, Ive fitted a new motor to that little boat of my’n. Got a short holiday coming up but hope to see you in world soon after.

  3. Poor Pippet 1 really looks his age in those pics . Pippet 2 looks so much more authentic, like Frank, but Pippet 1 is still so precious.

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