Free Fall.

The easterly wind had not carried me that far from the banks of the Kahruval forest before I was  mooring up at  what I consider to be one of the most prettiest villages in Second Life  It is the fishing village at Cowell .



 With its stark architecture of  tiny back streets, arches and numerous winding stepped white washed buildings It typifies to me a coastal Mediterranean village and is absolutely gorgeous . You can just feel the sun beating down on you and the heat reflecting off the cobbled quayside .



I had read in My good friend Headburro’s blog that he had rented a house here so I just had to take a look. I crossed the canal and found his abode near the rocky backdrop. I didn’t go in , because he wasn’t around (My moralities still carry to this world)  but took a peek at his roof top garden which was flourishing  it certainly looked both charming and relaxing .  I think I might ask Head If I can take a deck chair up there sometime  after the tour. a glass of homemade wine from the vine on the arbour would be just right in such a beautiful setting.




 I could of stayed in the village all afternoon but with so far to go and so much more to see  ( hopefully )  I really needed to be heading on. So it was back to the boat which incidentally I have been tweaking at the script to make it a bit more  of an authentic ride and  sound a little bit more boatier !  .Its also been slightly reshaped since these pics were taken ( I’m getting there )I just have to keep going   🙂




So the next stop and this wasn’t much further along, in the next sim,right next  door was the virtual world famous Abbotts Aerodrome. The Aerodrome was first built in 2004 by Cubey Terra and Apotheus Silverman. This  is a marvelous place to experience Second Life aeronautics  as it has a huge display of planes and other types of air- craft and most of them seem to have a demonstration model that you can try out .



 I had been to Abbotts before some while back and tried a few of the planes out  . I’m afraid that I didn’t get on too well . If the controls are much more than forwards back left and right I panic and start pressing any key that comes to hand. Consequently, several crashes later I gave up, but that’s me I’m sure others will have much more success than myself.

Inside Jet


 The one thing I did not try out at Abbotts was the skydiving. I have skydived in S.L. once,  a long while back   and had really enjoyed it .I remember feeling really pleased with myself having skillfully operated my parachute and  succesfully managing  to  float gracefully to the ground in front of a small crowd, only to be greeted by a friendly stranger who asked politely (He actually said please)  if I would care to have sex with him.  No thankyou, I replied. I was still on a high ,up in the air and I very much doubt if this well mannered newbie could have taken me….  any higher. 




   So I was looking forward to trying out the skydiving  here at Abbotts. I reccomend it  to all like me who are maybe a little bit well. sort of  er (OK  I’m going to admit it Buk buk buk, I’m scared of heights, falling and emm dying really  )


The scary bit is just before you are catapulted up

The scary bit is just before you are catapulted up




 Anyhow  for  those of you like me who don’t want to or can’t for what ever reason  do this in R.L.  as well as those who can and do .  Just grab a free parachute at the Skydiving section at the main tower and head out to the pod where an ejector seat will take you up several thousand meters above sea level and then eject you.






 wheeeeeeeeeeeeow. :))))) faaaaantastic . Oh don’t forget to read the instructions and know how  to pull your chute like I ‘didn’t’ do till  it was too late and embarrassingly landed flat on my face on the runway Hey but isn’t it just great how you get to have a second life. 🙂





More to come sooooon……..>>>>>




~ by Nish Mip on April 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Free Fall.”

  1. Yay! You’re back! Hope it was a lovely break 🙂

  2. Glad to be back . 🙂
    Not the best weather as I predicted, but a welcome break all the same.

  3. Hehe! I *loved* the parachuting shots – so funny! I first went skydiving there too (waaaay back in late 06) and was hooked right away – Enjah used to live in that sim, you know – I think it was just her, the airport and the trees.

    There are two chairs on the veranda and you are *always* welcome in my place. Hwy! Do you need any carrots for your trip? I’ve grown too many again 🙂

    Sooo, where next, mate?

  4. Should have a post out by late tonight if I can sort through the pics. Pippet loves carrots so save a few for him will you.and have you dropped in in the cafe yet . I think I left the tap running!!.

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