In order to reach the perimeter sea near the Nova Albion and Bay City sims, I decided to take the right turn just after Abbots aerodrome and head north on the estuary that leads up to the inland waterways that flank the sides of Rosedale,Kapor,Smith and Murray. This would miss out the sandbox sims in the west which I felt  deserved a blog of their own some time and It would mean I could travel as much as possible by water.



About  two sims in as I was heading west to Oak Grove a girl flew over and landed in my boat. I said “hi”, her name was Roxane,I used to get annoyed at people just dropping on to my vehicles, not even asking if they could take a ride . I once set some guy on fire using a spell, for daring to board my sailing boat. I regret my actions now I’m sure he hadn’t meant to offend me. I think some folks feel that in a virtual world there is no need for such trivialities as  manners. I have become more tolerant of peoples ways now, I  very rarely send anyone packing ,only if they really annoy me will I unleash some curse upon them. So please anyone that feels like dropping aboard as I travel, feel free but It would be nice to say hi first and maybe ask if it would be OK to ride with me, I do enjoy company.(honest) and I won’t zap yer.     🙂 We carried on till we reached the shore at  ….. and then got out Roxane got out as well and we wandered over to the bits of building that were scattered around the Oak Grove sim. After talking  she expressed some interest in my tour and said she would like to come along .As I said it’s nice to have company when on a long trip  so i agreed she should come along for the next part of the journey which was to be by balloon  The sea had run out  and the only way over was cross country. . It can be difficult making conversation on other transport, having to steer etc and express yourself at the same time, but in a balloon you can just let it drift as you speak freely to your travelling companions.I had purchased my ballooon  back last year around the time of the burning life festival in order to get a birds eye view of the event. I have to say it has got to be my favorite mode of  travelling. It can be a  little dangerous too far down around the ban lines but really is a super method of transport  I do intend to do some sort of expedition in the future utalising it  . The balloon I was using incidentally was made by Cubey Terra of Abbott’s airport fame and worth every penny.



I rezzed the balloon and we jumped in and set off in a westerly direction . It wasn’t long before we were joined by a furry sort of guy called Peanut,




 who also was interested in exploring ,which I found encouraging, because in  a fantastic new world with amazing extraordinary stuff being created by its citizens daily  where almost anything is possible and you can go see and participate in all the wonderful events that are happening daily and for the most part are totally free, and you can reach this amazing stuff  by numerous ways including  teleporting and flying under your own steam. Even for the latter reason alone, wouldn’t you want to explore these things. Or would you just want to stand around in an info hub making funny noises  and spamming people with picture text? (I don’t get it ) anyway, that said, Peanut also wanted to join the Quest club  which was a group I made for explorers to send in their pics of explorations, all the amazing things that they have seen in their travels that I can put in my slide shows in the cafe. I haven’t got too many members at the moment as  It’s fairly new, In actual fact Peanut was the third member So lets hope he go’s out and sees a lot of  fantastic stuff. I have now made it open enrolement,  so any explorers out there who want to be a Questador and have a group left,  they are more than welcome to join. Just look it up in search “The Quest club” .



We were  close to the info hub at Ahern by this point and Roxane had been asking a few questions about money etc as the new folks in S.L. often do. She then said she was off to get a job and left Peanut and myself in the balloon . I haven’t heard from her since  and hope everything went well for her. We did make friends so  maybe she’ll get in contact . Over my time here I’ve tried to help a lot of people that are new to the world  Often they just need a few options  about how to make a bit of money or where to go for this or that I try my best to tell them to take their time get to know the world a little you know like walk before you can run . If only  sometimes they might read up on a few things It’s all there in black and white on the forums the blogs . I’m still learning I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Of course instant information downloaded directly into the R.L. cerebral cortex is the answer but until the techs have sorted that one out , a slow smooth learning curve is so much more gratifying. Then again perhaps it’s just me being a bit slow.

The balloon had reached its destination and we landed smoothly on a patch of grass by the river bank near the  bridge that leads over to Nova Albion . Peanut was (away) somewhere by the time we landed, he was actually opening an Xstreet account. I can’t remember what he was after it could of been  a balloon anyhow we parted company soon after landing and I was left on my own on the river bank.





 I made my way up to the road that leads down from Ahern and I looked around for a trolley bus as there were tracks on the road leading over the bridge  but there didn’t seem to be one  around. So I followed the tracks up the hill towards the  Ahern info hub  hoping to find a terminus at the end unfortunately there was none,  the road just ended abruptly. I had been hoping for a bus to take me through Nova to Bay City. I didn’t fancy walking through the streets on my own for one reason alone and that was……………




                 There are vampires,warlocks,  hob goblins , newbies  and all manner of  strange weird winged manic mayhem creatures in Nova  but  above all there are definitely lots and  lots of zombies . These zombies hang around on street corners,


  much the same as the hoodies do  in RL. In all  they probably are not the most dangerous of beings one can happen upon,  but they can be a little unnerving and a bit intimidating And if you like to scare yourself like i do  🙂   Nova Albion might be a good place to go.


I felt if I was going to walk through  these ghoul lagged streets I wanted some company. Luckily for me company came in the form of two guys by the names of Jacob and Long.  Long was a fellow traveller and had actually followed me up the road. He had been walking as he felt it was the best way of seeing stuff, which is true




 ,that or a quantum powered virtual reality exploring machine Now half price at all good Linden Lab Xstreet  stores NOW  (shameless promotion bit out of the way).I met Jacob as I was talking to Long. He came up and asked us if we  could help him get  a hat off of his head. After I had explained to him how to take it off  he was most grateful and he said he was willing to escort me through Nova Albion but he didn’t have any clothes to wear.  It was true he only had his underpants on. Now I thought all new avatars nowadays got a nice costume and quite good flexi hair but it seems quite a few new folks  I’ve met recently have sported the usual old type costumes and hair , maybe they weren’t all as new as I thought When looking at Roxane’s profile she had joined some time ago but it seems had only just started venturing out and maybe hadn’t stayed around and gotten herself newer clothes and hair. I’m still not sure why Jacob didn’t have that many clothes but I guess that’s his business, anyhow I gave him some freebie cargo shorts that I had used in an advert for the Quest 1 virtual reality exploring vehicle (seems the promotion wasn’t completely over ^^) aswell as a burning life T shirt  and then the three of us set off for the city. I think all  we needed was a tin man and a small terrier to complete are brave  little band although I had already met the wizard some time ago.



Now it wasn’t that long ago that I had been in Nova Albion on a parade  for its 5 th birthday celebrations. I had noticed quite a few zombies then . They had been fairly well behaved as I remember and had joined in the parade . Zombies though are not ordinarily so demure in fact they are the opposite ,worst than vampires even . You can hold a conversation/ interview with a vampire or so they say. The vampire will still be constantly craving the red stuff coursing through your arterial system but it will have intellect and cunning behind its razor sharp incisor smile. zombies though are an altogether different beast . You can’t reason with a zombie They are quite braindead , although oddly enough you have to destroy the brain to kill them.  Driven by the need to eat your flesh there is no thought behind its relentless effort to do so . Put a short wall in front of a zombie and it will not walk around it but  will  try to walk through it to get at your delicious brain. they are relentless but dumb that’s what zombies are and if you are one and disagree then you can not be a true zombie because a true zombie wouldn’t know how to disagree.



So off we went away from the Ahern infohub back down the hill over the bridge  heading straight towards where they all hang out.



There was a fair crowd gathered on the staggered junction by the bridge. All manner of gestures were being broadcast, hoots hollers people standing on each others heads and shoulderw, strange creatures dancing and prancing around the place and even I noticed a few of those zombies. but these zombies were sitting on walls and standing around not doing much. What manner of zombie are these I wondered. I kept my eyes down trying not to draw attention  and with Jacob and Long either side of me we steadily made our way past the gathering.



I looked up and realised to my horror that Jacob had disappeared . they had got him, I didn’t even hear his screams hooked away by their dreaded lag the poor guy briefly flagged offline and we had lost him . I turned to Long and he was gone as well They were out to get us I was sure Not ordinary zombies these, they were picking us off one by one . panicking I headed blindly forward calling Long’s name as the revellers hooted and whooped louder



After almost giving up and surrendering myself to their lag fuelled hunger I spotted Long up ahead under the brick bridge asking if anyone had seen Jacob or Nish. I ran and caught up with him . he had succumbed to lag as Jacob had but had survived the zombies onslaught .I was a bit shaken by now so  decided to take the next part of the trip  by balloon as I figured it might be a little safer and Long had never been in a virtual balloon before  I think he rather enjoyed the experience. Both within Sl and RL it is a very gentle calming way to travel.






 We took off rising over the rooftops of Nova and gently floating towards Bay City I should hasten to add here that There is a lot more to Nova Albion than its zombies It is a very beautiful city with some fantastic architecture and interesting shops and galleries so if you have never been please do not be put off . ( I’m not advertising this place well am I ) honestly it is a great place and one of the reasons I love it is because of its Z factor every city should have a gathering of zombies and miscreants its the contrast remember that maketh the world.



We were now some way over Bay City with its neat layout of streets and canals . Down below us I heard the ting ting of a trolley car so I decided to land the balloon to see if we could catch a ride.So we headed down.Bay City was like a ghost town there was absolutely nobody there empty houses , empty shops. we couldn’t find the trolley car I had heard so we walked a little way till we found the bus stop and there we sat down and waited ……………..



………………………and waited




 Not a soul was to be seen the wind whistled eerily up the street. Had the zombies and vampires been through here I wondered . I was just about to say that perhaps we should carry on walking when from nowhere a trolley bus came trundling towards us . I jumped on but Long seemed to miss his footing and got left behind




 but a few teleports later and he managed to grab a seat and we  rode the empty streets of Bay City occasionally rising up in the air as we crossed the sim borders.



Bay City is a very orderly sort of place , I’m not sure if it has building regulations or whether the occupants govern themselves but I didn’t see any mile high psychedelic blancmange type buildings anywhere . I did notice the municipal sewage works  as we passed and canal bridges that opens to let ships through, all nice touches , but not created by residents .It did however inspire me to put some more water features back at the cafe.



Well we reached the end of our trolley bus ride and Long had to go, so I waved goodbye to my travelling companion and was  left on my own . I crossed the street and wandered up the sidewalk and then I happened upon a music shop.




 now I expect most people have played a piano in second Life. There are many around highly detailed  beautifully crafted pianos you see them where ever you go . I have to confess to never ever taking the opportunity to play one of these magnificent virtual instruments . well now seemed as good a time as any to try one out so I entered the shop sat down at the large grand in the middle of the floor and miraculously played a piece by Chopin.



 I think I performed the piece  quite well considering It was my first time. Maybe I’ll put an upright in the cafe .



Just before crossing the bridge that connects the two cities, I was stopped by a guy. 

 ” Wait” he said.

“Whats the matter?”. I said, I could sense he was in some sort of trouble.

  ” Can you tell me how to get the safety catch off”.

 “Emmm” I said “do you mean on a gun or something? ”

 “yes that’s right  I cant get the safety catch off”

. I stared at him . “Where’s your gun then? ” I said. He had nothing in his hands.

 “It’s invisible”.

 “Whats the point of an invisible gun?” ( a stupid question really )

 “So no one can see it” he replied. 

” Hmmm” ” try saying safety catch off. He tried it  and on several channels but apparently it didn’t work . I was wondering if he still actually had a gun in his hands and why would you want a safety catch on it anyway . I don’t use guns  so I don’t know the reason for having a virtual safety catch, just for simulation I suppose but why simulate a safety catch on an invisible gun.  By this time I had given up reasoning why  and he had given up  trying to get his safety catch off  and instead asked me if I had any vehicles that he could have . I gave him an Arcadia Asylum bus that I had customised for giving people off road tours in the snow sims  he gladly excepted my inventory and went on his way quite happy.



As I crossed the bridge  I noticed the  Channel Island mental asylum and wondered why it had been abandoned . Certainly not through lack of patients. Later  the guy with the invisible gun I.M.’d me to thank me for the bus. He didn’t say whether he had got his invisible gun to work. I wonderd if people actually did sell invisible guns and maybe invisible clothes as well. Perhaps that’s what poor Jacob had been sold.    🙂

When I could I rezzed my boat and took a trip around the two cities moving through the canals that crisscrossed them and then out into the wider expanses of sea to the northern side .


na boating

 I put the boat into a higher gear and sped up the side of the  northern coast and then under the high suspension bridge that connected Nova Albion with the mainland .



Eventually I found a small inlet that took me through some castle grounds  and eventually turned to head north and then back to the edge of Ahern.



 I followed as far as I could   till the water grew shallower and I was forced to abandon the boat and walk. 



 I was on the edge of Lusk I had never been in this part of the world, this was completely new territory.  It always makes me feel a little excited  and maybe a bit apprehensive , you never know what’s round the next bend. Could be ……………………………………….







YAY  WOOT WOOT WOOT  .  .     🙂

more soon….>>>>>>>>



~ by Nish Mip on April 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Zombies”

  1. Hiya mate – what a HUGE post! Loved it! It’s great to meet people on the road and have them join you for a bit – I always find I love exploring, but it can be such a lonely occupation.

    Sigh, it made me fair homesick, you know. You were over my old home sim of Murray – I grew up there and explored all the sims around including Oak Grove – did you ever see the film I made there? http://is.gd/txMJ

    So cool to see Nova Albion too! That city looks better and better every day 🙂 I love the fact it has zombies now too, even though I share your dread of them! They seem a nice, well-mannered bunch though – not like some I’ve met in Left4Dead of late 0_o

    Bay City is a strange place – I’ve not been since it opened (http://is.gd/txUP & http://is.gd/txV0) and I really want to go back and see what has happened there. A friend (Marianne McCann – of you see her, say HI) lives there and is trying to get some sort of civic committee thing going to breathe community spriit into it.

    You’ll love Lusk – it’s the birthplace of the furries (like Peanut) and a very beautful build too 🙂


    p.s. Quest Club: I think I joined.. did I? If not, can you add me – I’m totally up for it!

  2. Looking forward to reading about more of your peregrinations and landfalls.

  3. Hi Young, Hi Head
    Plenty more to come I hope. I did drop into Lusk but am staying around the area for a while as there was hardly anyone there.Think they were hiding up the trees . I’d like to catch one of their events too , if I can .By the way has Raoul made it back yet 🙂 Did enjoy your tweets. I remember your film Head did you ever make the follow up ? you were looking for a location .All these places I’m visiting deserve far more exploration and explanation than I put into them .You two seem to convey in a few words what I manage to say in a few thousand. 🙂

  4. For me, a shortage of words is down to a shortage of time – I loooove long blogposts! Great to read on the bus to work 🙂

    Raoul is still MIA 😦

    Never made the follow up – the show really took over my SL life after that and I’ve never recovered. Also, my plans are too grand for just one person but I don’t know anyone I can persuade to help with script, sets, clothes & filming ;-D

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