Reaching Fuchsia I felt I wanted to do something a little bit out of the ordinary, something to break things up a bit. After reading on my friend Young’s blog about TED’s Talks I had grown inquisitive and I had taken a look on the Youtube site and picked one of the talks at random  It turned out to be Evelyn Glennie the world famous virtuoso percussionist who is also profoundly deaf. She was talking about listening to music by not just using your ears but using your  whole body. During the talk she relayed how a   teacher of hers, had instead of the standard lesson that she had expected,  instead given her a snare drum without sticks to take away for a week. She had had to experience the drum in a whole different way. To approach it from every angle, to understand how it functioned and how you could create from it the differing sounds it was capable of making without the use of sticks. I felt that it  really could be  a metaphor for our lives. To look at things from alternative angles. Not to just tackle things straightforwardly but to put down the instruction book and start doing and experiencing what we do  from a different perspective .




 Fuchsia is an almost empty Linden owned bit of land with a few landmasses jutting out from a water filled sim. Nothing special on the face of it quite dull you might think.I had been rushing through the first few color sims at some pace and  felt  I needed to slow the pace down a little and maybe get, for a change, some finer detail into where I was at .Inspired somewhat by Evelyn Glennie’s account of her snare drum lesson ,  I picked Fuchsia as a challenge. I felt it deserved more than me saying, “Then I headed north past Fuchsia”. So many beautiful, wonderful things in life get overlooked and forgotten because they don’t display the brightly coloured tail of a peacock. Like a peahen they are hardly glanced at but without the peahen of course the peacock would have nothing to flash his fancy goods at and ultimately would cease to exist . Well some things might seem a little drab and not have their tails proudly displayed, but I believe every dog should have their day , their Waholian allotted time of celebration. I intended to beat the drum of Fuchsia with every thing I had and on every surface, every nook and cranny . I would take it apart prim by prim To see what sounds I could get out of this empty vessel of a sim. (mind you it did look like a dull  pants sort of place)…… 🙂



The Fuchsia Sim resides on the North west corner of the Sansara continent and is along with the Violet sim the most westerly of the color sims and if it were not for Nova Albion and Bay City it would be the most westerly of all the sims in Sansara.Looking at a map I copied last year it would appear to have been joined to a more southerly sim but whether this was a temporary thing or not I don’t know.The sim has since disappeared.I’m sure somebody will tell me what it was called .



 Fuchsia joins on to violet like a small elbow, connecting the Japanese themed welcome centre of Violet to the mainland. It acts as a sort of bridge, allowing the passage of the mainly new citizens of Violet (if they choose not to just hang around in the welcome centre or teleport to the nearest orgy) to Celadon and the other color sims and for that matter the rest of Sansara and beyond.

 The Sim is split up in to seven main land masses and 3 lumps or small islets , there are some other little jutting out bits that do not really count as isles as they are not much bigger than a foot in size .



 If you look Fuchsia up on the web you can find out that it apparently shares a server with an island called Extasia.





 I teleported over to the Extasia sim to take a look at Fuchsia’s twin. The Extasia sim at first glance did not appear to have any connections withFuchsia as it is for the main part snow covered and privately owned, but on closer inspection the Sim possessed three small islets roughly the same size as the ones on Fuchsia. As well as this there is a narrow water channel splitting two of the main landmasses This feature you can also find in Fuchsia . I don’t know if there is any significance in these finding, most probably it is pure coincidence but who knows fully the workings of a virtual world. Could the twinning of two sims cause a pattern of land to be emulated Had their respective owners been somehow manipulated by forces unknown to carve the land in such ways .



After checking the owners of the land and finding a group called magical vampires I made a hasty teleport back to the mainland. Those pesky blood suckers get everywhere I had already this week twice declined an offer to be bitten. Magical vampires might I feared enlist me into their throngs with some sort of enchantment.

 The two most north westerly landmasses of Fuchsia, are split by the narrow, rectangular channel of water that as I say was also present in its sister sim Extasia. These are the only pieces of land  that possess trees. 33 cypress, 17 brown cypress, 4 eucalyptus, 3 dogwood and 2 small oaks . The only other thing apart from some grass plants on these two landmasses is a large sculpture type object comprising of 32 prims and made by Jack Linden. This sculpture or example as the title would have it, was built in Jun 16th 2005 and is titled Jack’s example of complex surface. It has been built using what under closer inspection are parts from a rollerskate park. I can find no reference to Jack Linden ever building a rollerskate park. Maybe he never did or perhaps he may have started the park and given the whole thing up as a bad idea and then decided instead to make a multifaceted object/scupture  to illustrate a point and in doing this he utilised some of the pieces from his failed rollerskate park. I didn’t fully understand the complex surface part of the structure however it did work very well as a sculpture and I could appreciate its form if not the idea.



It is a hollow structure and you can see down and even drop down yourself to the grass below.



 It was whilst staring down to the grass in Jack Linden’s sculpture on my second day here that I noticed something had changed . The discovery I made might well be already fully documented but to me this was something new and of some interest. The lighter worn shapes of grass that were dotted around the sim in random were in fact moving or very possibly changing shape. On my first day the grass at the bottom of the sculpture had been quite green , this time when I looked it had appeared dry and brown.





 Taking an aerial picture of the sim and comparing it with the one I had took the day before I could quite clearly see a marked change in the patterns of grass.




Day2 the orange spot in the middle is my tent


 This immediately reminded me of Baker Bloch’s observations on the Okinos sim glyphs. Although the shapes weren’t defined like the Okinos glyphs these shapes were definitely moving or maybe somehow evolving. It would of course be of some interest to observe the changes in real time by keeping watch above the sim over a full 24 hour cycle but I do have a life or two to be getting on with……:)

The only other structure on Fuchsia is a 1 prim cylinder made on Oct 26 2005. Uncoloured, untextured and unexpanded or shrunk, you could very easily pass it by but for the fact that the sim disallows building or the rezzing of objects .



 You could of course move an object in from an adjoining sim, but in order for an object to stay more than 30 minutes (the return value set to this land) it had to be made by the landowner or group. This object had been here much longer than the allotted 30 minutes. I had seen nobody remotely near this object in the last hour that I had been here. The Land here was Linden owned and on inspection not only did the prim belong to a Linden but was in fact owned / made by ‘Mr Linden’ the man himself PHILIP LINDEN.



Now forgive me if I sound a little in awe here, I just get like that. Even meeting people who have been around SL from the early days makes me get tongue tied and feel awkward. To me these people are the real explorers the pioneers, the celebs of SL if you will. They were the ones who took up the challenge to boldly go etc. etc. The Second life world history has many time lines and the Linden’s era, which we find ourselves in today, is an exceptional one filled with amazing and creative people, one of these arguably being the founder of Linden Labs, Philip. To find a prim made by him to me was like, and I thought about this analogy for a while but the best I could come up with, and this is still pretty lame was an Elvis Presley fanatic finding a  guitar plectrum made by and belonging to the King himself . It wasn’t exactly that Elvis was  famous for being a guitar player but it would of had an association with him and it would of been theirs and been special because they had made it . Now this is sounding like I idolise Philip Linden which I don’t. I do however have great respect for him and what he has done and achieved. I don’t by the way idolise Elvis , that was just a rather rubbish analogy but I ‘m sure if I had ever had the chance of meeting him I would have been dumbstruck. Why exactly I’m not entirely sure but I guess maybe it’s because of my respect for a person rather than any celebrity status that gives them a presence, that makes me feel in awe of them. It was actually quite exciting. 🙂 I even moved a prim of my own into the sim just to take a picture of it next to Philips. I am soooo sad ……. 🙂






There is very little on the web about the Fuchsia sim but from what I can make out it was just a single landmass at one stage and then made into a sandbox. It also appears from the few pictures that I managed to find, had a few changes in landscape .I met a guy named Kurenai Jun



 who  was very helpful and gave me a few pictures s of the Fuchsia sim from around I think 2007



Now I’m not sure you can see the full extent of any changes that may of occured but they never the less are quite revealing.


As you can see there were many aspects in fuchsia that are not around today 🙂

he also told me that the sim had been taken back by the Lindens due to the increasing amount of griefing spilling over from Fuchsia to the Violet sim. Thanks again Kurenai for the pics.

 Although the color sims were amongst the first sims on the grid it would seem Fuchsia had been one of the very last of the colours to be added according to the Wiki but even that sounded rather vague and could not give an actual date for its first appearance. The trees appear to have been planted on December the 24th 2006, curiously enough though the grass in amongst the trees on the landmass with the Jack Linden sculpture on it, which is the only place on the sim where tufts of grass were planted dates back to November 2004. Perhaps this is the original date of this particular landmass, making the grass tufts the oldest objects on the land.



During my vigil on Fuchsia which in one case involved the best part of a day I had set up a hobo tent originally made by Arcadia Asylum  in the middle of the sim and sat there for long periods watching the avatars come back and forth across the borders of Violet and Fuchsia.



 I observed many people dropping onto the land. The majority didn’t stay for long once they found there was nothing there. Amongst the strangest or should I say unusual of the character to appear in Fuchsia was someone called Carmien who held my interest for some time as she wandered around the Fuchsia sim in a random sort of way.



 I must admit she had me slightly unnerved, I wasn’t really sure what she was up to, but stuck in the middle of an empty sim in a prim tent as I was, she might have been thinking the same as me  🙂 She eventually got into a balloon in the Violet welcome area and after a while flew away.



 Whilst she had been in the Fuchsia sim and wandering in and amongst the watercourses, I had taken a look at her profile. I noticed two of the groups that she had joined were fashion groups, whilst the third belonged to a short lived friend of mine and when I say short lived they are still around but they had dropped me as a friend after a week.:( It had been them that had offered friendship in the first place . Anyhow the other thing that connected her with me in a strange way was her boots. Why I bothered to notice this I can not for the life of me think. I must have been extra vigilant at the time because when I inspected her boots I found that they had been made by a girl called Miep Mip. Ah yes of the same name stock as I, In fact Ms Mip was born just 3 days before me. Other oddities did occur, amongst these being the time whilst watching the sim from around 130 meters in the air, I realised that the whole of Fuchsia had become completely isolated. It was as though all the other sims had been cut off and had left Fuchsia floating in the middle of the ocean. I was so captured by the moment that I completely forgot to take a photo which is really annoying  but I did record a conversation with a girl called  Abi who was hovering a few hundred metres above me.

Nish Mip: Abi can you see the other Sims? (Forgetting my manners here due to excitement)

[7:32] Abi : hello

[7:32] Nish Mip: hi can you see the other Sims

[7:32] Abi : yeah i can

[7:32] Nish Mip: they seem to have disappeared

[7:32] Abi : oh wait…no just the one

[7:33] Nish Mip: really

[7:33] Abi : yeah

[7:33] Nish Mip: you cant see them as well

[7:33] Abi : all I see is fuchsia

[7:33] Abi : and violet

[7:33] Nish Mip: they are coming back now :))

[7:33] Nish Mip: strange lol

[7:33] Abi : i think it depends on what draw distance you have on your graphics

[7:33] Nish Mip: No I had long range

[7:34] Nish Mip: they just went for a while

[7:34] Abi : ahh kk

[7:34] Nish Mip: sort of weird

[7:34] Abi : hehe yeah

[7:34] Nish Mip: oh well make a note in diary 🙂

[7:34] Abi : lols

I think one of the more humorous things I saw was when two avatars came hurtling down the side of the sim in one of the free to ride bumper boats you could get at the Violet welcome centre.



They looked very much out of control and they eventually ended up upside down and toppled out in to the water.



 From where I was standing it looked very funny as though they were having an argument. I couldn’t hear what they were saying I just imagined. “I told you not to drive so fast” “you were the one in a hurry to get back home ” “No I wASN’T *@*!!!…***



I did in my study of Fuchsia make a note of various land anomalies. An arrow shaped puddle on the large southern landmass. The arrow was pointing directly to the centre of the sim at a 45degree angle I followed it in a straight line to the far corner



 where I found some other land anomalies these took the form of peculiar ridges close to the border of Violet but not actually on it. It was like something had been scooped out. The ridges ran most of the way across the sim.



 Also on the corner at the western edge of the sim bordering Violet I noted that the landmass does not go totally to the sea and you can see under the land to the sim beyond.




Here are a few more pics from the  Fuchsia sim



After inspecting the land there was only one other direction to go and that was up so I set myself spinning and locking myself in to a steady climb watched as the ground shrank beneath and the sky enveloped me. I didn’t find anything up there apart from a notice board made by Torley Linden that when clicked took you to the SL blog site this wasn’t in Fuchsia but was hanging 4000meters over the Violet sim.



 So I carried on climbing just for the sheer hell of it. Reaching 100,000 meters. At this height things became a little distorted.



There was nothing that I could see so I teleported down and when I reached the ground again I found that the distortion had continued and Fuchsia had taken on a whole new look.



My time on Fuchsia had now drawn to an end. I dare say I could have knocked a few more facts and figures out of this sim but I felt I had spent quite enough time in one spot. I had banged on  the drum of fuchsia with nearly  everything I had. And now it was time to hit the road.

I’ll leave you with a short promo for Evelyn and if you have time , the Ted talk that inspired me to take a closer look at Fuchsia.



More coming soon………>>>>>>>>   🙂   🙂



~ by Nish Mip on May 7, 2009.

12 Responses to “FUCHSIA”

  1. *WOW*. I have my reading for the weekend. More o’ me comments to come (?)

  2. […] Yes, indeed! Read here.   Comments […]

  3. If I understand things correctly, the textures of the ground are applied to the surface by your client using the blending settings in the region setup. So two clients may well see different patterns at the same time.

  4. I think I see , although these pictures were taken from just my client but on different occasions. Would these textures be blended differently every time I visited the sim ?. or is it more mysterious than that ? 🙂

  5. Brilliant work Nish! I have never thought of spending so much time and effort in one sim – especially one that appears so barren as this. Boy have I been wrong!

    From the mysteries I normally dismiss as system glitches to the small-scale-but-still-rich history, you’ve given me tons to think about!

    The whole place really reminds me of my home, Murray. That too has always been pretty nondescript, but with a quietly noble past slowly mired in griefing and Lab neglect. And like Fuchsia, Murray fosterd a group of people who called the small spit of wasteland their home. A community grew and evolved. They came to love it and will always remember it with genuine fondness. Fuchisa is their Murray and it really cheered me up to see that.

    As for the mysteries, I love the changing look of the place. I know from experience that the same location can look radicaly different on two different machines, but to see such changes on the same machine is amazing! I wonder if the roll out of the new server code was to blame?

    I really hope that LL leave these small pathes of nothingness alone to remind us that not everything has to be built upon – sometimes nature can reclaim its own. They are the sort of places I still hold out that I’ll see wildlife in one day 🙂

  6. Thanks Head .
    Wow wouldn’t that be just brilliant virtual wildlife. Herds of sculptybeasts grazing the sims and birds that flew from sim to sim not just round and round and all the other critters I’m definitely going to take up your idea of a wildlife blog sometime I’ve been seeing quite a few prim animals on the tour . A second life safari is just what I need when the tour is over.

  7. I’d love to see that!

    In the very first beta version of the world, there were snakes that slithered around eating abandoned prims 😀

  8. p.s. LOVE!!!! the end map! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. That 32 prim Jack Linden sculpture keeps drawing my attention — just at Fuchsia a minute ago. Also hopped over to Extasia and came across a very fast spinning cardinal, and a rather hidden, squalking underwater turkey in need of a hug, fwiw. In looking up word Fuchsia on wikipedia noticed rgb color coordinates of Fuchsia are 255, 0, 255. If you translate this to SL, could perhaps point to ne corner of sim (256,256,0 — close enough?) and the hole anomaly where you can look under sim. Again, fwiw. Looks like from your post this occurs at nw corner as well?

    Final note for now, on texture: noticed on my Otherland property that the granite beach I always thought would remain on the bay shore opposite my shack, and make nice, solid ground for a fishing spot, kept revolving around the bay at different times. And I never caught a single fish in that bay.

    Presently doing another study on texture — I’ll keep you guys informed. Great work again, Nish! Can’t wait for the next installment.:)

  10. wonderful thorough archaeology / geology / simology! 🙂

  11. Thanks Dale 🙂

  12. […]  So after some while I l flew straight up as I had done in the fuchsia sim in my fuchsia post  […]

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