It was time to leave Fuchsia and I was  keen to get  moving again

So packing away my tent I took  a last look around and then headed to the north east corner 



At the corner of Fuchsia I crossed the border  into Celadon. and headed towards the river . It suddenly struck me that I hadn’t really taken a good look at Violet.  I turned  around and looking up I noticed a bees nest in the tree I was standing  under . 

 Doh! Now I know what happens when you poke your finger at a bees nest !!!………….







Having extracted the stings (I’m glad  virtual bees don’t die when they sting you ) I made my way back over the border and jumping into the water made  my way over to Violet .

Violet is a very pretty  Japanese themed sim  with pagoda style welcome centre and colourful Japanese maples I would of loved to have been born here. I can see why you might hang around in a sim like this and be happy to call this your home . My first home as such had been the infohub at Isobel . It had been functional,and well laid out with a club next door and stuff that newbies really  needed like huge boxes of lingerie and zebra avatars. The thing is , I wanted to explore as soon as I had arrived .  I guess not everyone would be so  eager to see what’s out there in this big bad world but I had no intentions of loitering. I was out of the door as soon as I had  mastered walking in a straight line . I do  still wander back there on occasions. It’s funny how the place I was  born into has a sort of  hold on me  . . During my stay in Fuchsia  I had dropped into the welcome centre in Violet and had  been talking to  Kurenai  the guy who gave me some pics for my last post .  Whilst we were talking a  newbie guy decided to  show off his skills at comedy   Oh he was  soooo funny. If they ever  ban newbies from pretending to have sex with the floor whilst smoking a joint I’m leaving.


day 5_004

No seriously I would because I’d have nothing to tut and roll my eyes at. I mean come on you wouldn’t laugh if a stand up comic did this ? ….you would ..oh  ok cool. Power to the newbie show offs, long may they carry on about their business in total oblivion of being complete arses ..I’m being a bit bitchy now aren’t I perhaps I’m a little tired . Time to step outside the welcome centre into Violet’s beautiful gardens get a breath of fresh air . And that’s where I headed when I crossed back from Celadon …….. 



Isn’t it pretty like something out of the Chelsea flower show . The people who made this welcome centre really did make a lovely job of it . It might not be to everyone taste of course but to me its quite an idyllic little sim in the traditional vein . I do love the contemporary and surreal but I find these sort of places very relaxing and a good place to maybe sort my inventory out and watch the new avatars go about their antics  whilst  rolling my eyes and tutting to myself    🙂

 After my investigations in Fuchsia I thought it only right to have a nose round Violet and so I took a dive into the water and swam down and around the river that runs around the welcome centre. Half way round I found a disused  telehub building broken in to pieces and submerged .





 It had been built by Eric Linden in 2003  I gather these were the precursors to the infohubs and were the only place people could teleport to in a sim . A nice touch to let the remains stay on the bottom of the river bed.  A bit further along and I came upon   a treasure chest 



that when clicked revealed  two pictures by Ingrid Ingersoll who  along with Barnsworth Anu and Torley (Tester) , were in the group INFO HUB BUILDERS and had created and built this infohub and welcome centre The treasure chest dated back to  2006 but the pics were from around 2002 ………………………..



 I’m not sure who the girl is but she seems rather worried about something

LindenWorld circa 2002

I swam to the shore and wandered up to a games area where there was chess, tic tac toe,  and a few other games that I hadn’t heard of before.



 Next I took a balloon ride in the tour balloon that circled the sim



  and to cap it off I tried the bumper boat ride  although I had nobody to bump into. It was rather like a miniature theme park .



 I was now eager to get going, so swimming back across to Fuchsia I crossed the sim border back over to Celadon avoiding the bees this time and managed to launch the boat on the riverside. I set off and after  rounding a few bends  I began to notice quite a few figures standing and laying  around but not moving .







On closer inspection they turned out to be prim people. Posed as they were  it looked rather good, There were people in meetings , sunbathing, eating their dinners, talking to suited  busy Linden figures




.I especially liked the small pier with two men  fishing and a guy asleep with a paper stuck over his head .



I’m afraid I got quite caught up in the whole scene.  🙂


Moving on through Celadon’s  winding river system, slowly  making my way over  to the coast, I came into an open area of water that had been made into a sandbox.  It was an  ideal place to do some running repairs on the boat .  I thought I’d stop awhile and tweak the script a bit. What was going to be a quick stop turned into a major redesign as I managed to squeeze what had been  2 passengers into 4 and still have 3 prims left for a further upgrade I thought I might add a flag (later on ). On top of the redesign I  did a bit of texture work  as well. So quite a while later I was ready to move on again.



 I beginning to think that by the time this tour is over, the boat will either be just right, or not look like a boat at all, maybe a floating teapot with vampire teeth . 


During the rebuild I was not unaware of the enormous   brontosaurus wading around swishing a huge tail in its wake .



It turned out to be  quite friendly like most of us veggies and I managed, with a little coaxing and a handful of prim weed to climb up its very long neck and take a seat on its head.woohoo some great views from up there.

 If you look carefully that’s me up there on Bronty’s Head  🙂


I was pleasantly surprised when crossing the corner of Celadon over to Argent by  entering the corner of Brown  that I wasn’t rebounded and sprung  out into space. Just the merest of  glitches dropped me safely into the Argent sim .

 I unfortunately got zapped by red lines when  I tried to cut the corner of Argent  by heading up a river inlet.




After recomposing myself I took the corner route past a pagoda temple and proceeded along the north coast of Sansara.



 It’s quite nice to just meander along looking at the different builds. One  build that caught my eye was the cute wooden heart and lilly pad home of LANa Galata.



LANa's House

 Each time I see something different that I like, I get an idea to change my shop and cafe back in Kekakabic. In this world the restraints on building are almost non existent .I would love to be a bit more adventurous in my designs, I know I’m a little restricted on primage but  perhaps by the time I’ve finished this tour I’ll have  lost  a little   of  that  conventional RL outlook and be ready to embrace the diverse in all its forms  I’m certainly picking up more and more ideas as my travels continue.



It was  plain sailing down the coast of Bisque Chartreuse and Crimson until I ran up against the Indigo sim where there was a large white concrete and glass building standing  smack in front of me, right in my path.


 I slid up the grass slope by the side of it (which my boat is able to do on the more gentle slopes) and  came to a halt in the small lake at it’s front .  The words SCI FI MUSEUM were boldly displayed on the front of the building   .



I had a dream once. It was  set in the far future . In the dream I had returned from a long space voyage to my home . Only a small robot was there to greet me . Everyone else had died a long time ago .

This building reminded me of the home that I had returned to in the dream, not only in looks but in  the grand scale of the thing ,as well as it’s emptiness. The dream has always stuck in my mind for no apparent reason but perhaps now I had made some connection to its bizarre meaning. Maybe dreams do come true in your second life. The people might not all be dead here, but there was definitely no one around and it certainly was connected with the future. I took a look inside and saw that there was a film showing, some sort of sci fi trailer.



 So taking a seat in the cinema I tried  to get the film to work but after much clicking on my interface and the cinema  projector button I gave up and went to look around the rest of the museum.


 I think it must of been still under construction because there didn’t seem a whole lot there . I did find a   holodeck where you could rez  various space ships  and characters such as K9 from Dr Who


Isn’t he sweet

and there were two huge space ships floating outside  the museum that looked amazing but were not fully finished. There was stuff here but it was thinly spread for such a large museum . I took a few pics. I especially wanted one of the centurion guard avatar  from battlestar galactica as I had enjoyed watching the recent tv series and thought  it looked pretty fracking good  🙂



 Jumping  back in the boat I  crossed over to Magenta . three quarters of the way along the coast I checked the map and took a right turn at the delta to the estuary then headed back on myself crossing the sim borders again at Indigo and crimson and  following the river left into Mocha . In Mocha I moored the boat up in a small bay and climbed the hill up to  Mocha station and the  railway line that runs the length of six sims and finishes in  Purple.



I had been here before  a couple of times.  Once when I had taken a few pics of my little tank engine trains  for advertising  and more recently  when I did the same for my new train , the Q3 Express.

   I remember having  quite a fun time when I first came here,  as my friend and neighbour  Moongold Munro had been taking the photographs whilst I had driven the train picking up some crazy passengers along the way it was one of those mad SL   road trip days out.



 Since building the trains I felt I had improved quite a bit in  building, texturing etc  and  recently I  withdrew the tank engines from sale. I might bring them back one day with new textures and scripting but I’m pleased with how the new train The  Q3 has  turned  out. It’s not one particular type or make of train, as its hard making something look that authentic with just 32 prims including pasengers to play with and I’m not too keen on using texture to make something look more detailed. I try and build more in an impressionist  style  effect rather than detail, using good solid SL prims.

Anyhow I wanted to do the next part of my journey in the new train A: because it was a lovely scenic route and B: Just to show off my handy work on the blog.There you go available at all good stores now


well if you can’t promote on your own blog  🙂 

Thats it though I’m not turning this post into the shopping channel .

Rezzing the Q3 Express in Mocha station I jumped on board and chuffed slowly  across the border to Olive .


Night time was drawing on as I passed the field of horses on my right I stopped to take a look at them. As I was looking  I suddenly realised  that the little tram type train that runs up and down the line here was pushing me from the front. it was quite persistent even telling me too move my train off of the track. irritating little tram. I didn’t want to  wait and see if it would start edging me off the line so I switched the jets on under the Q3 and it rose up in  the air allowing the little tram to go about it’s business  .  a bit later it came scurrying along behind me and I had to do the same thing . I noticed this time it had a passenger inside  who shouted hello as he trundled underneath me I shouted back hi . He had been the first real /virtual person I had seen all day since I left Fuchsia, where was everyone?



train ride_001

I pulled in to the station at Olive. The train hissed steam  as I waited to see if any passengers wanted to board, but not surprisingly there was no one around so I blew the whistle and set off again . The station at Olive is right on the border of Slate and as I crossed it I noticed on my right a track leading off to a flat topped mountain with an enormous oval shaped structure on top a bit like the Gerkin  building in London. Seeing as nobody was around I thought I’d take a peek so I maneuvered the Q3 onto the track and gingerly crossed the bridge that linked the mountain to the main railway.


Jopsy slate_011


train ride_005


It was quite high up and rather narrow but I managed to get across where the track disappeared in to a cave in the mountains side. I followed the track in and it went in a large circle around a glowing particle light beam  high above the sea below.

I looked to see who had built this place and found it belonged to Jopsy Pendragon. I hadn’t realised that I had been to this part of Sansara before when I had visited Jopsy’s particle factory . A fantastic , must see place if you ever wanted to know anything at all about particles and how they work and what they can do . I hadn’t known at the time that the rest of this structure and all the parts to it had existed .  I had simply gone straight to the particle factory after seeing a video by Torley Linden about this marvelous place. It might of been that not all  the attractions had  been up and running at the time.If you havn’t been its well worth the visit. here is the SLURLfor Slate you cant miss Jopsy’s balloons just hop in one to take you to the various attractions.

After riding the track around the inside of the cave and back out to the station,  I   hopped across to see some of the other bits to Jopsy’s builds. First of all I took a look at the Garden of lost souls This was the big whale at the side of the mountain. The whale had what were apparently souls floating up and out of its blow hole as well as inside of it .


Jopsy slate_002

 there was a note card that read:

The Grotto of Lost Souls

An exhibit that was originally built for “The Garden of NPIRL Delights”.

Souls enter the world of the living by evaporating into the air, they flit, they age, they die and return to the pool.

Some escape the cycle of rebirth by ascending through the eternal whale’s blowhole, to perhaps fly forever or perhaps to join a larger pool in the unseen world beyond.

Others sink through the scalding nether regions of the whale, shat out of the system and left behind.

The rest slumber, awake, fall asleep in a cycle that for them may continue eternally

After I had read  the note my mind was cast back to the newbie comedian in Violet

Perhaps I was subconsciously thinking about what happens to our souls in second life and whether or not they end up getting shat out of the system  🙂


Each of the exhibits here  as I said could be accessed by a tour  balloon so I took one to the firework display which was housed in a massive black sphere in the   Teal sim to the south of Slate. 



There were deck chairs all around the room inside and glowing particle s swirling around in the middle . A sign actually told me that the fireworks had been around since 2004 I took a seat and waited for the show to begin but then I read that the show didn’t start till sundown and I would have to wait . I decided to drop back later I wasn’t disappointed the show was superb



While I was waiting for the fireworks I took the balloon to Jopsy’s latest attraction the cloud chamber This was a little bit like the fireworks only more spectacular . if you go and see this make sure you have your music on , sit back and let the light show start bending your mind   :)))))))  EXCELLENT.  ***** 🙂 you can’t really appreciate it till you see it but I made a little slide show up to give you a taster. click the speaker for some chilled music 🙂



I decided not to look any further around Jopsy’s exhibits ,but to save them for another time there was certainly plenty to see . and I could of stayed in that cloud chamber for days.

I headed back to the railway and got aboard the Q3 The track now took me across the rest of Slate then veered left and cut the corner of Magenta off eventually heading across a high bridge that stretched the full length of the Maroon sim.


Arriving at the far end of the bridge I crossed over to Perriwinkle and stopped at the station there.


train ride_008

Periwinkle station is not only a station but an info hub as well It has a wooded park and playground where you can ride the swings and roundabouts I spent a while walking around here and trying out the rides.


train ride_010


train ride_015



train ride_013

 and then as I was looking at my map I noticed a feature of the landscape a few miles away in the Papa sim. It looked very much like a volcano with two vents . It would be a long time before I came this way again so I decided to hike the distance over to Papa and take a look .


train ride_011

 Swimming across the water into Hikuelo I joined the road which abruptly ends at the waters edge and began the hike towards Papa.

train ride_019

 It was quite a climb up to where the mountain ridge started and the mountains themselves were fairly steep

train ride_021

 but I took my time and managed without falling to  reach the top.


train ride_025

 train ride_026

The double vent I had seen was a beautiful example   It was a shame that it was extinct. It would of been great to see it erupt. Luckily it was a clear day  and I had a magnificent view  that stretched across the color sims for miles.

When it was time time to head down I had thoughtfully packed a hang glider in my rucksack , like you do  🙂  and so unpacking it I  took a leisurely glide back to Perriwinkle.

back to peri_001

 landing safely at the edge of the station.NOT .

back to peri_005

From there I got back in the Q3 and rode the rest of the track in to Purple stopping at the end of the line at Purple station.



Purple is the last sim you come to  before you cross the narrow strip of sims that runs between the two continents of Sansara and the Atoll continent Heterocera. I took a look at the  boats that ferried people across the stretch of water .There were two of them there but they seemed to be caught up with each other . I tried to get one of them going but it wouldn’t budge . I thought instead that I’d make my own way across but before I did I’d take a look around  There was a light house on the docks so I went to the top and took a look through my binoculars out to sea .


back to peri_012

there wasn’t much to see, out to sea, but looking to my left I saw a house with a small jetty which I thought would make a nice place to rez my boat .


back to peri_014

 so I came back down to the dock and made my way over to the house.  There was a crocodile wandering up and down the jetty and I couldn’t resist giving him a friendly pat on the head



Doh! Now I know what happens when you pat a crocodile on the head !!!!…….   🙂








Thats it for the color sims so next time if I manage to free myself from Croco I’ll be on my way to another continent

See yer later…………..(0            0)     In a while……………..





~ by Nish Mip on May 14, 2009.

12 Responses to “COLOURS”

  1. Hiya matey – my usual big reply coming soon (just need the time to read a few times, digest and write something) but I loved this post! You travel more & further in one week than I do in a year – amazing!

    And happy belated burpday too! What did you get and where did you go?

  2. Just had a lazy day and a few drinks and got a hangover not exciting but nice all the same :)apart from the hangover. 😦 Going back to your editing What do you use to edit your drafts on the PC I tried MSword but it left all sorts of probs I’m doing these on line but I think there’s some blog editor you can download for free am I right ?

  3. Birthday – lovely! No presents though?

    Editing – I use Word too, but I know what you mean about probs – Word leaves tonnes of formating code in so what I do is copy the finished text from Word and paste it into Notepad (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad) and then copy it from Notepad into WordPress. This ddumping into Notepad strips away all formating and just leaves the text – on;y takes 10 seconds too 😀

  4. I got the Fleet Foxes cd that I listened to on spotify and Ricky Gervais podcasts.,new hat , mug , cuddly toy and a text message from my godson 🙂
    thanks for the tip on editing and I left the moderation on incase someone who I ok’d sent a wrong message like you did once but I guess i could turn it back again now .

  5. I did a comment wrong? Eeek! I have no memory of this (I’m blessed with a shite memory) so I shall apologise now – keep your moderation the way you want mate, I was just letting you know in case you hadn’t seen the thingy setting.

  6. No No Ive changed it now 🙂 So be careful and don’t say anything you’ll regret. 🙂

  7. What a cracking post matey – I know I’ve said it before, but I love the fact you travel so far in one post without merely skipping past interesting things 🙂

    You seem to have been asailed by a wide variety of critters on this post – bees, dinos and a ruddy great croc! Don’t these animals know your bosom is a sacred haven for them? Tsk! No gratitude, is there?

    Violet looks a gorgeous build! I know what you mean about getting out to explore ASAP – I rezzed up in Braunworth but on my old lappy the lag was too heavy for me to stick around. I wandered for a while before TPing to Nova Albion (by chance) and sticking around there. The SLURL is and I’ve been back once or twice, but I never seem to fit in at these places so I’m not much of an infohub visitor.

    Noobs being funny is always worth watching – i would say “we all did it once” but I was never that bizarre. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing. I remember happy evening spent in Murray chatting with friendsm goofing about and giggling at the noobs coming through asking the ladeez for sex and the men for money. Some of the crueller members would offer them booby trapped goods (warpers or orbiters) whereas I just liked to have a laugh and halp out if they needed anything other than sex, cash or a HUGE comedy spliff 🙂

    The find under the water is amazing! I had read in the forums about the end of the telehubs and the rise of the infohubs, and to find one just cast into the sea like so much unwanted trash is amazing. Strange also to see such well known names tied to it and the photos. You should drop them all a notecard and send them the pics – Torley would love it 🙂

    I love the prim people! I have thought for a long time I’d love to see more of them – my biggest problem with SL is that it is too bloody empty. No life outside us. I want animals, insects, birds, fish – and people! I want to see cars and planes and trains. I want it to feel like people live there. Sigh. I know it’s asking too much, but surely some wildlife could be done – birds especially!

    I’ve never been to the SF museum – after your pics, I’ve got to go – it looks great. I hope your dream never comes true though – how horrible 😦

    The wee tram amused me greatly! What a determined wee chugger he is – and obviously better at his job than the lag-crippled trams in Nova Albion. The Q3 is mighty impressive.

    I’m so going to the see the Whale! I missed the NPIRL’s show (much to my regret) and so to see any small part of it is a bonus. The NPIRL blog is a must read for everyone who loves SL and you can follow Battina on twitter too (@npirl). Jopsy is a legend in SL – he even helped out with a blood splat effect in the flea circus (Enjah & Os know him of old).

    What time is the firework show on in GMT? I’d love to catch it!

    You must tell the Baker collective about the volcano – and Neal too! We three (and now you too) share a love of volcanos. I love to think of the grid plates crushing together to create these mighty monsters! The one under Os’ land in Bodega seems very active even thought the once active volcano in Pomponio is now silent and dead 😦

    Now… how are we going to get you out of that croc?

    hba x

  8. This is like my favorite series of weblog posts ever! 🙂 You notice so much an’ have so much fun. Do get out of that reptile…

  9. Hey thanks Head Those SL critters were certainly out to get me , I fell in love with croc though and had to get one of my own He lives in the pool opposite the shop with a girrafe.
    As for the noobs ,the truth is I really do love to watch their antics not sure what it is,its the same with griefers. Perhaps I see them as the children of SL needing a guiding hand and they do occasionally make me laugh despite myself.
    The scifi museum as I said still looks like it needs a few more exhibits but has great promise. It is a bit weird though about that dream The only other one I’ve had that has stuck in my mind is another one set in the future where little space ships were racing along the Thames and one crashed in to a bridge and it was so vivid like the house one .As any thing can happen here I will probably find something like that happening in SL one day and it will remind me
    Love to tell you what time the firework show is but I couldn’t work it out myself (not surprisingly for me ) I must get a clock set up. Any way I had to keep going back till I caught it 🙂 it was SL time sunset till sunrise. but go to the cloud chamber that is going all the time and is amazing show
    Mountains or volcanos I love them in fact any bit of SL geology that stands out. The Bakers really do seem to have a gift at finding these anomalous features. I visited the Pomponio volcano a long time back when it was still active I remember going under the lava and finding a motorcyle, like you do 🙂

  10. Hey Dale
    Thanks so much. I’m really enjoying doing this tour and it’s great to know youre enjoying it too. I keep thinking every time I start on a new leg of the journey that I’ll have nothing to report , but so far something always turns up
    Now if I can just make it past these incisors 🙂

  11. Keep ’em coming!
    (I’ll attempt to say something slightly more intelligent after the next in the series.)

  12. Sounds fine to me and I’ll try and do that. Thanks Baker 🙂

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