I have to say it’s taken me a little while to free myself from the jaws of  Croc He was rather stubborn about opening his mouth. It was lucky that as well as carrying a hang glider in my rucksack I had packed an extra flight feather which I used to tickle his emm toncils, causing croc to cough and shoot me out of his mouth like a human cannon ball straight  into the ocean.

croc shot_002



I waited till Croc had wandered off then climbing back on shore I rezzed the boat and jumped in quick


So off across the straits between Sansara and Heterocera I went a beautiful day for crossing it was too, isn’t it always ,oh for a few cumulonimbus to blacken the sky, maybe  a squall with rain, sleet


Now I know it never rains unless you make your own weather in S.L. but coming from a land where two days of sunshine is considered a whole summer I wouldn’t mind seeing a few grey clouds now and then. I mean if we are going to be authentic then why not, and if we aren’t then let’s have some green or turquoise ones. It needs just something to change  the same old weather patterns. It would be a talking point in fact in England it’s an obsession. You could have a different colour of cloud for each month and maybe a flash of lightning and thunder, now that could be done surely. Or how about having something completely different instead of rain we could have some sort of temp rez prim fall in different shapes and textures .Something that would knock you off your feet or if it hit you, send you back home It would be quite an inconvenience. People would have to run for cover like they do when it rains in RL and you’d be saying to the folks you were sheltering with, “ooh that’s a nasty spell of cube prim we’re having at the moment.” ” Did you see that clouds rolling in, a shocking purple they were.” “Yes we’ve been having some terrible texture this year, best we stay in for a while, you put another log on the fire I’ll put the kettle on.” 🙂

Heads Dig_001

I suppose there are the snow sims, and the lake districts surely should have some bad weather. No  it’s still sunny all the time everywhere you go (gripe gripe grumble, moan) 🙂

It’s not long before, ahead in the distance, I see the huge drilling platform that dominates the ANWR sim. This is the place where in case you didn’t know, most if not all prims are mined from the grid and bought to the surface to be reintegrated into the system again.


 It’s a beautiful recycling process of which I’m not fully coherent with but there is very little wastage.Along side the rig I could see the ferry, which having been tangled up, had now disentangled itself and had raced ahead of me. I wasn’t in a hurry and was happily cruising along at a, I won’t say a snails pace, more shall we say slow sort of  emm dolphin pace. Talking of dolphins and marine animals in general, which I know I wasn’t but nether the less talking about them now, it would be nice to see a few of them, wild ones that is , so as well as the coloured clouds how about some wild animals.


 Just a few swimming ones maybe. There are no fish, no mammals nothing swims in these virtual seas unless you are lucky enough to own some water side and put your own pet creatures into it Why can’t they just have a few prim fish swimming about. Even if they swam in a huge circle and had no artificial intelligence I’d be happy. All we get is more land and ancient temples being discovered. Why can’t we discover some real virtual life? a creature unique to SLlike those early snakes and birds that were in the Beta grid Now I don’t want to go on too much, but a sea without fish a sky with out birds a land without some form of native species.!!!???(mumble mumble moan groan )

Maybe that’s how we really want it. After all, to many people in RL the animal kingdom is nothing but a walking larder and as there is no need to eat in a virtual world, Why bother to have animals?Oh yes why bother having  anything remotely connected with reality.  🙂  

So anyway I‘ve moaned about the weather and moaned about the lack of wild life what is going on with me .  It’s about time I continued the tour.(Nish tickles reader awake again with the  flight feather)



So I reached the drilling platform and climbing up on to the deck I took a look around. There were a couple of cranes to haul supplies aboard and in the middle of the platform the main drill that reached down in to the Grid bed to extract the prims .




 as the prims are sucked up the hollow drill, they are pushed out on to a conveyer belt and from there they went through a sliding door and dropped into a pipe




 At this stage they were all temp rez. I know this because I tried sitting on one to see where it went




but it derezzed when it couldn’t get through the sliding door.I also suffered in my experimentatation and I’m afraid I knocked one or two prims off the platform which might cause anyone receiving the prims in the future to have difficulty in  rezzing them , I’m very sorry about that .




 There were a few other rooms on the rig with bits of equipment and steaming pipes coming from them as well as a couple of pipes sticking out of the rig with flames coming from them. I’m guessing this would be the burn off of excess prim gas used in the construction of particle effects. I noticed the lights on the rig were all powered by particles and you could see them for miles around. One of the rooms seemed to be some sort of control centre for the Heterocera railway.



There was a map of Heterocera with the railway line that runs around the atoll basin and there were little lights that marked where the trains were meant to be. Obviously another thing that would be powered from the prim supply although I’ve never seen any trains, I think there was once meant to be a service that ran around the track but it never came to anything. When I first visited Heteroceraone of the first things I noticed (mainly because I thought it was a road on the map) , was the railway line, but although I waited at the station no train ever appeared and that gave me the idea to make one . At the time I had been giving tours on a bus made by Arcadia Asylum


Nish tours


and thought it might be fun to take people around the track pointing out places of interest. I did giveit a go but the train tours seemed to be of even less interest than the bus tours.I’m not saying the bus tours were completely unsuccessful , it was just convincing people to give it a go and as for the train tours  I can’t blame people really for not wanting to do something like that. The bus tours I could make exciting by going under water and climbing the mountains but with a train you’re limited to the path provided and people tend to be in a hurry when in world and why sit on a train when you can fly .After all you knew where the train was going to take you unlike Nish Magic Bus Scenic Tours.

tour mountain top_002

The ferry siren took my attention from the control centre and I left the room to go out on the deck .The ferry was trying to moor up alongside where my boat was. It was having trouble and was repeatedly bashing the side of my boat rather like the little tram had done to my train recently  on the color sims railway.I don’t know what it is about Linden made transport but it seems to get very aggressive towards my own vehicles.  Why it was so determined heaven only knows. It had no passengers on board, it could of just carried on to the port silly ferry. Thinking about it why  not turn the ferries into  whales or crocodiles , let them roam free across the oceans. You could still get rides on their backs (or inside of them ) but they could  take you under the water as well, a lot more exciting than the pushy little ferry that was giving my boat a hard time . Having moved my boat and allowed the ferry to moor I dived into the water to get aboard it  and whilst in the water I took a look underneath the rig.



 Under the water, aswell as the drill which buries deep into the grid, there is a pipe that stems down from the platform and heads north towards Heterocera. After swimming about a bit  and not finding an awful lot more of interest apart from a leaky pipe I thought it  time  to cross the line between the two great continents and so I headed back to the boat and pushing the throttle to maximum  I sped across the open water following the pipeline to Heterocera .




The pipe eventually comes out of the sea at Cecropia and that is where I  moored  up  and got out to take a look around.  . As you might expect from an Atoll continent most of the mainland is made up from coral with a central ocean basin where there was probably some sort of volcanic activity going on a  long time ago.Someday I will have to take a trip into the middle and investigate the area,but for now my journey was to be on the outer coral ring.As I had come in to shore I had noticed  a sort of ice rink with what could best be described as a mutated creature skating across the surface. I wandered over to take a closer look. Could this of been the SL native life that I had hoped for. 🙂



 Maybe not, on closer inspection it turned out to be an art exhibit by Olza Koenkamp who is an artist both in RL and here in second life where he makes strange or should I say different  looking avatars aswell as these extraordinary art exhibits.


 I rather liked his creation it just didn’t seem to fit in with anything ,there were eyeballs scattered at the edges of the rink blinking  and you could interact by clicking on the ice and  skating around with the creature,  it was truly at odds to everything 🙂 .I found some other work by Olza on YouTube I’ve added  parts 1 and 2 here This must of been so funny to try and do its funny enough watching ,some great comments .




On the other side of the dock across from the Olza’s piece was a white circular building belonging to Zimmy Zuhal inside there was a tree stump with a cup of tea and a bible on top of it. When you clicked on the log you sat or laid in a relaxed pose.


 I love these small oddities scattered around in world. Often in second life it feels very much like you are walking around a giant art gallery, you are never far away from some form of creativity . Leaving Zimmy’s white building I crossed back to the pipeline and followed it up to where it ended in a large water tank of, well I’m not sure what it was but there were no prims coming out of the pipe.


So taking another wild guess as to what was happening I’d say the prims must have been transformed somewhere on the rig using some form of invisible scripting process that rendered the prims to formless totally clear and undetectable objects. These were then sent down the pipe and enter the world through this tank of ….When I took a closer look at the water in the tank It turned out to be called Liquid Grief hmmm. Now what was happening here, I couldn’t really tell if the liquid grief was being taken from the pool and mixed with the prims from the rig or the other way round.



 It was hard to tell by looking at the fan inside the pipe, which way the prims or for that matter the  liquid grief were being propelled. Either way it was an unexpected mixture, but there you go it could be that a controlled amount of grief with a freshly mined prim makes for a well-balanced, world building medium.

I wandered over to the bar on the quayside to ponder the matter of mixing grief with prims, The bar wasn’t stocked and so I ended up having a mug of coffee from the flask that I pack in my rucksack.



The ferry hooted, it was on its way out again I decided that I would use it on the way back when I had finished circling this massive atoll. Before getting back in the boat I took a stroll into town. There was a nice shopping parade with arts and crafts as well as other goods for sale it was a nice looking layout close to Linden railway close to the sea with some nice prim animals and art exhibits.



I thought it a great place to have a shop and as there was a rental space free I decided to have a go at renting a store out. The rates seemed very reasonable so I IM’d the group ZZ Artists to ok the rental. The owner of the group and the shopping parade was Zimmy Zuhal the guy with the round white building across from Olza’s, hence the name of the shopping parade. ZZ Land.



 It wasn’t long before I got a reply from Zimmy to let me join the group and I was then ready to take over my first rental space in SL. I’m beginning to think rental is the way forward. I like owning land but the cost of tier is so expensive as well as paying a subscription (moan, moan, moan). Well I’ll have to think about that some more but although I was eager to start moving my shop in, there was a tour to continue so leaving the shops I went back down to Olza’s exhibit where I was able to rez my boat. I continued around Zimmy’s build and headed north into the next sim of Calleta home of the HOBO. I don’t know about you but when you first start looking at the map as a new citizen you do tend to notice where somebody has put up a large sign in the sky. There are quite a few if you look around. There is the smiley faces in Deimos and Suisun, the star of David at Nessus, the Pacman in Palomarian, the Texas State in Gluphisia which is bigger than the rest as you might expect and many more. One that does catch your eye, well it caught my eye when I first looked at Heterocera is the big orange HOBO sign



 (its funny how big orange things do this to me 🙂 It just draws your attention as to why someone would put the word HOBO in the sky. If you do take a look, it soon becomes obvious as to why. Orhalla Zander put the sign up over the infohub he created. A ramshackle hobo slum area with recycled rubbish festooned everywhere, tin shelters and cardboard shacks litter the place. Everywhere you look gives the impression of a run down beaten up Hobo Township.



 Orhalla had chosen to make his Avatar a barrel-wearing hobo when he had seen how the new citizens of SL were choosing to be prettier versions of their real life selves. Others followed his lead, and a community grew, but Orhalla was having difficulty paying the tier on his land and following a suggestion by Torley to enter into an info hub building competition, the now famous Hobo railroad infohub came about.



I think it was inspired to see the changes and  turn against the tide. Not many of us have the gumption to do that. Orhalla says that he just got lucky when he got the infohub well I think it was lucky for all of us.




One of the many people to have wandered in to this land and been inspired by it was the brilliant Arcadia Asylum who made and for all I know still does make some absolutely marvellous creations and is famous amongst other things  for her trademark texturing.






All her work is absolutely free and has full permissions. When I first visited Calleta I had a great time copying her stuff to my inventory. I couldn’t believe everything was absolutely free. There was stuff here you’d pay a fortune for on the market. I used Arcadia’s graffiti covered bus, some what modified, to take people on Nish’s Magic Bus Tours and I still havepart of her café counter with till,  microwave and food dispensors in my own café.


(looks like I couldn’t find anyone to dance with as usual  in this pic.)  🙂

 From her work I learnt many building techniques; no prim was wasted in her builds in true Hobo style. I thought I might take a picture of myself in front of the bus that I had first used for NishTours. As I tried to get near, a sort of bullet type train came speeding down the linden track and smashed into the side of Arcadia’s arcade where I was attempting to take the photo this kept happening time and again, goodness knows what was going on  I managed to get a picture eventually, I’m guessing it was the lag as it always seems quite bad here but then again what with the tram and the ferry , maybe there is  some sort of vehicle vendetta against me.  Perhaps those dam vampires have got their teeth into the virtual  transport system .(Me ? No I’m not paranoid) 🙂


. After visiting Arcadia’s arcade and having a go on the pin ball machine



 I headed over to the shore and waded through the sea of rubbish to get out on to the pier so I could feed the birds.



 Next I took a look in Tooter Claxtons shop.


 Tooter, amongst many other fantastic creations makes some awesome way out avatars. I loved the avatar-making machine that he had constructed inside the shop. amazing what goes into their construction, if a little icky. 🙂


 So it was time to move on .

On the previous leg of the journey I was thinking of changing my home to something more adventurous. Now after taking an inspiring look at what  Orhalla, Olza, Arcadia and Tooter  have done, I feel l should maybe be looking to change my appearance. Should I abandon my real world facade for something more obscure, maybe I should become some form of SL marine/avian life floating over the oceans and skys

nish fish2_001

 or perhaps a purple cloud drifting from one place to another A hobo-nimbus


croc shot_003

 I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and sea, When all at once I saw a crowd, Inside their houses making tea. 🙂

pretty things

 I was going to put a vid of Prince ‘s purple rain here  but this song from the master of reinvention David Bowie kept buzzing around in my  head 🙂

till next time




~ by Nish Mip on June 4, 2009.

17 Responses to “CHANGES”

  1. Hiya mate – ye gods, you’ve travelled far again – and now no longer on good old Sansara 😉

    I know what you mean about fishes – I hadn’t really thought of it until you mentioned it, but damn it, why can’t we have some wildlife in the seas too!

    The Anwr rig is great! I remember going ages ago and really being impressed by the build and the idea – the creative spark that led someone to think we mine for prims is genius! It was my first Pick I ever added you know. But I have to say young lady, that your irresponsible act of vandalism on the rig was a terrible thing to read – someone somewhere will be waiting for those prims and you have deprived them! Shame!

    Still, given your acts of charity to the field of SL Explorations (to wit, your wonderful bus tours!) I think we can overlook this minor act of damage. After all, anyone who can drive a bus over a cliff iss not to be triffled with!

    I love the sound of the ice rink art installation – I think I’ll pop over myself and have a looksee 🙂

    Great news on your rental too – I’ve been toying with dropping my small rentals (bar Cowell) due to money and the thought of having to pay a monthly premium fee would just send me over the edge. Land is so expensive here – I want to own my own server and connect it to the grid, but I doubt that will be possible for a loooong time 😦

    I’m so glad you found your way to the Hobo place – it’s simply amazing! And some of the best builders and creators in SL grew up here. Even now there is an open and joyful atmosphere you simply don’t get in many places in SL.

    And you’ve reminded me – I need to invite Tooter to the next Flea Circus as I talked to him about it about a year ago and promised him an invite 😀

    hba x

  2. I just knew you would post tonight Nish. 🙂
    (Karoz was in Acontia tonight)
    Resonances are very strong now.
    More asap.

  3. Wait… did you know I rented from Zimmy? Great guy. This would be back in Summer 08. Lemme check…
    This will put you in front of my old store (and my 1st SL store as well).
    I’ll read this over carefully and make comments when I have more time.

  4. Oh don’t I feel awful about those prims I’ve had a few duff ones in the past myself. I really seem to travel at the wrong time I never meet these people just see their fantastic work.Maybe I’ll get to meet Tooter at The Show.
    It’s a good job there’s so many interesting places along the coast, although I intend to go inland a stretch and take a look at that big wall.
    When you pay a subscription on top of the tier on top of what you payed for the land. Having a premium account sounds like madness Especially as primage is so important to me. There seems very little incentive to owning apart from being able to rent land out again and I could rent a huge amount on the subscription I pay (moan moan) . This has started to niggle me because the promise of an incentive has been a long time coming.
    Head There’s some great video’s on YouTube of Olza’s work I meant to put one in I think I will actually if it’s poss .knew there was something missing the one of the body beng put together is a funny one I’ll post it tonight

  5. Hey Baker
    I had some vibes going on when I took that rental .Zimmy wants to talk to me about moving round the corner closer to the dock he says it’s better for my business, I’m undecided . I think I might stay where I am now I shall go with my feelings .

  6. I didn’t know you had a store, Bakers! What did you sell?

  7. Hey HBA!

    I sold me collages, and then, later on in September I believe, some of the RL wife’s photos. ZZ seemed to like what I was putting on the walls, and it’s always good to have an encouraging landlord. I think he was a bit puzzled why I wanted to open a gallery in ZZLand… maybe not.

    I’ll tell a bit more of my story re ZZ and his Land after I read this post more thoroughly, perhaps tonight or at least this weekend. Just as a footnote.

  8. Just a couple of loosey goosey comments created while reading down your post… great entry, as usual; wonderful detail!

    *Thanks for that tip on the Olza artist. I’ll resesarch him more when I get a chance.:)

    There really are some amazingly talented people working in SL, I’m discovering. A considerable # of them, I mean.

    *That’s a good way to describe SL, actually: a “giant art gallery”. That’s the way I sometimes see it as well.

    *Nish, you should check out the waters around Nautilus City, if you haven’t already, for an underwater creature fix, all made by Lindens, or at least their moles. And others have popped up in the meantime, like some Bay City sims… I also know of places off the southern coast of Corisa continent. Just click in any water sim around NC for a demo.

    * re comment on rainy England (Lake District in particular)… thought you’d like this collage I made (read sign)

    Borrowdale is the rainest place in all of merry ol’ UK, in fact. I use the Lake District in a lot of collages.

    * When I was running around the SLRR on the Atoll continent last fall, I never saw a train either, although I did meet my first Linden face to face on the track. I think he was a little embarrassed because he was “away” (like the famous Philip Linden statues you see all over SL). But it was quite a thrill for me. Pure accident. There’s a funny story to that, actually sev. stories. But no time for those now.

    * That’s quite odd, Nish, that your first rental in SL is from ZZ, and mine was too. Don’t you think?? 🙂

    More on renting: there are *so* many options in that direction right now that I decided to get rid of my tier last winter. And I’ve not regretted it one bit. I can recommend you (and HBA) some rental companies if you wish. I know HBA rents from Ravenglass, and I’ve not tried them yet. It’s an interesting setup, though, as far as I understand it. But, yeah, rentals are *everywhere*.

    * I luv AA’s stuff… use it all the time. More creators should follow her zero lindens/ full perm lead. I just ran across her library hq by chance while hiking in the southern continent, a place I’d visited a number of times before but didn’t know where in relationship to the grid as a whole. Now I know.:)

    I admit to being part hobo at heart. I’m an SL cheapskate for one thing.

    *Wordsworth, eh? Hehe (the wandering cloud reference)

    * Well, I’ll have to summarize the ZZLand story but the thing that originally attracted me was all the hidden passages. ZZ said he created them all — that was the seller for me. I’d advise you to poke your head in the nooks and crannies of the place to see what you find. I meant to make a post or series of posts on my blog just about those passage, but never got around to it. 🙂 My shop/gallery had a phantom wall leading into not 1 but 2 of ’em.

    And tell him Baker says said hi, Nish. 🙂

    * ZZ also claims to have been in the Molotov Alva movie that you and HBA have probably heard about. The whole movie is available online. One of the stars is Orhalla Zander.

    Esbum claimed to have met him several times, but that may have just been the drink talking.


    Waiting eagerly for the next installment!


  9. Thanks baker ,just popped on line before going on another little holiday Took a quick look at collage LOVED IT .Speak when I get back In a week. In a hurry …..>>>>>> :).

  10. Back again (like anyone noticed) heehee. Now you mention it Baker I do remember being attacked by something with tentacles near the Nautilus coast. I’ll have to check out the other creatures sometime. There’s still a video on youtube with the original Linden snakes and birds that Head mentioned before. I cant find it at the moment but I wish they were around still. As I said I loved the collage The Lakes are one of my fav places along with the Highlands of Scotland quite a while since I’ve been there though. I even love it when it rains. Those tunnels I did see and even took a few pics, don’t know why I didn’t mention them I was sort of in a hurry they were one of the first things I looked at but then I got this idea to rent as soon asI emerged from the tunnels and I forgot about them I think I was needing a break when I did this post but now I’m feeling a bit more revived 🙂

  11. I hear that LL are recruiting Moles to work on wildlife!

  12. Ooooh I hope they make something extraordinary Maybe they could make actual moles Ones that invade your land popping their little heads out everywhere . Dam it Head I just put a great big long comment on your rp post and didn’t realise I wasn’t logged in and lost it I’ll write tommorow .

  13. Where’d u go again? (if u can say)
    I’m sending u a little sumtin. 🙂
    U live near HBA in England? After I retire I plan to go somewhere near the Lake District for a couple of months, maybe even up to a year (with the wife joining me, if longer). But that’s probably 10 years away at the very least. 😦

  14. Well you’ll be a spit* from me in the lakes so you must pop in!

    *I’m in Preston – about 40 mins drive from the lakes.

  15. HBA, I’d luv to come visit (!) I promise to catch up w/ yer blog entries before I pop over.:)
    (I’m *way* behind on my wife’s diary entries as well.)
    Preliminarily I’m thinking of staying near Rydal, perhaps in Ambleside. Or maybe just shift around a bit, 1/2 camping 1/2 youth hostels. What I want to do is take about a bazillion pictures of the region and then come back to the states and make more art out of it, perhaps an animation film of some sort. Sort of like this guy here (although I’m sure not as good).

    It would be best if the wife took most of the pictures, and she really, really wants to go to England too, so if I stay more than a month or 2 she’ll come along as well. Maybe we can rent a cottage somewhere for a year or so (?) But it’s all very much in draft state now.
    The Lake District is really the only place in the world outside maybe the western US (we live in the east) that I feel like I *have* to visit sometime.

  16. I’m way down South in Surrey and it’s a while since I ventured up North but the lakes are definitely worth visiting. I remember going to Wasdale with its tiny church and massive scree slopes . I can’t remember Borrowdale but I’m sure I must of gone there.In fact I went all over It was raining most of the time but it was still beautiful .

  17. Thanks for all this. 🙂 To be fair I’ll give my location: North Carolina, in them thar mountains.
    Speaking of England, we’re in the middle of our 3rd go at the Black Book series set in London. Highly recommended by your stateside fellow virtual reality explorer.

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