I’m still me!!

No lobster claw ears, cactus arms or  rollerskate legs, nothing’s changed.

 There’ll be Plenty of time for metamorphosis


See I look my same old self,  don’t I ?


This was actually me after  being moved to a nearby location along with what seemed like a hundred other avatars .I remained naked with  my head  grey for ages. I love the way my eyes still remain . 🙂  

 After leaving Calleta and poodlingup the coast a short way ,I decided I did need a bit of a change. But not in looks, I just fancied a walk and besides I was getting a little frustrated with the boat, well maybe not so much the boat, more  with myself for not knowing how to make it reverse properly. I had been mucking around with the script, which was originally a car script, for ages. As I don’t really know what I’m doing I can only guess at things. Sometimes I strike lucky sometimes not, at the moment it was the latter. The coast was looking a bit bland as well with nothing but luxurious mansions lining it. Nothing out of this world, just more stuff from the real world. I hoped by stepping back inland  a way I’d find something a bit more off the wall and besides it’s good to get out of your cocoon now and then

 There was a cobbled street that ran parallel to the shore a few hundred meters from the sea. Now it wouldn’t be cheating on my round the continents tour, too much if I followed the coast by road a short way. And I could always drop back and use the boat later. So I swam ashore



and made my way across to the road and then I began walking. walkto wall_015



You don’t find that many people walking for very far in SL. Maybe from shop to shop but not often on long stretches of roadway. I find it’s a great way to see stuff that you might miss, because of the amount of time it takes for stuff to rez. I don’t have cable broadband and I live a fair way from my exchange so things can be a bit slow. Even walking I have to stand and wait sometimes whilst things catch up. As for flying I have no chance at all unless I stay in the sim for a long time. It doesn’t make for an easy time exploring, as each sim I enter I’ll probably spend a couple of minuets waiting to stop floating down in to the ground. Then when I’ve flipped back to earthI spend another few minuets whilst things decide to gradually reveal themselves .The first thing I managed to see  as I stood waiting in the Velda sim  for things to appear , were some stables with a small herd of horses in the paddock.


back to sea_005

back to sea_004

 I couldn’t resist this lot. There seems to be more and more horses on the grid. Since sculpties were introduced they make far more realistic shapes. They may not be wild but they’re lovely all the same. (Now that gets my prim animal slot out of the way 🙂 )

Leaving the horses I began my trek west. I like this sort of road better than the more modern looking streets of SL. There are no lines for one thing. I can’t see the point of lines in the middle of the road when we all come from different countries and drive on different sides. The more conventional roads I know, do have the odd textured crack in them but the cobbled roads often have vegetation that grows up amongst the stones and It gives the area some depth, a feeling of history .


 Not far from where I was walking, looking at the map  was a second life feature that also had an air of history . The great wall of SL. It was just coming up for it’s 4th birthday  and I fancied  taking a look at this giant landmark .

 I have never explored the great wall of Sl  before, only briefly have I flown nearby to the huge rampart  . Reading up on the wall It didn’t sound as though there was an awful lot to see. It was just a big old wall that you could walk on top of or inside , still I wanted to see for  myself and so that was where I decided to head ,after all as I said,  it didn’t look too far away and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, seeing as I was in the vicinity . 

The one thing I did miss though was the turning north. Day dreaming as usual ,doh!


so I decided to carry on till I reached the river mouth at Zephyr and then make my way up the river to join the road again in Juanita.

Reaching Zephyr I couldn’t resist trying a diving board that someone had placed near the bridge across the river mouth


native life_009

Woooooooooheee! 🙂

native life_008


as well as a couple of floating pose balls, so relaxing .

end of wall_004

 I was quite enjoying myself splashing about . perhaps I should of changed clothing It was going to take ages for those jeans to dry ,good job it’s another sunny day.

Whilst splashing  about in the water   I rezzed the boat again and once more started fiddling  with the script .


As I was staring at the open script with out any hope of understanding the incomprehensible gobbledegook that I saw before me, I received an IM from a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while . His name was James and I can’t remember how exactly we met , probably just bumped into one another. Anyway as we were chatting  he let it slip that he  happened to be doing some  scripting . I hadn’t known that James could script , I guess I never asked . I don’t usually like asking for favours  but this seemed ordained , It was meant to be , I couldn’t let this chance go .. So I asked…. and he said he’d take a look at the boat script for me. . He Teleported over to where I was 


end of wall_005

and seeing what was wrong, took the script away with him .

 I decided meantime to take a stroll up the road whilst he was working on it . A few sims west on the border of Plano I came across a gorgeous pixie /elf type of house made by Ravyn Christense , I just fell in love with this beautiful little house there was so many nice touches to it




 The water feature, the pose balls, the garden with poofing insects ,I thought it a great little home and I don’t know what came over me but I ventured inside. To the person who owns it I’m really sorry for invading your house. I just had to take a better look. If there had been anything too personal inside then I never would of shown these pics but this little dwelling had to have a mention . I definitely want to build my next home as a magical fantasy house maybe not quite so fae like this but something along those lines. It was so nice and cosy  I fell asleep as I lay on the window bed



 but luckily for me  , the three bears didn’t return 🙂 , although come to think of it, I would have loved to have met them .  🙂  When I did wake the next morning however , there was a message from James. He had fixed the boat   Yay! Apparently I had missed something out , that was quite simple to fix. I can’t thank you enough James . If you are ever in need of any building or just need a cup of tea my door is forever open to you 🙂

It was my lucky day, so now with the boat fixed I was in a mood to use it.  I headed up the river in Zephyr, under the bridge and 10 seconds later I came to a halt in front of a high waterfall.


 there was no going up it in the boat so I had to get out and climb the side crossing the sim boundary at the same time into Grote.

crossing at waterfall

 I then managed to rez the boat again and carried on to the river basin


and eventually after a very nasty sim crossing which knocked me out twice I entered Juanita and climbed the bank up to the road again. When I had looked at the map it had seemed a fairly short trip by road to get to the wall but this road seemed to go on and on and those cobbles aren’t kind to your feet .


 I took a rest by the side and whilst looking around saw a play ground . It said for kids of all ages so for the second time in this tour I felt compelled to  go play 🙂

. It was good fun , like a mini assault course . It really took me back to playing in the park as a child . Happy days 🙂 

 When I had finished my childish activities I noticed the playground was in the gardens of a fortune tellers home or as it said on the notice by the gate ,Spiritual guide . It had a door bell so I pressed it.


 unfortunately the owner was offline. The message said they would get back to me.( they still haven’t) I thought I’d take a quick look round all the same. There was a Tooter Claxton gypsy caravan and some nice old looking buildings as well as a few hobo -ish type objects scattered around in the grounds.It’s nice  seeing the  hobo builds spreading  out from Calleta . I think I must have seen at least one Hobo item on every leg of this tour .

as well as the Hobo stuff in the garden I thought this greenhouse with it’s broken panes of  glass looked really good in a creepy sort of way, also I liked the tent where you can,  if the spirit guide ever turns up, get advice, or even possibly   your fortune told . (I predict I’ll never get my’n told)



 I couldn’t work out what the frying pan was for. Maybe you could fry up some of the eggtoplasm after summoning the spirits (sry 🙂  ) I waited around a while in case the owner was going to come back but It was getting dark and the atmosphere was unnerving me a little. I had begun to scare myself as I do, so  picking up  my rucksack I made for the road .

The road after turning north, eventually made its way towards the wall . I carried on walking admiring the various builds . There were a lot of trees lining the road which was nice to see . On one part of some Governor Linden owned land in Rubi, a whole wood had been planted.

walkto wall_006


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Linden planted wood before so I took some time to walk through. Whilst doing so I noticed a few green dots in the empty field to the south of me .


 When I zoomed in on the dots with my camera, the expected av’s were nowhere to be seen . They seemed to be underground shuffling about . I walked over to the spot where they were gathered and looked underground. to the spot where they should be .  I’m guessing they were some sort of bot. I’m not that familiar with these things but  I’m guessing you can get invisible ones, but why you’d want to do this on a plot of land with nothing on it  is beyond me . I tried everything to get a look at them but in the end two of them disappeared and with not much hope of seeing the other I gave up . Of course the only other explanation would be deceased avatars. Canceled and disabled accounts summoned by the spirit guide and unable to make their way back to the  after(second)life the poor wandering souls would then have to roam this world till they were completely lagged or the server crashed .    I shivered at the thought and hurried away.

 I rounded the corner at Minoa and spotted a giant shuttlecock stuck up in some branches .


walkto wall_012

when I took a closer look I saw it was for sale and was absolutely free. Yay! another result 🙂  Well you cant miss a chance like that can you a Free giant shuttlecock My luck was really in 🙂

As I was trying on my shuttlecock for size


 I could hear a heart beat coming from somewhere

 Pounding like a drum, it was coming from a large black and red castle across the road from me . For some reason the heart beat drew me to the gates of the castle and for a while I was in a sort of  trance listening to the sound .bmboom bmboom

walkto wall_009


walkto wall_010

Somehow and quite suddenly I  snapped  out of  the trance  and staggered back from the entrance

As I looked over to the castle I could see there were fountains of blood emerging from the black stone walls and  a quick look at the owner told me everything I needed to know . I had to get out of there fast. Luckily for me it was still light and the beasts that inhabited these dwellings were  fast asleep in their coffins. There was definitely something weird going on Why had I been dragged to the gates in this dream like stupor and then just as suddenly repelled.

   I hurried down the road and after a short while felt more at ease .  This plot of land caught my eye. It was very colourful with all sorts of bits and pieces on it .

walkto wall_016

 I guess it reminded me of someone who puts loads of gnomes and ornaments in their front lawn, although maybe individually a bit crass, altogether it sort of worked! I took an Ariel view of the plots of land around it and noticed the sim of Vine was quite full of the stuff rather like if there had been a hurried gardening competition and everyone had raced down to the garden centre to snap up any bargains before the judge arrived .



 I was rather engrossed with all that was going on and it wasn’t till I was nearly out of the sim , that I took a look at the map and realised I had gone too far .

walkto wall_019

The end of the Great Wall was a whole sim back, right next to the vampire castle.why hadn’t I seen it?

 I turned around and made my way back to the castle. Keeping an eye out for any bat type avatars I crept by the gates and entered the Sim of Horisme where the great wall starts, or ends depending on your viewpoint and from where you are coming from.

The other end of the wall stops on the edges of Spini and Athetis which makes it probably, not counting roads and railways, the biggest prim built structure in SL. It actually crosses 13 sims so why I didn’t see it the first time I passed by, I can only guess had something to do with the trance like state that I was induced into by my fanged friends in the castle. Why they didn’t want me to see this structure I was still unsure . What could they possibly not want me to see?

As I made my way to the side of the Great wall, a clattering banging sound came from behind me . turning around I saw a huge prim cube rolling on to the road side .where just seconds before I had stood .

walkto wall_021

Normally by now with my nervous disposition I would of turned tail and be half way across the sim, but a determination to find out what was going on here, took a hold of me and I ventured on.

 I took a look as to who had built this gargantuan fabrication the Great Wall of Second Life  . Xenon Linden was the creator. The purple monkeyed avatar who had built the moth temple at Iris had also designed this colossal enclosure in 2005 but why? What had driven him to complete this mammoth project? Was he trying to keep something out? Or was he trying to keep  something in ? Why else would you build a wall . There was only one other explanation I could think of (I didn’t say it was the only explanation, just the only one I could think of  🙂 ) and that was  that there was some form of message . Xenon was trying to tell us something . The writing was on the wall  The words of the profits are written on the subway walls etc. etc… 

  It wasn’t long in to my exploration that I discovered  along the eastern side of the wall ,some carved  stone plaques ,slotted every so often in to the main stone work . They were rather worn and not easily noticeable at first glance . On the plaques were the carved  forms of a grub or caterpillar, at least to my eyes that is what it looked like . 

walkto wall_030

 It was hard to make out.When I thought about it a bit more I realised it had to be a moth caterpillar, as it would correspond to the moth temple that Xenon had built. Come to think of it now the entire wall appears to be constructed in a caterpillar /lavae shape.


  Now how does this  tie in with all that  had just recently happened to me outside the castle gates . 

Doing some  research in to the matter  and putting 2 and 2 together and making some random number and matching that with other arbitrary patterns I eventually uncovered this startling piece of film from National Geographic .





Could it be that this tiny creature might possibly take over from the more traditional bat evolved vampire. Much like the demise of the red squirrel in Britain due to competition from the European grey squirrel these moths as yet unseen in virtual form, might if given the chance, take over from the undead. Maybe they might even evolve to live off vampires.


Was it this that had  caused the castle and quite a few others vampire related buildings I noted, to spring up around The Wall? Were they trying to suppress this knowledge of their Lepidoptera rivals?

Well the truth is out now . Their fate has been written in stone . 🙂

Meanwhile back to the tour…………..

I jumped up to the entrance located in the side and stared down the inside of the wall The tunnel went on and on.

walkto wall_020


 I wanted to travel the length on both levels this was going to take me ages.


walkto wall_029

 Now you may remember if you’ve read this blog before, that within my rucksack I carry a vast amount of equipment, which includes a rather nice hang glider made by Driff Beardmore.

 Although the hang glider Driff made flew superbly. I’m afraid My arms being a little on the short side did not reach the hand bar too well .That’s almost certainly  why I crashed. 🙂 , nothing to do with my incompetence in flying you understand  . At the time I had made a comment on SLX , as the glider had in error been advertised at first as Copy Mod which it wasn’t . Now I  sound like a right moaning minnie but  I might hasten to add that Driff has since altered this and replied to my comment with an apology and a brand new glider . I’m afraid Driff has to have his stuff non-Mod to stop copybot thieves from stealing his work the absolute rotters. As well as a beautiful new glider Driff also sent me as a way of apology a small one-seater helicopter thingy called The Sparrow. Planes and me don’t usually mix unless somebody else is flying them but seeing as I was feeling lucky, what  with my new working  script and free giant shuttlecock plus the discovery of the bête noire of the vampire world. I thought I’d take a chance. So I rezzed the Sparrow inside the tunnel and jumped in .

walkto wall_032


To start off with everything went well, the engine started ok making a fantastic whirring sound getting louder as the blades above me gathered speed. Then much to my surprise 🙂 I actually managed to make it rise up and I was soon  moving forward . The controls were quite simple even for me .I began to gather speed , faster and faster ………….><><><><><><


walkto wall_033

 Then just as I was beginning to enjoy myself , the dreaded sim crossing approached .As I rushed headlong at breakneck speed down the tunnel (I really should of read the instructions on how to slow down) I was suddenly flipped to kingdom come and back leaving me somewhere trapped between the side of the tunnel and the wall.

walkto wall_026

 Oh well you have to try these things. 🙂  I decided to walk the rest of the way. The tunnel was  much the same all the way through  apart from some steps at the side  leading out and  near the northern end where I came upon a couple of faults in the tunnel floor. The first one was just a crack, formed where the tunnel curved back on itself at its most westerly point. The second appeared to be an intentional hole of some size. There were no steps leading up from it . walk2_004

Maybe what ever came out of this hole had no need for steps.

   Still it  could have been nasty for anyone not looking where they were going. 

 When I reached the end of the tunnel there was a platform that had been thoughtfully built up by someone .


 A good job really as the wall stopped abruptly and anyone could of taken a tumble.I was amazed at how high up I was at this end .  I think a visit by the health and safety officer  is long overdue.  🙂

It was time to head back, this time on top of the wall.

Along the top of the wall ,every so often   a small turret has been built on to the side to act as a resting point or viewpoint. Each turret has a mushroom  hood affair over the top. As well as these turrets, there are  three more evenly spread shelters, placed  centraly on  the walk way, just in case you get a downpour of prims from the  purple cloud formations of the future  🙂 .

end of wall_001

After walking some distance along the top of the wall I reached in to my rucksack and this time pulled out my new Hang glider. I must of been feeling confident . There was no need to worry though. This time I had no trouble crossing the sims, the glider slipped effortlessly across the borders. Slow is definitely the way forward 🙂  .


 Gently gliding over the fortifications   like some   huge moth , I could see the  numerous shopping and business facilities rising up from the ground below and slipping by  either side of me


Not a single person did I meet though .I feel it a shame that not more could of been made of this wall regarding merchandising . Small shops inside the tunnel all the way along would of been excellent as well as stalls and perhaps merchant buildings on top of the wall just like the London bridge of old . The Lindens could have competitions or draws to see who could pitch their stall for that month and there could be wandering minstrels and  small live shows going on. This of course could only be possible with  enough people.  SL does seem very empty at times . I think if they ever did do something like my idea it would be better if people could not buy stuff without the seller actually being  there. We’d have haggling  and real sales people peddling their wares it would be a proper market , a happening  exciting place,  not the empty automatic world we sometimes seem to inhabit . 

 The one place which did  catch my eye along the way  was the gentleman’s outfitters in  Alplasta which took the form of a large steam punk style airship I stopped to take a look at it for a while,


 then  after mooching around a few other shops decided to go the rest of the way by foot  just to make sure I didn’t  miss anything of interest. 

 Just past the airship forming a bridge across the wall , I came across this clock  



 I would of carried on my way, I’d seen  hundreds of  clocks  , Nothing of interest here, or was there. Once more I had a compulsion to take a closer look.

  Now would you believe it .The person who had  built the clock  turned out to be an avatar named  Gatz Morang, non other than the Gatz  Morang , creative designer who  had designed and built  my lucky shuttlecock !   He incidentally had nothing to do with the discovery of the vampire moth, although I can’t be absolutely certain. 🙂

So reaching the end of the wall It was getting dark I felt satisfied that I had travelled the full length both inside and on top and so I dropped down to the ground and made my way cautiously down the side of the vampire castle . As I passed the torches that lit the side of castle grounds, just for a moment and I could of imagined this, but I thought I heard the flickering sound of tiny wings.  




 Watch out you suckers      >*<   🙂

be seeing you…………>>>>>>>>>>


I know its not about moths but it’s close and I like it

OMG I was going to put this one in but changed my mind here it is anyway  I hope the news isn’t true  .

Here’s to you Michael.






~ by Nish Mip on June 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “MOTHS”

  1. Continues to be The Best Travelogue Ever! Wild, vampire moths… 🙂

  2. Hi. A lot of what you write about here is quite familiar territory.
    I might even move back to near one of the places you mention in mid-July. We’ll see.
    Looking forward to your further adventures in Heterocera, and will comment more fully on the next go around.
    Happy continued Atoll exploring!

  3. Naked? And no picture? You are indeed a cruel woman, Ms Mip!

    But to your trip! I know what you mean about a coastline of mansions and nothing else – by ‘eck they may be lovely but they are boring! and quite often ban-lined, which is bloody annoying!

    I love the look of the cobbled roads – very ‘lost kingdom’ feel to them. And what gorgeous horses! I never ‘got’ horses for ages until my old mate Janey Bracken [] (who’d had a horse for ages – Colin I think she called it – persuaded me to get one, Frank, from AKK). And keep the prim animal slots coming! We critter lovers have to keep the pressure up! 😀

    Do you know, I have *NEVER* seen the Great Wall? I keep meaning to, but just have never got around to it. I will now, I promise!

    The pixie house is amazing – puts my in mind of the organic plastic growth in the graphic novel Ronin (which is excellent, BTW – very SL in its overtones and concept). There are a lot of strange coincidence in my SL life at the moment – Ordinal Malaprop destroying her land with meteors and you finding an organic, alien looking house. I won’t say too much, but there is something in the air that is resonating very strongly with plans I have for later in the year…

    The hobo stuff is everywhere, isn’t it – and such wonderful stuff! Tooter is a genius in his builds. I also predict your fortune shall remain untold – maybe we too are gifted with a third eye! 😀 (NB: Eggtoplasm? You should be ashamed! 🙂 )

    I wonder if The Bakers have been to the wood in Rubi – it does ring a bell from their blog and I know they are the foremost explorers of all things Linden like that.

    Another, although more boring, explanation for the dots could be a region in need of a re-start – sometime all manner of old information is stored and displayed until it’s rebooted. That or ghosts! If it’s the latter then it’s a good job you avoided that castle – Dale, me & Baker would have had to mount a rescue mission to find you!

    When it comes to odd builds, there is a woman down my RL road who has for years kept here small front garden as a self-styled “Fantasy Island” of ornaments and oddities that never, ever fails to cheer me up when i pass 🙂 SL is a lot like that but on a HUGE scale!

    I’m not sure what the Wall was built for, whether folly, artistic endeavour or defence, but given the number of bloodsucker’s who live near it, I’d advise caution! Nasty little blighters vampires – parasites, you know. Tapeworms with wings. Yuk!

    Ooooo! I love your idea of a community in the wall! Like those amazing medieval bridges where they had everything built into and onto them! What a great idea! SL should so do that and make the place less sterile and empty!

    Gorgeous clock (careful how i type that) Gatz has there! I’m in awe of these builders at times!

    Can’t wait for the next humongous instalment mate!


    p.s. The fact you don’t have cable broadband and yet make and drive so many vehicles amazes me! I couldn’t drive or fly before I got my PC – even with cable BB, the rez times on the old laptop were so slow. Kudos to you mate!

    p.p.s. I hate wet jeans – out of all material to walk about it wet, denim is the worse. I can’t speak as a lass, but as a fella certain items have a ‘raw’ deal in my experience :-/

    p.p.p.s. Driff – what a guy!

    p.p.p.p.s Maybe the hang glider is an attachment rather than a vehicle – or a non-phys vehicle rather than a phys. I’m not sure why, but attachments and non-phys stuff has a better time over sim crossings I think.

  4. Dale I’m sure I can’t take that accolade but thanks for the praise, keep it coming 🙂
    Baker , I can’t imagine there are too many places on the mainland that the collective bakers havn’t explored but hopefully I’ll recall a few for you. I hope to reach the high spots by next post.
    I’m finding the atoll quite different from Sansara in both looks and feel ,a little bit like leaving the city and heading off into the countryside, that sort of feel .On your previous comment I havn’t seen the series Black books but I do recall it being on and thinking I might like to watch it .Can’t remember why I didn’t If it comes on again which it’s bound to I’ll take a peek.

    Head those resonations are intriguing I love coincidences because they just might not be 🙂 I had another strange happening as I returned past those green dots but I’ll save that for my next post .
    I’ve seen loads of houses along a similar vein as that twee one I found but this had been so well thought out and It’s the little touches that count. I will carry on with the prim animals, I still want to do a series of wildlife posts sometime sort of a safari trip to the different continents. As far as the hang glider I think just the fact it go’s slow like the balloon gets it over the crossings better and yes! I did promise Driff a plug 🙂 he deserves one for being a good merchant and making a fantastic glider.
    If it wasnt for a new PC which I had last year I doubt if I could of even walked without having everything on the lowest settings a good videocard really does help .

    p.s. Head. recieved the money for the pic so should arrive soon in plain brown envelope 🙂 😉

  5. Brilliant stuff Nish. I just love your style of writing.
    I have im’d you in world about selling my land, take a look and get back to me, I thought I’d give you first shot if you wanted more prims and to be your own neighbour!
    Keep travelling – Moon xx

  6. Hey Moon . I’m gonna miss not being neighbours. I’d love more land but can’t afford the tier and + I’m seriously thinking of renting in the future . Are you still going to be coming In world ? Hope you go for BL09. I IM’d you in world but just in case you don’t pick it up Have you still got the original bus trip pics . I’d love to have a copy of them if you do but no worrys if you don’t .Still hoping for some traffic jams . Loved your sounds at Angelgate . take care. love Nish xx

  7. “High spots”… if this means what I think it means, then, oooh yeah, I wanna do that as well! I got a bit beyond Solace Coffee Shop from the west on the Atoll range but my interest shifted elsewhere.

  8. HBA you are right about the forest. Just fyi, Rubi (last fall) might be the place I felt more at home in SL than anywhere else, unless it’s my present situation on the edge of Chilbo. Maybe I assoc. it with ruby slippers or sumtin.:)

  9. Nish (and HBA), I didn’t mean to be so obtuse with my thoughts here. I use to live next to the Rubi Forest and also The Great Wall (in Ziczac), and Hucka D. and I chatted about the meaning of both a lot during my 4 month stay in Rubi. Nish, did you notice the mushrooms? (I don’t think you mentioned them)
    Horisme just came up in an email with probably my best friend who is involved in SL, and who still lives very close to the wall (and Horisme). I directed her to your newest post here as well.
    What I didn’t notice at the time were those caterpillars on the wall. Good spot… must be connected with the moth people’s religion.
    My own thoughts/experiences (and Hucka D.’s thoughts) can be found in the following categories on my blog, in case you want to check them out. I’ll put them at the end of this reply.

    I doubt you’re going to pass through any SL space that resonates more deeply with my own psyche, and it’s very timely as well. For me, it’s all about resonances, and allowing a door to be opened instead of, say, just ignoring it (which is going to happen). I feel obliged to keep track of them.

    I’ve explored a considerable amount of SL now, true, but the center of the lands you pass through here might be different. One “koan” or paradox Hucka D. and I talked about, and are still talking about at times, is the inside-outside relationship between the Rubi Forest (sometimes called the Ruby Forest) and the Sylver Forest (alternately, the Silver Forest). The latter seems to be older and larger, perhaps pre-Linden. I’m thinking now that the Silver/Sylver Forest has something to do with the Great Wall and its silver color.
    Actually I’ll just give you the categories to click on my blog if you wish instead of links: “Rubi Forest”, “Ziczac Sim”, “Great Wall”.
    And still possibly so much more there to talk about.

    It seems like you actually went down into the path I called “The Point of the Wall”
    directly below the main passage.
    There use to be a secret entrance to this path next to my old Ziczac property.

    Better end… I’ll probably have less to say about your Atoll trip after this, not because I won’t be reading but because it will most likely be more away from my original mainland “home turf” (and may still be “home”… unsure yet). And I’ll read this particular post over again soon to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
    The Moth People story as unfurled in the Magellan Linden Blog remains fascinating to me. To bad the blog couldn’t be even longer.
    Good luck!

  10. […] is the mysterious caterpillar that fellow explorer Nish Mip mentioned in her new Atoll continent related post on the Big Orange. Obviously connected with the moth religion recorded in Magellan Linden’s famous blog, […]

  11. […] items or sale boards, but that would make it even better like what I was saying when I was on the great wall. A real marketplace is what’s needed an event for people to gather. As soon as I finish this tour […]

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