Whilst I’m having a little rest from the tour and also waiting for SL to sort out why I can’t log in   I thought I’d tell you about  my friend Mick Huets latest Sim which I managed to visit yesterday before I crashed and couldn’t get back on. (according to SL I am ‘stuck’.) what that means I don’t know I can only hazard a guess that I am somewhere in world, locked in some ghostly form inside the grid unable to log out and unable to log in Does this mean I have joined the ranks of the undead ? Is this their revenge for outing their nemesis? I don’t know but while I’m ‘stuck’ I’ll show you a few pics from  Micks  Sim which is a fantastic recreation of some  ancient Egyptian architecture with a train ride and a few shops rolled into one . So if you like  pyramids ancient history archeology , and the likes head on down to Afterlife  people are dying to get in there  ( that’s not my joke by the way )   🙂








Snapshot _ AfterLife! DYING TO GET IN HERE!, AfterLife (124, 81













Snapshot _ AfterLife! DYING TO GET IN HERE!, AfterLife (164, 20

There,  thats  my photo’s I took with Mick who very kindly dressed for the part and showed me round    Its better in virtual life though so head on down to Afterlife  if you can and take a look for yourselves  The Gala opening days are Sat 18th Sunday 19th and Mon 20th when I think there are some treasure hunts and DJ and stuff going on but it’s worth a look  any time if  you can’t make it then .

YAY Just managed at last to get in world . I was going to a 1920’s Berlin sim opening to see TSMGO last night and I Got all dressed up ready for it and then  I crashed . Seeing as I couldn’t get to wear my beautiful new dress and boa  here’s a couple of  pics.  Oh well  never mind 🙂  .






~ by Nish Mip on July 19, 2009.

One Response to “AFTER LIFE”

  1. Wow! That looks amazing – what a talented guy. And you both look fab – I love the pic of him holding you.

    p.s. the 1920s bob is VERY cute! 🙂

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