Burning Life land grab no. 2

Rush number 2 and at a pretty good European time Uk 6:00pm The complete schedule for the land rushes has been issued and I think I’ll make all of them bar one  if I need to   Again my heart beats fit to burst . There are no coordinates , you just have to guess where the poles will be .I’ve drawn on a piece of paper an outline of a sim that I’ve traced from the in world map and a  rough estimate of where I think the land poles that I have to touch will be . I’m holding this piece of paper up to the PC screen trying to move my coordinates to where I think the maximum chance of touching one of the poles is . It’s all very  non technical but if it gives me just the slightest chance, I’ll try it . Ok I think I have the right place , I’m going by a printed map dealt out by Talia Tokugawa


 one of the main people in burning life’s department of works  copied by a  Ronon Carver who by the looks of it is a RL burner and  has thoughtfully  put the names of the sims on and posted it  on flickr you can just about make out the little parcels of land  but where the poles are is anyones guess.oh well here go’s  3……..2……….1… try again didnt manage to tp …………click


I’m in this time on the playa.

Everything is  real slow  I turn around and to my left is a pole  I click on it  and start running towards it  Its a large plot of land  just what I’d love to get  if only …  click .. click . click .

Another Av appears beside it  she is also clicking  we both click  click.    click.

A name appears floating by the pole .

It’s not the other AV’s

It’s not my name either

I look around for the owner of the name but they are nowhere to be seen

It suddenly hits me that there just might be another pole not touched so I try to fly across the sim  but it’s so slow its taking forever

there are no poles left

I try to return to where I had teleported in  . It’s a bit difficult to remember exactly  but I eventually find it and see the lucky av who managed to grab the pole before us . Judging by his profile born in 2005  he looks like a very old hand at this sort of thing an expert builder etc etc …

Hmm 😦

Oh well  can’t be lucky every time and there is still more land grabs to go  🙂

I head back to  the sandbox where I’m putting together bits for my build . I’ve even bought a toolbelt especially for the occasion  I really shouldn’t build myself up like this but I’m sort of enjoying it anyhow :).  the next land rush is not till Friday UK so I can rest my clicking finger for a short while 🙂 and work out where those clicking  poles are 🙂

tooled up


~ by Nish Mip on September 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “Burning Life land grab no. 2”

  1. Hope ya get one the next time ’round, Nish. Like to see your build whatever. bb.

  2. /me reads post and mutters “Damn!” Better luck on Friday!

    /me sees picture and falls off chair into twitching heap.

    I’m pretty sure that’s not approved workwear for a building site, you know… /me faints…

  3. Well, I do hope you have better luck next time. Going on last year they get easier the more that happen.
    I am sat at work thinking through the possibilities here. As I see it when you hit the sim you have to think of all the things that there is to download. Textures being the main one here. There will be certain things you actually want to download such as the Terminals themselves.. Everything else doesn’t really matter. Now I guess that most people turn their draw distances right down so as to reduce the amount they need to download. However if you turn off avatar rendering and land rendering you would only actually need to download the terminal texture once as they are all the same.. be they 64m away or 512m.
    So Hypothetically it would be possible for someone two whole sims away to have clicked the terminal. This is all a hypothetical. I have done no actual testing as I am not entering the rush this year 😉
    Once again good luck to everyone for any upcoming rushes
    T ^.^

  4. Thanks bb I’ll send you a lm very soon 🙂

  5. It’s pretty hot on the playa Head I’ll rig up a cool shower for when you come visit 🙂

  6. Hey Thanks Talia very good advice Everybody take note cause it worked for me . I do believe it gets easier as it go’s on but then I would 🙂 I got what I wanted 🙂

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