Burning life 2009 The build begins (calm down calm down ).

 I’ve calmed down a bit and started work on my build for burning life 2009, well in actual fact I’ve just about finished it   So exciting laying the first prims but now they are nearly  all layed . I got a IM this morning telling me I had gone over my limit . There is a prim counter on my plot that counts up to 350 then sends a message out. The land actually takes 358 but the counter uses up 8 of them so in actual fact I’d only used 342 . I deleted a makeshift shelter I had erected when I arrived , it’s a shame I liked that shelter being there . I’ve really had to compromise on what I had intended to do sort of halving it in a way  but the end result is looking  good and I’m very pleased with it . If only I had won one of those big plots , I can see some of them nearby with a hand full of prims on , some of them not even started . I think if you know you’re not going to need a big plot then people should be given the chance to swap over . there is a lot of organisation going on and I suppose it would take quite a bit of resource to do that .still I look out at that empty land near me and salivate at the potential. I’m in the sim called High Rock  next door to the theme camps that surround the central playa I’m so  so loveing  watching as the other builds are put up . many come straight out of the inventory  the day they win the plot but others evolve which is quite appropriate for this year, much like my one which I had half thought of and put a few ideas in to action then built on to those ideas . I like doing it this way the best , Its makes it seem more like the real burning man building piece by piece . I guess in burning man the artists have been working  all year maybe on their creations but they still have to set it up and it wouldn’t  pop straight out of their inventory . I’ve attended two classes on lag so far . they are very hot on the amount of lag  here because of the amount of people attending and the  volume of prims used  everyone has to be careful with their  textures and scripting . the first class I attended was all about texture  I learnt a thing or two like pressing ctrl-shift 3 to check on an objects texture sizes anything above 512 x512 takes a long time to rez  I had known this but hadn’t really adhered to it ,so immediately went back to my build after the class and checked everything . I did actually find a few very large textures which I redid they looked exactly the same of course just less laggy . The second class on sound usage would have been more of interest to me as I was using  a fair bit of sound in my build The only trouble was that the classes were conducted in voice , I had no trouble in the texture class but couldn’t hear a thing in the sound class 🙂  maybe some sort of lag  I don’t know ,anyway they had a few freebie scripts they were giving away which have come in very handy . The following morning I had a message  saying my scripts were very slow and were lagging the sim out.(not the ones I had just got ) They tell you the location of the objects which contain the scripts  but not the actual script The person who had sent me the note card Zuleika Deere thought it might be my rotation scripts but it turned out in the end to be an intermittent sound script which I had got off xstreet for $0.00 both Zuleika and her colleague WaYa Sion very kindly helped me out and with some new scripts that were less laggy Thankyou both for that. everyone is so friendly here 🙂  , apparently you can’t tell  how fast they are running unless you have estate management rights for the sim ,so it’s impossible on the mainland probably why it gets so laggy sometimes even when nobody is around. I’ve still got some tidying up to do , some adjustments a few texture and script  tweaks but I’m almost there. I think if they had given me unlimited prims I would be in heaven I can never have enough, though in  rl if I ever get round  to painting  a picture I never know when to stop and sometimes end up spoiling  it , so the limitations are probably a good thing . I can’t wait for the gates to open on Oct 17th there’s some truly fantastic ,amazing ,funny, thought provoking stuff being built here so I hope everybody who’s interested in that sort of stuff, the intelligent  interesting,  good looking   people amongst us  (you know who you are 🙂  come and have a look at what’s going on . OCT17th-25th    :))


fri week1_002



~ by Nish Mip on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “Burning life 2009 The build begins (calm down calm down ).”

  1. “the intelligent interesting, good looking people amongst us” – /me steps forward 😉

    Can’t wait matey – and those classes sound bloody useful to one and all!

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