Original Idea.

I finished my build in Burning Life over a week ago  but I’m still fiddling around with it.I change textures , scripts  move stuff a foot to the left move it back again . I’m really going to have to stop before I ruin it . I’m quite pleased with the end result really   and I think it fits in with the Burning life concept which is sort of mimicking the  Burning Man festival i.e. having a limited pallet of wood and possibly metallic/fibreglass parts, stuff that you would bring with you on a vehicle possibly   but with a healthy dash of SL magic thrown in. I’ve started looking around at the other exhibits and camps,  there are some truly weird and wonderful builds going on. I wouldn’t say all fit in to the idea exactly, but then again when I think back to last year and my huge swirling psychedelic worm structure I can’t be too harsh . the idea is that you wouldn’t build an office block or permanent structure out in the middle of the desert but when you get all those prims it’s hard not to just go mad and completely over the top although  I did try to calm last years build with some canvas-covered walk ways. This year I think I’ve built what last years piece should have been and with less prims. I don’t know if you would  call it art, there is definitely an idea there , a quite a literal take on the evolution theme but when I see other builds , what I would call real art I do get kind of  jealous of the free thinking views that  have spawned them. When I look at what I have built and analyse it I can see all the influences, all the ideas I’ve picked up from everyone else There is nothing totally original. Is there such a thing as original conception ? we have to get our ideas from somewhere don’t we ?or is everything a mash of everything else ?

flying about a bit

I’ve taken to flying round the BL sims  on my hang glider .The one I used on the round two continents tour (which I fully intend to finish after BL) you can get a great view from up high and it’s  just slow enough to get most stuff rezzed in to view.I doubt if I’ll be able to use it when the festival begins  it’ll be way to laggy .  Last night I went looking for my porta potty which I had built . There are loads of them dotted all over the place most individually decorated by BL builders.


Hang gliding looking for loo

 I did find it eventually way down south I think it was the 3 Mile sim . I so wish I could tell you about the wonderful fire stages that I passed over and all the other stuff but that would spoil it. Only a week to go though.


Oh and I got my first Linden bear from Dusty  who was giving a talk on her real life Burning Man experiences . Not that I intend to go out of my way to collect them but it was nice to get any way. 🙂


oct1st thur_004


~ by Nish Mip on October 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Original Idea.”

  1. I can’t wait – dying to see what you, Holo & Mari have done this year. I’d love to explore more of the BL, but I only seem to manage a couple of evenings when I try. Still, some is beeter than none 🙂

    p.s. you appear to have a monkey on your boob. just sayin’.

  2. It’s a pity it’s not on for longer, I think Three weeks minimum would be better as most peeps are just dropping in when they have a spare moment and that’s usually weekends. and that’s not a monkey it’s a booboon 🙂 although you might of mistaken it for the titi monkey from South America 😉

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