DAY 1 BURNING LIFE. “2009 I’m so excited :)

I was 🙂  so excited  everything was ready . I had tweaked and tweaked  fiddled and fussed and now countdown to the gate’s opening and the hoards of people waiting to storm through .  3 minuets to go  2 minuets  1 minuet   GO  I clicked the large world that floats over part of my build to trigger the spectacular firework show …….emmm nothing  happened  The dreaded lag had descended swept in across the playa like a mighty sand storm filling every niche and cranny with its deceleration  getting stuck between the scripts blowing the particle effects out like candles  arrrg  . I looked at my mini map and 3 plots down around 20 people had descended to a dance tent and were busy partying (as they should)  there must have been at least 30 in the sim I was in , You know what happens when this sort of gathering occurs ,well I do , to me it’s like walking through  treacle. My slow bandwidth  500k doesn’t help.   I decided to leave the throng and go see the shows ,  hoping  people with better set ups got to see some of my work.

Slowly , very slowly I made my way (I couldnt teleport  ) towards Trego where the fire stages were there was a whole bunch of people on the borders of trego just waiting to cross the sim border but it was full so  we kept pushing ,waiting for people to leave so we could get in , push push  and then I  was in  I got to the stage and nothing seemed to be happening  . I’m not sure if it hadn’t started or it was just the lag  but after what seemed about  10 minuets the music kicked in and Yman Juran and her fellow fire dancers started their routine. And what a truly  fantastic dance it was . even with my lagged out perspective it was brilliant . I had watched these three girls rehearsing  on the land two plots down from me  a lot of work goes in to getting these things right it was a great start to the festival .





 After being mesmerized by their  performance  I got a message saying that Jaycatt and Frogg the two musicians who I had managed to see in Lusk way back in April; were just about to start a live set on centre stage . .Ooh I thought  I really enjoyed the show in Lusk so I just had to go see them I turned to go  not really knowing which way was going Luckily for me I bumped in to Zuleika Deere the scripter who had helped me out with my sound scripts  and she very kindly gave me a LM for centre stage she told me to take some water and supplies with me , it was only just back across the border but it took me a little while as I could still not tp still .  I got there in the end and Zuleika had beat me too it. I managed to see most of the concert .


 I wanted to dance to the songs though and i didn’t realise my dance hud didn’t work in this area . by the time I had figured  that I could edit the hud and click on the dances I wanted, the guys had finished their set (which was of course brilliant as ever) . The next act up was a DJ sorry  I cant remember his  name;  playing some techno  industrial whatsit music  which was fantastic to dance too so I did :).


That’s me  🙂

these guys were dancing too   cool pants  🙂


 There was such a lot taking place all over  that I couldnt decide where to go next . I tried to tp to  the tokyo stage  but  became so lagged down that I had to relog  to stop dancing  By the way the Tokyo stage is absolutely astounding , I,ve watched it being built bit by bit each texture put in to place  so much work  My hat goes off to Donpatchy Dagostino its out of this world way out there  lol . 🙂  I did manage to catch a couple of live numbers on the Tokyo stage  by a girl with a beautiful voice whom again I cant remember her name 


  I really should take a note book along   but I was too caught up in the whole experience never mind it was  great night  for me and I think a lot of people enjoyed themselves and that’s the main thing . The next morning  that Sunday morning I dropped in to check out my build  and the lag had died down a bit   the fireworks were sort of working for me and I had a bit of a dance on the little stage I had set up . I met a nice guy from Australia;  Scratch , who was enjoying himself looking round the sims  Hi Scratch 🙂 and I received a  couple of pics from my friend Odessa  who has dropped in on the build Hi Odessa  🙂  I hope everything works a bit better than it does for me  . now I must stop writing and get back in world .  Lag city here I come   🙂


~ by Nish Mip on October 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “DAY 1 BURNING LIFE. “2009 I’m so excited :)”

  1. Hey Nish…How you doing ? I had the pleasure of dropping in to your BL camp/installation/build thingy….and it really is TOTALLY AWESOME !!! Thanks for the chat and tour and freebies ; )) People if your in SL definitely check out Nish’s contribution to BL and check out the whole sim. Its wonderful to see the creativity and fabulous artwork and there are lots of great people cruising about and partying. Take care Nish and see you about. ; ))

  2. Really so pleased you liked it Scratch it was a pleasure meeting you :)I’ve gotta get back in there and do some more exploring I’ve been so busy concentrating on my little bit . I did get to see the opening show at the fire stage which was fantastic. there is a list of events going on here something for everyone and hopefully the lag will have calmed down a bit 🙂

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