Sunday at Burning Life 2009

This is turning in to a bit of a diary but I’m so loving this festival the only thing I’m regretting is missing all the great stuff that’s going on while I sleep and at work also all the other stuff that’s happening while I attend the stuff I’m attending  🙂  Today after checking on my build (fireworks still not working all that well ) There was a message came over the airwaves from Wolveli Kas, about some sort of bumper car event involving snails so I took the teleport which landed me about 200 meters from my plot doh and from there I found a sort of ranch type affair and a sign where you could click for a snail . I did this and then wore it and was then  riding a bumper car snail, exactly what it said on the tin. Quite a few others had gathered and after equipping themselves took to the paddock and then we all started bumping in to each other It was surprisingly good fun whirling round on a snail

day2 bl_004

and before you accuse me of animal exploitation I understand these snails have naturally evolved this way forming a symbiosis with humans whereby we gain pleasure whilst the snail err… gets to meet other snails (for mating purposes etc) Funny thing is evolution.

 I went straight to the centre tent after that to watch some live performance artists. The first one I managed to catch was a guy called Zero One  who was playing a vibraphone I’m not sure what that is  sort of like a xylophone  I guess ill look it up later any way he was playing and  doing a bit of singing. It was ok I guess quite relaxing music.

day2 bl_007

After Zero  had finished, a girl called Eponine who had a beautiful voice came on to the stage behind me and sang some jazz standards it gave me a chance to try a few of my slower dances from my HUD I ‘m not sure they were all suited, maybe a little too sensual but I had a copy of “ dream dance” The one where you twirl up in the air and stretch your arms out, I love this dance and also a very kind girl dressed in a clown outfit gave me a sort of flying animation which really went well with some of the songs.

day2 bl_010

After Eponine had finished we turned round to the centre stage again and a guy by the name of Torben Asp went straight in to his set with his electronic keyboard and I don’t know what you call, it trance maybe it was great to listen to and to dance to as quite a few of us started burning the place up, attaching all sorts of flame and particle effects as the music really kicked in. It got so you could hardly see for the flames and showers of particles; real  Magic and great music 🙂

day2 bl_012

 I had such fun doing this, I carried on doing so when the next band, which were called The Invisible Band started playing. I think I was the only one by then and after a couple of numbers I became self conscious  and decided to leave the centre stage and see what was going on over at the Tokyo stage . I teleported over and there was a DJ playing some smooth tracks although I have to say they were quite explicit lyrics. It’s been a while since I went clubbing  and I don’t suppose I really listened to the words then but “I want you to **** me”  “put my **** in your ***** ” My god am I becoming a prude What happened to subtlety  goodness gracious me 🙂 lol

day2 bl_014

I had a dance there for a while using the dance ball which synchronised everyone who was using it, which looked rather cool I still can’t get over how great that stage and all the bits attached to it  really are. Well I think I’ve done a fair share of dancing for the first couple of days so I intend to go and explore the art that’s out there next oh and I do hope all the naughty bits on the statues are covered up 🙂


~ by Nish Mip on October 19, 2009.

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