Wandering in Burning Life 2009

It’s hard to know where to start when you looking at 36 sims worth of art and creativity. I decided to just head off in to the desert taking a  random direction and  look at anything that caught my eye .


 The first thing that did catch my eye was mainly because I bumped straight in to it ( the lag is still bad by the way) was a tower .




A very tall tower . not the tallest tower I might hasten to add. I think there are towers here that would probably be in the region of half a mile high , putting my effort last year,  to dwarf everything surrounding me to shame 🙂  No towers are ok but towers with lifts and electronic star trek type stuff in like this one , I don’t know maybe I’m adhering to the BL ethics too much . I’ve never been to Burning man and I’m sure a lot  of the stuff that is built in BL could never be built in the real world festival . I moved on  just drifting across the playa quite literally at times ,when crossing the sim borders. I noticed a plot called the Full Tango Experience


 where people were gathered inside learning to tango I guess The classical dances seemed to be in vogue this year as shortly after I passed  another open shack dance class called Miss Bridget’s Dance school.



I moved on , as I said last post  I had done my dancing bit at least for the time being .

A prehistoric  mechanical dinosaur by Rekka Berchot  got my attention There were several pieces on the same plot following a similar vein of an alternative evolutionary path, with flying saucers shaping mans destiny and building stone henge.



I loved the textures and shapes on this twirly sculpture by Vrom short


although I noticed most of it had been made back in January . I wonder whether it had been  conceived with burning life in mind . Rather a lot of the art pieces that I inspected were built quite a while back.

This Tree Of Life by Eye Ree was right on theme and fun too . you could sit on a nodule that took you up the tree and hopefully you evolved up one of the branches


I unfortunately became a throw back from the evolutionary tree and was made extinct 😦

I like the little oddities that spring up  on the playa like  Nothing Happened by Naxos Loon


Inside well nothing really happened 🙂  arrh  brilliant


I carried on wandering aimlessly and couldn’t help but cross the path of  the huge   multi scorpion like  tailed Berlin stage which dominated the skyline. Being so close to the Tokyo stage I had not thought about the other main stages that were being built so  this was the first time I had seen it and   it was very impressive.


You could spend hours and hours looking at all the detail and ingenuity  that goes into all these builds but I just don’t have that sort of time so it is very much like a jogging through a huge  art gallery just stopping long enough to catch a glimpse of something special, every now and then.

Everyone will have their own favorites but one of My favorite pieces so far and not too far away from my own build , has to be this  by  Dekka and Penn    It seemed fairly simple at first  but there is so much going on I don’t know how to describe it completely , but it really fitted well with the desert setting if not  the evolution theme , and It just tickled my fancy . 🙂



especially this poor  guy endlessly circling the playa  in pursuit of water


Still loads  to see and do here including a temple and a man to burn this weekend  so I’m heading back in as soon as possible to explore  Hope to see you there  :))


~ by Nish Mip on October 21, 2009.

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