Burn and Afterburn. BL09 last wekend

phew If a pixellated  body could be tired this one has certainly earned a bit of a rest. I know I said I had done my fair share of dancing but  I just can’t help joining in  with the music  and what great music it has been from full on Psy Tech to soulful ballad I’ve had an absolutely  brilliant time listening and joining in with the celebration. This last weekend of burning life has been especially eventful . I’ve stayed up late of course to get to see more of the events   which I haven’t been able to do during the week .I’ve seen some fantastic shows of music dancing and  comedy but  it’s a shame most stuff seems to happen while I’m  asleep . I’ve  tried to make up for it though,  aswell as get to see more of those fantastic  builds

Following on from the last post  I came across this egg based interactive build by Maya paris called Funky Fembot fried egg Bounce off and Pangirl fries


It was great fun jumping up the trampoline eggs dressed as a funky fembot. there was a whole story behind it aswell as comprehensive instructions a cracking good build I’d say 🙂  (perhaps I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself).

A large rusting tin structure called Vessels Dream   built by Bryn Oh concealed some nightmarish images . Absolutely chilling art  really well done with minute details that bring it all to life. I’ve seen some of Bryns work before and I think he’s an amazing artist .

vess dream

I unfortunately had my pics set up to show hud objects  etc so I’ve had to edit this .

down from the centre tent a little way was this cubist sculpture by Kicca Igaly that contained all sorts of other sculptures inside of it


 But then whilst looking at this  across the track from Kicca’s build I saw what I think  has to be  my favorite this year . It had everything I liked . Colour ,originality , the evolution theme and above all  some form of animal life 🙂 These animals had definitely evolved along a very  different line than any other I had seen . I fell in love with them all  and  IM’d their creator Yoa Ogee to say how much I had liked them .   



Of course I’m not going to see every thing here . You just have to see what you can . I was lucky enough to have spotted an event involving a marching band . I TP’d over to where the event was being organised . I was the only one there  for a while and then one or two others and some of the band started teleporting in . They were called the Yokohama Marching Band . They had were all as far as I could tell Japanese and a very welcoming crowd they were.  One of the girls  gave me a funny octopus thing for my shoulder and there were free Japanese cushions and toffee apples (I think thats what they were )


The band began to get in order, the music started and they were soon marching down the track . Other people seeing them followed on  we were all cheering  and clapping  It was fun to watch .


 then we arrived back and the band quickly  left the stage and gathered in the audience as we watched a guy called Yasutaka Koba singing and playing his guitar .There was even a translated  notecard  that explained what the lyrics were about .


One of the things I have loved doing throughout burning life has been the  dancing. I’m normally not an avid dancer in second life but When I celebrate something I love to just let rip and go all out for it . I’ve been experimenting with various flame and particle combinations  and  with the dance animations  they seem to look  really cool  so when I heard on a message that there was a Psy Trance party going on I tp’d over to have a listen . The music was really I’d say almost intoxicating and things really started getting heated.


Thats me all in flame. The DJ Quark I later found out was my friend Gemma  the reporter and BL marshal’s , partner in Sl . It’s a very small world  especially in the burning life sims wherever you go you bump in to people you know or  recognise .


There was another girl there who was rather flaming hot  aswell and I think we must have caught a few things on fire as the next DJ to come on had some problems with the streaming  and the music failed 😦   I gave up waiting  in the end and TP’d over to an impromptu drumming and dancing  performance by the lamplighters at their village


 I had enjoyed the dancing with flames so much I did it again the next night but not before I had gone to watch the Man burn .

I arrived early and took my place on the playa waiting patiently .  One thing as I mentioned in an earlier post, that is important in these events is to cut back on the lag as much as possible . Stuff like hair and multi prim jewelery as well as scripted objects  can play havoc with the lag . A good indication of how much lag you are creating can be seen if you go to your advanced menu.( If you haven’t got an advanced menu on your screen press Ctrl+Alt +D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D or on a Mac Option+Control+D ) then you can find your A.R.C. score  that is your Avatar rendering costs , by going to Rendering and Info displays  then you’ll find avatar rendering costs .Ticking this this will put a floating  number above your head The higher and redder it gets the worse for everyone else  I checked my one and it was about 350 well in the green . A note went out to everyone to check their ARCs but still people were standing there with over 3000 . I checked on a few of them and all it seemed to be was  some fancy bit of jewelery with a few hundred prims  easily taken off for the half hour or so  but no they just stood there Grrrr   . The reason I’m having a go here is because  when it came to the Man Burning . one or two of the sims crashed causing me to be logged out and unable to get back in time to see the spectacle .

When I eventually got back in there were just a few ashes smouldering on the sand .  😦

To console myself I followed a message saying something abut snail racing . I had enjoyed the snail riding the other day so thought this might be fun as well . It was a different place this time with different snails ,  I arrived a little late and had difficulty rezzing   one  from the container but eventually I managed it and we all waited at the start line for the off.  Then it was a mad dash around three blocks  encountering  various obstacles along the way I’m sure my one had glue on its foot it had taken long enough to come out of the box and was sticking at every corner. It was great fun though and when the prizes had been given out we all wanted to race again, so we did 🙂

Luckily this pic was taken by Gemma  I was too busy trying to control my mollusc at the time .

snail race rabbit hole

This is Gemma in her uniform . I think I might tryand be a ranger next year .

BFP last day_030

After the snail race I found another party going on and had a bit of a dance I think all this burning was taking its toll on my skin


I decided to get some sleep .

When I woke the next day I had a message from my friend Odessa . I had been talking to her last night saying how I had missed the Man Burning and she had sent me a  link to a youtube film showing what I had missed. It looked really good .I was still moping about what I had missed whilst checking on the Sunday event list . As I was checking I suddenly came across another burning of the Man . I thought I had missed them all but the Australian side of the world was to be Burning their man this afternoon . Yayyy!!!

So I got to see the Man burn after all .

BFP last day_010

I watched till dawn it was very mesmerizing

BFP last day_021

Then when the flames had died down and I had  a little jig  🙂  and then  set off out in to  the playa .

Noticing a gathering near the fire stage  I headed that way . I’m glad I did as Cypress Rosewood and the Changhigh Sisters were performing one of the most magical performances I have seen in second life . I think it must have been a combination of the music , the atmosphere after the burn and the fantastic choreographed dancing and particle display. I tried to capture it in pictures but it couldn’t really be caught. In the end I  just gave in and enjoyed it while it lasted .

and there was more great memories to come later when the Temple was burnt .  I went along and danced and banged my drum whilst the flames grew higher and the music grew louder and then it all came crashing down .




Then gradually bit by bit  I changed out of my fiery red  skin ,

out of my flaming orange and black dreadlocks ,

out of my risque monkey bra and tattoos

and leaving the burning life I returned to  Second life .

I teleported over to Fuchsia  where I often go now if I need to get away .

It seemed very quiet . No drums  No body . I’ve not got a home any more I’ve downgraded my account so can  not purchase any land . I have no fixed abode which suits me for now . I am free to travel the wide open road  lol . 


“And it’s a fair wind blowin’ warm out of the south on my shoulder guess I’ll set a course and go “

(Wooden Ships;  Crosby Stills Nash )

Cya .     🙂


~ by Nish Mip on October 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Burn and Afterburn. BL09 last wekend”

  1. Man, I missed the whole thing this year. Looks like great fun. Last yr. the RL wife and I had some kicks running around and taking in the sights.
    My only complaint is that with all that you can do with SL, environment-wise, why not make it just more than a desert event.

    Next yr. for sure. (and I also missed the *entire* World Series for the 1st time, I believe…)

  2. Great idea it would be cool if SL had their own festival not one based on RL event could be up in the sky or below the sea Something you couldn’t do in RL maybe a flat one dimensional festival .

  3. Hehe.

  4. Yay. 2 dimensions yes, that would be the dimension I was thinking of, 1 demension would be a bit too 1 dimensional for a festival .I’m going to start reading flatland tomorow if I get time which I think I will have. thanks baker. 🙂

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