Tour part 2 .Where was I ? (Curiouser) (don’t try to fathom this out)

Now where was I.

 Somewhere on the Heterocera coast, no a bit further in Walking back from the bloodsucker’s lair next to the great wall. I remember bits, I remember seeing ghost dots in the field by the Linden planted wood and thinking they might be dead avatars, then things get a little blurry. (Cue wavy lines and harp music) Arrh yes I have some pictures that might help me recall.

to the sea_006

There was a man asking if I had seen a church anywhere around here. It was sort of creepy after the dead avatar dots  He had  long hair and a white beard. I thought maybe he was a priest of some sort.  I walked with him for a while looking for the church and we ended up in the fortune tellers tent.

to the sea_008

 and he looked into the crystal ball and then my mind goes blank and the next thing I know I’m standing in a shop and there is a bottle of Saki or some such drink laying on the floor and  belonging to the man.

back to coast_001

 and things get blurry again. (Wavy lines and music again, maybe a bit of honky-tonk piano ) I’m back at the great wall. Oh yes I was getting my bearings when a golden-haired avatar motioned up to me and introduced himself as Angel.


 My first thoughts were that he had something to do with the vampire castle that I had just crept by, the one that was going to be savaged by moths, you know vampire moths. It was all making sense The connection seemed too much of a coincidence with the Buffy /Angel. Shows. He denied involvement he said no he wasn’t a vampire, but then he would wouldn’t he. He was apparently preaching about true love and had a web site dedicated to it. hmmm I recall not being too sure. We accepted friendship though which I do readily nowadays. I didn’t used to. I used to get annoyed at people wanting friendship before they had hardly spoken. Now anyone can be my friend I’m easy 🙂 and besides I find it sometimes embarrassing to reject someones friendship offer.At least say hello before throwing your friendship around . I asked Angel if he wanted to go for a walk with me down to the sea, he readily agreed though I think he thought it a novel idea to go walking. I guess an angel would. He followed me down the road and we took a short cut over to the sea and from there we took my boat down the coast a way. All this time I still had my suspicions. Checking his groups there seemed very little in the way of vampire related stuff so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was a guardian angel I’ve certainly needed one at times. We landed further round the coast .I can’t remember where though It was what seemed to be a golf course with sand bunkers.


We walked around a while looking at stuff. There was a sign for a sex hotel and it said the hotel had been taken down. I was remarking on this when this other guy came up and we got talking. At this point Angel got held up in RL and eventually logged off. The other guy asked me if I had any questions about the place. Apart from; Is this a golf course ? which for some reason I didn’t ask ,I couldn’t think of any .


 He said that he didn’t own the place but the owner had allowed him to conduct experiments on it. How mysterious I thought.Secret golf type experiments maybe.  He seemed rather cagey about what sort of experiments they were but from what I gathered, they were some sort of building/ scripting experiments. I didn’t press him as to the details. My guardian Angel had disappeared and for all I knew this guy could have been building some sort of invisible anti avatar gun with which to steal my identity or maybe even a weapon to turn me into a zombie this of course all made perfect sense at the time. I think he was about to reveal what ever it was that he had so secretly been experimenting on when the owner of the land turned up.


She was a beautiful buxom Madam called Roxy who had once owned the sex hotel but had  now switched her attentions to ‘Fluffywear’, clothing for the fuller figure avatar. She had not wanted to move her business to the newly formed adult continent of Zindra and considered the idea a folly. The adult industry were, she thought  like  rats following the pied piper to the river. She  was having none of it.

Since I’ve been in SL the adult industry has always been around. It’s just been one of those things that have always been there. I don’t find it offensive myself, I find it strange and even laughably funny sometimes to be suddenly confronted with hardcore pornography when I turn the corner from a shopping mall. I certainly don’t find it offensive. I find violence far more offensive. Yet the simulation of mindless, violent death and destruction with guns and tanks and what have you, has not been herded off over seas. (Which is a good thing really as I can still use my magic to extract peoples hearts and set them on fire wherever I go 🙂  The simulated act of lustful union seems rather mild in comparison to blowing someone’s brains out doesn’t it?

Anyhow; Roxy had just about had enough of being told what to do and rebelled in the only way that makes any difference here and that was by non-participation. As often happens here when I meet some people and start chatting I suddenly realise it’s some ridiculous time in the morning. So I bid them farewell and then…….erm and then…I’m trying to remember but its all swirling mist and then, nothing but dry baked desert and burning heat, flames swirling lights and harp strings again and all of a sudden I’m back at the wall. Back where I was over 4 months ago . I can’t seem to move. Is it the cursed lag or is it something worse. I can’t seem to get very far from here. those leeches must be using their powers upon me. They don’t want me to spread the word of their weakness but this time I’m feeling free more clearheaded. Their cursed blood magic is fading and I can walk away. I’m heading for the coast once more I ‘ve been under their spell for too long and I need to get back on tour  (reader nods) (Nish nudges them awake again).


see you soon 🙂


~ by Nish Mip on November 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Tour part 2 .Where was I ? (Curiouser) (don’t try to fathom this out)”

  1. Yay! Back on the road with Nish – and fresh from her deep immersion into Burning Life she is renewed of spirit and esy of virtu… er, I mean friendship 😀

    I share your non-offense at pr0n in SL – I find griefers and idiots far more offensive than a large picture of some angry looking lady bits. Boot the griefers to Sindra and leave the poor pr0n-miesters where they were!

    Great post as always mate – WordPress now has a feature to tweet out a link to your posts as you publish them 🙂

  2. Thanks Head 🙂
    Good to have the road beneath my feet again. Thanks for the tip about Twitter aswell I’ll try it out.

  3. The twitter thing only work if you publish the post there and then – if you schedule a post (as I do with 99% of mine) it turns the twitter thing off and you need to EDIT the post, open the twitter bit, tick the twitter box and re-publish the post, then it works. I’m sure they’ll fix that soon, but it’s great for getting the post notice (complete with WP shortlink) onto twitter 😀

    So where are your travels taking you next? Have you shaken off the vampiric moth infulence yet?

  4. The vampire moth I believe , in time will be our saviour The undead (vampires) will meet their nemesis their undoing is written in stone (fingers crossed) and as for me I’m heading for the coast before it all kicks off, at least that is my intention but where I’ll end up is anybodies guess. Did you try the **monkey bra I sent you ? did it fit ? 🙂

  5. Fwiw, Angel, if that’s the same as A-angel (? I assume it is, given the “true love” stuff), use to hang out a bit at my pond beside the Great Wall in Horisme, when I lived there this summer. My friend Flynn (also a local) knew him better. I thought he was a bonafied stalker but F. states he just likes to meditate at certain ponds. We never spoke; passed a 30x30x30 plane right through him once, though. He never flinched. 🙂

  6. lol I guess you have to have extreme concentration to stay still when that happens. I think this could be the guy I havn’t heard from him since althiugh I’m going to look at him as some sort of guardian angel just with me in spirit keeping me safe on my journey which is getting a might strange at the moment.

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