The Fool (connections part A and B) and more B’s

Connections part A

To start off , It’s a rather foolish thing to do to   leap off a cliff  in to a grave yard, but in the end it had found my 6th beard .One more link in the seemingly unconnected events that were happening within my second life. 🙂

  I made my way back up to Castle Bella and from there I more or less stuck to the route I had originally came along . When I reached Lapara I stopped for a while on a parcel owned by the Eagle Sisters . There was a  tipi and meditating stool there so I tried the meditation stool out.  

 The Eagle Sisters belong to a first nation group , people of aboriginal descent  , North American Indian, indigenous races.  It was a lovely retreat up in the mountains  A place to contemplate on the journey ahead. Whilst doing that I was looking around my surroundings and taking a few pics from up high . something caught my eye as I did  and I zoomed in on  what appeared to be a diamond .

 I stopped my meditation and flew up to where the crystal structure floated in the sky. Its name was Brilliance, it was bigger than I thought 

about as tall as me I would think.  it was scripted with something but I couldnt make out what with, as it wasn’t moving  or producing any particles . I took a picture of it at midnight setting to see if it glowed .

 it stood out a bit more but nothing significant.

Next I took a look at the maker

The maker was Damanios Thetan. I knew that name from somewhere. I looked on his profile and it said he had been the Burning Life temple builder for 07 ,08 and 09 , all three years that I had attended the event.

I wondered  if I might have be able to purchase a diamond like this somewhere. Damanios had an outlet for stuff he made, advertised on his profile so I TP’d over to his shop in Elonia

At the time, the reason for wanting a diamond like this wasn’t exactly clear and still isn’t. It could quite possibly have  been that  I was rapidly losing the plot  . All those beards and crystals were taking their toll on my feeble mind , but anyway I just decided to follow my heart and go 🙂

When I reached Damanios’s shopping outlet I found myself on a magnificently built sim with some amazing architecture as you might expect from a BL temple builder . in fact it was very reminiscent of  a  BL temple.

There were all sorts of things on sale here clothes ,chairs, cars and  cats all most exclusively  built by Damanios.

Two items that immediately took my eye were a weather system and a firework display  both of which I had already purchased in the past.  The latter specifically for the Burning Life festival this year .  There was one other person on the sim with me when I tp’d in  and that was a little old lady who just happened to be in the Yokohama marching band that I had recently met in BL.  It seemed there were connections within connections everywhere I looked 


Over to one side of the foyer there was a large map of the sim with various buildings holding the various different items . I thought my best bet would be to try the sculpture house so I tp’d over to it and took a look around . It wasn’t long before I found the Brilliance diamond surrounded in a  spiraling metal and stone sculpture . it looked lovely in its setting .

  I had only wanted the diamond really and the price tag seemed  a bit steep for just a virtual  sl crystal I had nowhere to display this sculpture so I decided to leave it (after all that :{  ) . I took  a look around the other exhibits and walked back to the main shop where I picked up a free gift . When I opened it the gift turned out to be an ice cooler with ice cubes and drinks inside . Not a diamond but (n) ice all the same  🙂

I tp’d back again to the mountains and started back along the ridge  , past some magnificent waterfalls

  I took a last  look back at the mountain range  It was quite a view.

Reaching  Phasma I started my descent  .

  One of the highlights of my bus tours used to be to  take the passenger (s) up to the top of a very steep mountain in the snow country

 and then to drop down a sheer face.

 Many times it would knock you completely out of the grid or leave you and your unfortunate passengers with their legs sticking up through their shoulders and underwater or up in the air somewhere but they did funnily enough seem to like this and when asked if they would like to try again (if they survived the first drop ) would jump at the chance.   I was taking no such chances on these notorious rocks. I made my way down with due care and attention

eventually reaching the a small community called  Bombay (b) Indie which has an indie music club and a scatter of small shops and buildings .

It sort of felt a bit like some Himalayan village at the base of the mountains it even had a small stone church like you might find in one of these mountain village  outposts.

I crossed over to the club but it didn’t open till  the early hours of the morning,( for me that was ) so I left and eventually finding the deep creek again, made my way back down to the road .

The coastal road from Hydrangea through Pandorus ,Yucca and Ambrosia is extremely pretty and the buildings have certainly enhanced the look of this beautiful coastline

It was a shame to come across these nasty red ban lines once again

I hate them Not only when sailing but they just make the place look like some sort of police taped off area it’s  as though a murder had taken place. Isn’t there the ability to make them invisible now ? That would be something .

Just down from this house there was a sign that said DANGER SHARK.  

      I might not be able to walk anywhere near the house,  but there didn’t seem to be any ban lines around the water so they weren’t going to stop me from taking a dip  and besides, I liked sharks. They weren’t the monsters people made them out to be. So hopping  over the rocks I made my way down on  to the beach. 

As soon as I got on to the beach  a load  of  crabs came scurrying out from beneath the sand and proceeded to run and jump  around me .

 they didn’t seem to be doing me  any harm but I kept an eye out for them as I changed into my bikini.

It really was a beautiful spot for a swim . I looked around for the shark but it must have been further out to sea .

so after treading water for a while I swam out and then under to have a look at the wildlife

It was very peaceful under the water , the tide pushing and pulling  the plants gently back and forth . I started watching a turtle swimming around near the sea floor randomly changing direction, flicking its big paddle like flippers to gracefully glide through the ocean .

Then all of a sudden I caught sight of something further out to sea twisting its way towards me . I zoomed in with my camera.

but it was past me before I knew it  and had started circling.

 I turned around to get a better look  but it was too quick , before I knew what had happened it had swam round behind  and bitten me  and then  everything went black.

What I hadn’t noticed  was the little red heart on the top of my screen ,telling me that this was   damage enabled  land   . The shark had actually killed me the naughty so and so  🙂

I was teleported back to my home . 

The thing is  I didn’t have a home any more  but I was still  Teleported back to Kekekebic on the site of my old cafe.

 It felt very strange to suddenly find my self back there . and also it made me feel a  little sad.  Luckily there was nobody around at the time as I also felt a slightly foolish stood there in my bikini next to the roadside . I quickly took a nosey round before I left . 

My friend Odessa whom I had sold the land to had made a lovely little bridge across the road where I had taken my huge aqueduct monstrosity down. Much more elegant I thought. 

 through the bridge I could see more of the fuchsia coloured crystals . I’ve since learnt that these crystals and the land they occupy  all seem to be owned by the same group and made by two different people  Plexore Lumiere or Ameshin Yossarian  After having the luck of these crystals put into question I have since  started growing my own crystals and keep a small sample on my backpack.

I  tp’d back to Ambrosia and the awaiting jaws of death. vv

Luckily for me the sharks were nowhere to be seen when I splashed down ,so I swam to shore and changing back into my walking clothes I took to the road once more 

at the end of the sim  I sat myself up in a tree overhanging the water and stared out to sea to see if I could catch sight of the shark again  . Eventually I did manage to see  the rascal. It was a long way off  swimming near the surface ,  basking in the sunshine whilst delighting in it’s kill for the day  😦

I set off walking once more and continued on through these pretty coastline sims till I reached a roundabout in the sim called Fillip.

Fillip is attached to the sim called Brindle and they are  set above all the other sims on the Heterocera continent .

You can’t go any further north on mainland Heterocera but  I wanted to get to the very edge . there was a jetty sticking out from the main road and a  sailing boat built by a mole that looked like you should be able to copy it . I didn’t seem to have much success in copying it so I rezzed my Trudeau sail boat  instead. actually looking at their site whilst pasting this link I noticed lots of beautiful new boats have been added since I purchased my little yacht.

There wasn’t much wind so the little yacht  sailed very slowly out from the shore .

 It felt like a bit of a milestone to have reached the top of Heterocera . I don’t know what I expected to find at the very top , but sailing very slowly towards the edge reminded me of the film The Truman Show where Jim Carrey is escaping his made up t.v. world and after surviving the storm his boat  eventually  hits the  studio scenery backdrop. Thats what it felt like . I was thinking maybe I’d see huge God like Linden staring back at me through a window at the edge of the world.

No there wasn’t anything like that although  under the waves beneath my boat there was movement .

Had that shark followed me ?  I jumped down into the water to take a look . I checked first , there was no little red heart to worry about  .

  As I swam down a smile came to my face . the moles had been busy in more ways than just road building .  There was all sorts of marine life down here, how fantastic to see. This was what I had wished for back when I had crossed the continental strip .Linden owned  ocean  wildlife  in abundance  🙂   Yay    🙂 . I had a good long swim down below, exploring the coral beds and sunken wreck that layed down on the bottom

  and then I swam across to Brindle 

 and eventually up on to the beach.

There was a wooden hut  over by the cliff  that looked rather inviting

  Aloha said the sign behind the bar  A familiar welcome.

I think if  a naked bearded guy had popped up from behind the bar I would not of been too  surprised  🙂  but there was no one around apart from a bot or ghost av (as per) So  I settled on one of the stools and took a look at the drinks available .  There were three cocktails .  One called Cheeky monkey  another called Shark attack and the third was Sex on the beach . It was easy for me to see the connections here. !!!? The Shark representing the vampires, the zombies the griefers, Sex on the beach representing a corrupt bible bashing community and the monkey being the earth magic hippy trippy sort of people .

  How do you come to that conclusion ? You might be asking.  Actually it would be amazing if any one that might possibly read this would jump to the same conclusion as I did . It’s easy really. this is how my thinking went. 

The most obvious one first being the shark bite with its vampire and zombie biting  connotations  as well as a penchant for attacking people for no good reason  (as I’d just found out) and the  blood etc of course . The monkey; well that has connections of course with my burning life build and burning life is full of hippy bead wearing people . And sex on the beach ? ; A promise of pure love in a romantic setting but the reality is a rather dispassionate affair , a let down  with sand getting everywhere and disappointment all round just like religion, not all that it’s cracked up to be.  

See not tenuous at all  🙂 

  Now which one to drink . After deliberating for some time I decided to try all three, after all I was neutral, just a catalyst for the hidden messages . I poured a glass of each and knocked them back with varying results.

  It was getting late so I logged off  and  thought I’d take a look at a few blogs before I turned in for the night  .

Connections Part B

Now at this point I want to make clear  that I was unaware of what was going on with the bakers blog . although I had mentioned the bakers in my last post  8b‘s I had not long published and baker had not as yet commented on it .

WARNING  SORT OF WEIRD  (weirder) STUFF COMING UP …… (those of you needing to make sense of things  should stop reading now)   :0) …… have been warned .. turn back turn back

The thing that I had  mentioned regarding  the bakers in the 8b‘s post had been about  the fuchsia diamond . I think thats why I was following this trail regarding diamonds. I had it in my head. Now I don’t think the fuchsia coloured crystals that I kept seeing were really anything to do with the Fuchsia diamond in baker blinker’s weblog. I believe they were more a sign, a pointer towards me following a completely different thread  .  What I certainly didn’t have in my head at the time when I took a look at bb‘s weblog were the connections that the 8b‘s post had with the Beatles ( 60’s pop quartet quite succesful 🙂  ) aswell as other things besides and I don’t  just mean the letter B.

 Baker’s  post had an exert from a forum concerning The Beatles .  I clicked on a link that took me to the forum about whether or not Paul McCartney was dead or not . It’s a fairly well-known theory that Paul might of had a car crash back in the 60’s and been replaced by a look-alike   . There are all sorts of possible references to this in the Beatles recordings . Well I love a good conspiracy  and also love the Beatles music so I started reading the forum posts. The thread that bb had directed the link to made various references to the cover of Sgt Pepper  and an Edgar Allen Poe story called The Gold Bug which lead to a treasure trail of clues and connections It was fascinating reading.  It was when I got to page 5 of the thread where a picture had been uploaded, that a shiver ran down me . I love that feeling  🙂   I’d seen something .

The thing that first caught my eye was the date . 17 may my RL birthday again.  just like the postcard from Steelhead  in 8b‘s it also had the year 08  whilst the steelhead postcard had 18_ _ 

This of course wasn’t the only thing that grabbed my attention .

The picture in question was called The fool and is a tarot card   a divination tool , a way to see in to the future and to explain things as they are , have been and will be .  The Fool depicted strangely reminded me  of myself (Maybe a foolish assumption)

Not being a scholar of divination I did a search on the tarot fool which heightened my foolish curiosity even further.

The Fool is the spirit in search of experience. He represents the mystical cleverness bereft of reason within us, the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The sun shining behind him represents the divine nature of the Fool’s wisdom and exuberance. On his back are all the possessions he might need. In his hand there is a * flower, showing his appreciation of beauty. He is frequently accompanied by a dog, sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the “real world“, nipping at his heels and distracting him. He is seemingly unconcerned that he is standing on a precipice, apparently about to step off.

The number 0 is a perfect significator for the Fool, as it can become anything when he reaches his destination. Zero plus anything equals the same thing. Zero times anything equals zero.[6] Zero is nothing, a lack of hard substance, and as such it may reflect a non-issue or lack of cohesiveness for the subject at hand.

A dog appears on most versions of the card. Some versions of the dog depict him biting at The Fool. The dog symbolizes the natural world, one path to knowledge and a valuable ally; he can be seen as providing The Fool with a “reality check,” a link to the everyday world.

Although it cannot be seen in all modern cards, The Fool is often shown walking off a cliff. This raises the question “Is The Fool making a mistake, or is The Fool making a leap of faith?”

All the things I’ve underlined seemed to be ringing true within and without my second life.  I was making a journey in search of experience with everything I needed on my back . I didn’t quite get the *flower bit but then I found references to the fool being   depicted with butterflies  or flowers.  this coming just after I had changed my blog heading to the butterfly picture.

Then there was the reference to the dog,                                        I always have a RL dog at my heels to bring me back to reality. 

The number 0 ? I was doing a round trip like  a zero actually more like 2 zeros which would make an 8 or a B maybe 🙂    I love things that link back to themselves   Zero is my perfect number for things to come full circle an  ideal ending.

  and yes I have to admit my thoughts are scattered and lack substance. 🙂

 and what about the cliff edge   🙂   In my last post 8b‘s I had even written about  my fool hardy  leap of faith . (as I put it on the map)

Then back to the picture  of the unusual tarot card with my birth date on it . not only is the tarot a  girl wearing  purple one of my favorite colours, she appears to have dropped what looks like two eyeballs.

 well they look like eyeballs to me , what else could they be ? 🙂  Now call me weird or whatever but I’ve always been into eyeballs 🙂 It’s true  I love putting huge eyeball textures on things. I have belts and bracelets with eyeballs on them. I have a purple monster eyeball that I built  that has purple smoke coming out of it ,

emm in a marmalade sky 🙂

 My build in BL08 had eyeballs that you could sit in and meditate.

I’m eyeball crazy 🙂

Now the Beatles connections. The one that obviously was intentioned in the forum was the song  Fool on the hill, which seemed rather like me.  Up on the highest point in SL with no cohesive ideas as to what I’m doing and then the line apart from going round . The eyes in his head see the world spinning round and Round and round and round like the number zero. Paul McCartney says he was maybe thinking of the Maharishi when he wrote fool on the hill

 although there is a tale by Alistair Taylor about a conversation regarding the  existence of god that prompted the song.  this following  a mysterious appearance and disappearance of a stranger during a walk

Then there is the whole thing with buses 

on  a Magical Mystery Tour and flying also a track from that album. These connections were pointed out by bb in his later comments and  aswell as these  he  steered me back towards the Mandala bead games that I had mentioned in the 8bs. Ok now add to that the fact that I’ve just been up in the sky with diamonds and in an Octopus’s garden  and an  Octopus has  8 legs !!!  🙂

The word “mandala” is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. Loosely translated to mean “circle,” a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself–a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.

I had missed all these signs all these connections, including a reference to a book called the glass bead game by Hermann Hesse in the book  the main character is the master of a game  involving  abstract synthesis of all arts and scholarship. It proceeds by players making deep connections between seemingly unrelated topics.

  There we have it. Are all these things related? Do they have connections? What are the links between them? The letter B the number 8 the number 0 , beards and butterflies, Beatles .What was this all meaning? Where was it all leading to?  . Was there really a battle between the bible bashers , the blood suckers and the bead playing crystal growers going on or could it be that all these events and strange happenings had an even  deeper meaning . Maybe they could relate to a very RL struggle within the second life hierarchy itself . Maybe  real world events were  manifesting themselves into strange metaphysical, metaphorical signs .  There was a   lack of substance no cohesion nothing tieing them all together ,except of course….  Me. I was doing all this, I was the one channeling my thoughts as I circled these virtual continents. I don’t know what’s really  happening , I can’t work out the connections.

It’s up to you to work it out, .

 I don’t need to  .

  because I am the 


goo goo gajooB    🙂                        🙂                           🙂                         🙂                       🙂                           🙂                           🙂                                 🙂

[08:00] Monkey: what was all that about?

[08:00] Nish Mip: Oh nothing really

[08:00] Monkey: so what now?

[08:00] Nish Mip: I’ll just carry on round to the end.



~ by Nish Mip on November 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “The Fool (connections part A and B) and more B’s”

  1. Coolie droolie!
    I luv this collage!
    I’ll comment more later when I have time to fully absorb.
    I assume you’ve met these eyeball guys now…

  2. Thanks bb . I might start doing a few more art pieces I enjoyed making the collage. I put a couple of digi pics that I did on my flickr account.
    Eye Eye The residents ah yet another connection 🙂

  3. Snapshot_005
    You’ve been in the Missing Piece (!) I miss that piece.
    Nice photos all around.

  4. […] with something else a friend wrote, your explorer friend Nish Mip, and on her Big Orange blog. Very complicated and interesting post here, baker b. Another collagist as well!* (pause) You must understand that, flipped around, there is […]

  5. […] that’s right tarot as in THE FOOL tarot in my last post, what’s the odds on that happening. I just had to try them out, I would have been a fool not to […]

  6. Awww man – soooo sorry I’ve missed all these updates! It seems my RSS thingie has stopped following you – I sahll administer a few sharp blows to it’s logic circuits until it sees the error of its ways and promises never to do such a stupid thing again on pain of being minced up and fed to a Linden Mole!

    I loved this post! What a journey this is turning out to be, but my stand out highlights (apart from you in a bikini!) were the bus+cliff=fall tale and the lovely undersea world the Linden Aqua-Mols have made – I was in the Blake sea recently ands it’s the same there, with kelp and fish to make it a little more ‘alive’ 😀

    All the stuff on connections and The Bakers is brilliant! Mad but brilliant! It must have take flippin’ ages to do all the b’s orange!

    p.s. Yay! a RL pic 🙂 /me waves!

  7. Hey Head You’re right about the b’s but it took twice as long because I coloured them purple to start which didn’t show up 🙂 . All these places I want to see like the Blake sea but I feel I musn’t stray too far from the tour it wouldn’t be right I did have a break the other night in a sandbox and started designing my butterfly house but as I was doodling with prims this girl dressed as a white rabbit turned up and I got completely distracted I ended up god knows where following a trail of stuff about Alice in wonderland 🙂 I still seem to have a long way to go remember there’s all the other side of Sansara and the snow country etc etc.
    I knew there was something like that with the particles I remember seeing Torley’s video but why I wanted to find the prim anyway is beyond me it’s not asthough I was going to do anything with it lol 🙂 . I was just amazed at the love connection because of what was going on in the bakers blog at the time with Courtney Love and holes etc. And then all that stuff with Ryan and moths.
    Yes the New linden homes sims do look really cool and one could almost be tempted to go premium if you were starting out. I should imagine there will be a nice little community starting there. I don’t know if it offers enough incentive for the longer term players though to stay premium. Oh and have you watched those bunny boy vids on youtube if you get a bit of time over the holiday .

  8. […] is *always* love inside. You didn’t look at Nish Mip’s post closely enough today, baker b. What is in the […]


    Hey again Nish. You may be interested in this… do you know the person by chance? He has a large collection of SL maps in general. Ran into him “by accident” (as they say).

  10. Hey bb. No I don’t know him . It looks like there are quite a few of us on similar trails. I shall follow this little fellow see where he goes . I love reading the Google translation on Japanese blogs. I’m also following Ujiyasu from Sachie’s blogroll she is also touring Heterocera. I will have to get back on the road again soon Have been lazing around over the holidays 🙂 Happy New Year .

  11. Nice! Thanks for the head up on Ujiyasu’s blog. I’ll add it to my blog links section. Just ran across — accident again — an Explorer’s Club of Kou Umaga on Jegoeot. I’m there now.
    SL is soooo weird.

  12. My *apologies*. I *will* take a closer look at your new posts asap!

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