GOING ROUND THE BEND and into the middle (connections part C )

From the Beach hut I strolled up the cliff side path to Ranunculus and found myself in a sort of 50’s American themed sim with diner and shops

 The sim was mainly owned by a Buba Biberman who by the looks of it was a watch maker by trade .

 Taking a look at the diner which was called the Silver King Grill I noticed it had been built by Bill Linden and the road that ran up to it had been built by Michael Linden. I guess they must have been friends of Buba.

I had some Cherry pie at the diner as it looked mighty tasty, yum yum very nice. There was a band stand next door to the diner, but nobody was playing that night which was a shame .

 I finished my pie and crossed the street to the small parade of shops. One of the shops was a chemist where I got a prescription for some pills,

 well you never know what ailments you can pick up on these tours, best to play safe  🙂 .

 I re crossed the street and found planted on the other side, a telehub built by Ryan Linden in 2006 and now owned by Bubba.

 I sort of like the idea of telehubs and folks having to walk or fly to their final destination. I heard there were  possibly  going to be buses laid on for folks to get to the houses and shops at one time. I think that would have been fun for strangers to meet up and take a journey together. Just a few yards from the telehub I purchased some beautiful textures at a shop called Lauren’s tiling textures. I bought them to go on the crystals that I had started to grow. I guess I could have mucked around in paint or Photoshop for an age and made something up, but these were exactly what I had been looking for, some really good quality textures at a quite reasonable price. So after I had done  a bit of shopping, had  something to eat, and taken some drugs  I was ready to go. 🙂 The two lane highway that Michael Linden had built finished at the end of the sim and was replaced once again by the route 2 cobblestone, mole made road.

 I still like the attention to detail that has been put into this roadway. I even found I could buy one of the man-hole covers for $0 (just as a memento of my trip) and the park benches and waste paper bins just added to the enjoyment of walking this route.

 In the next sim of Ginsberg I found a multitude of huge spheres floating in the air.

Each sphere had a separate theme such as space, beach, winter scene, and desert.

Once you flew in to them you became encapsulated in to your own tiny world. Quite neat in a way, they were all for sale and had been built by Tommy Parrot, who it seemed also owned most of the land that I was passing through. He had even had a zebra crossing built by Garden Mole to cross from his mall over to his other market place on the other side of the road.

 His stuff must have been selling well or maybe he just had some spare cash.

 In Quaker I found a western theme going on, with covered wagons and bucking bronco’s .

I liked these two Tarns that were perched near the Saloon

 but I wasn’t so keen on the decor inside. All those skins gave me the creeps. I’d far prefer to see them on prim animals. 🙂 I decided to leave without taking a drink as I usually do. Not that I need to you understand 🙂 I just like to soak up the virtual ambience of a place .

 Hurrying along, taking just the briefest of stops to take a look at anything that caught my eye, I breezed through the next sims eventually reaching Tawny, where I spied a pretty little tree house sat up in an oak and surrounded by a summer meadow of wild flowers.

 I took a rest here for a while and then noticed a little way across the sim from me , a group of gypsy caravans parked up in a circle.

 I crossed the meadow to take a look at them.

 The texturing detail on this one was really well done,in fact it was beautiful

 Just nearby from the caravans a small market square was selling bits and bobs. I can’t resist having a nose round these small market squares you never know what you might find and I couldn’t believe it when the first stall that I looked at displayed a pack of tarot cards.

 Yes that’s right tarot as in THE FOOL tarot in my last post, what’s the odds on that happening. I just had to try them out, I would have been a fool not to or should that be I am a fool and that’s why I tried them out, I’m not sure.

 Anyhow there was a HUD that you wore and then you dealt the cards out in to various patterns. Not having ever used tarot cards I chose at random the Celtic cross pattern and for the significator (which should represent the seeker that being me ) I randomly chose The Magician 

Now I won’t go in to all the connotations with the infinity symbol and number 8 that this card holds you can read that up for yourselves as I did . The thing is I had no idea what I was really doing apart from finding out what my trip held in store. So after the cards had been dealt and not knowing what it all meant, I took a quick pic of them and then because something cropped up in RL I logged off.

The pic wasn’t all that great but you can make out most of the cards and what they represent .

My immediate future was the five of wands  I’ve linked this to  a Wiki result but there are many sites that go in to more detail. After making a search   I found it  meant; – Problems and possibly upheaval that simply cannot be avoided. Minor irritations may also occur, but whatever the circumstances, i.e. tests, opposition, trouble strife; great mental agility and the use of ones inner mental resources will be needed to triumph. Success can be achieved but only through relentless hard work. Hmm hard work I didn’t like the sound of that, this was meant to be a tour in a stress free virtual environment. I sort of was working in a way on this tour though , travelling and logging everything down so perhaps it meant working on this blog and I was definitely using  mental resources aswell 🙂 .

 So it looked like there was a bit of stress  to come hmm oh well I’m fairly used to that. I won’t go through all the other cards but my best outcome the six of swords said Gradual change, movement or travel away form difficulty or imminent danger. The solution of current problems. Long journeys and passage from pain. Obstacles that are overcome. There you go what it was really saying, which is always good advice; Try hard and you will succeed 🙂 simples. 🙂

 I did note that the fool card turned up in my distant past which didn’t really correspond to what my encounters had told me. I shall have to have another try again soon when I’m a bit more familiar with the deck, which incidentally I ended up buying from the stall.

Leaving the market I headed back down to the road. As I was crossing the meadow I heard a boinging sound coming from a small red particle cloud, but I couldn’t actually see where it was emanating from.

 I found two more of these clouds close to the road and up in the air. The prims must have been miniscule and what with the red cloud surrounding them even pressing ctrl- alt- T (which shows up transparent prims in red) wouldn’t locate them. It was rather pointless really but it occupied quite a bit of my time trying to find the dam prims.

 Why I bothered I don’t know, it was just annoying me. Anyway I was unsuccessful, they must have been some sort of griefing thing because I couldn’t see any other purpose to them apart from being an annoying puzzle.

 In the middle of Stout after the t junction where the road tees off to Rivulet and a dead-end, I stopped to look up at a huge rock like structure with a castle on top.

 It was obviously owned by vampires I didn’t need to look too far for traces of their rituals.

 It was as I was about to carry on that I noticed where the road wall curved away, The road curb stone that Bloomin Mole had laid was just sticking through the side of the wall. It was almost hidden from anybody just casually passing by and I had nearly missed it.

 It was quite obvious to me now, when I took a closer look. Yes there it was none other than my little friend the vampire moth. It had to be just look at those little jaws, see I’m not making this up, it’s there on the wall go take a look for yourself.

 So there was yet another warning sign for the bloodsuckers written in stone again. Yes I’m not a fan of vampires you might have guessed. Even with all this effort to try to romanticise the fiends I just don’t buy in to it. To me they have always been parasites They take your mortal life away and then you can’t go out during the day, no sunshine yuk, stuck indoors all day sleeping in coffins not a nice comfy bed no thanks.  And as for the latest line of so-called veggie vampires spawned from the twilight novels and film, even worse that they prey on poor defenceless animals. With luck my tiny pals the vampire moths will keep them in check ha ha ha ya haah ha ha ho ho hee hee Hhhck hmmm.

reaching  for the bottle I swallowed a couple of pills  🙂 ahh that’s much better 🙂

  I crossed in to Rivulet and a little way in, the road stretched across the sea to a small island There were three piers jutting out from the road all built by Mighty mole

 One had a tree on it, another had 7 white stone plaques in a circle and the middle one had a lighthouse at the end which by the looks of it had been struck at some time or other by lightning.

 Across on the island I discovered amongst the rhododendrons what appeared to be the remains of a stone house long since abandoned and with only the chimney and lower wall surviving.

Turning round I made my way back up to the t junction in Stout  and Followed the road south to Ear, I found it odd when I came across  this scripted green shiny seaweed planter on the boarder.

 it belonged to Ben Linden who had obviously left it after planting seaweed in the bay but it was quite a distance from the sea, maybe it had blown up with the wind.

 As I entered Satellite the road opened out into a sort of market square but a Linden owned market with nothing for sale

 It would have been nice to see the return of items set to an hour or so to allow people to set up stalls and sell their wares. They would obviously have to be there for that period and rerez the items or sale boards, but that would make it even better like what I was saying when I was on the great wall. A real marketplace is what’s needed an event for people to gather. As soon as I finish this tour I might set about arranging something like that , maybe it won’t work but I might as well give it a try You couldn’t even get a cup of coffee here all you could do was pose, as you stuck your head through some medieval stocks as though any one would want to do that honestly 🙂

 I reached the end of Route 2 in Snout and wondering how to continue I consulted my tarot cards.

 I still didn’t know what I was doing and wonder if I ever will there is such a lot to learn, good job there’s the internet .I did a five-card deal this time and the advice card was the Knight of cups which is a sort of go with your heart sort of card and the outcome was the moon card which when I looked at the story behind this card seemed to make perfect sense.(to a fool that is ) 🙂 

I decided after doing my pretty hopeless divinising and also by consulting the map, that I’d travel by boat, down the coast till I reached Vicina and then take a train from there to Lutra or there abouts . So I set sail well actually for the first bit I used my motor boat, I fancied a change and thought I’d give a little airing to my creation, not that I’m thinking of selling it now, it will just be a one-off .

 As I headed out to sea I found several more of the seaweed planters owned by Ben Linden

 and also a lump of lavender with another flower attached just floating up in the air??

There was certainly a lot of aqua/aerial horticulture going on in this area

 A few sims down the line and I got back into the yacht.

The wind was strong and I raced down the east coast. I made good time all the way to Vicina , but as I reached the sim the wind died and I ended up swimming ashore.

 I climbed up the bank and walked along the rail track for a way and after finding a rezzable area I set off in my train

I only stopped once to look at a  nice little cinema which was closed

(Well what did I expect?, One that was full up. Lol)

 I did find two blocks of plywood and somebody’s hair left behind in it though, which was kind of entertaining 🙂 .

 Well apart from that little diversion I had a smooth and uneventful journey. When I reached Dubia I abandoned the train for no real reason other than that I just wanted to stretch my pixels a little.

 After walking the tracks for a while I decided to swim down the river from Dubia to the coast. As I crossed the sim border from Dubia into Polia the land dropped down to meet up with the sea and although there was a waterfall I didn’t drop down and ended up swimming in mid-air a bit like the tunnel that I had swam through back in Moma.

 After eventually getting back down to the river I swam to the side

where a friendly looking pelican was preening itself.

 I decided to look around the house it stood in front of, which seemed kind of intriguing. I’m glad I did as the caves that lead from the house were absolutely fantastic there was something magical about the whole place, every corner that I turned led to some wonderful discovery.

 At the end of the cave system a room opened out with a circle of chairs around a blue pool.

 As I looked around, my eyes caught sight of the edge of one of the embroidered chairs. Was that what I thought it was?

My eyes were playing tricks maybe.

 Making my way back out of the caves I ventured up into the gardens above the house and caves. The gardens were beautifully laid out, lush with colour and teeming with wildlife the people who built these gardens paid careful attention to detail It hadn’t just been scattered around like so many gardens I’ve seen. The whole build was really well thought out. I noticed as I eventually left to carry on downstream that the sim seemed to end quite abruptly at the sea. I checked the map and realised that there should have been another sim Grahica at the end of Polia. There was a hole where Grahica should have been

 Dun dun derrrrr. (dramatic music)

 I waited for it to rez but it didn’t,

I waited some more…….

Oh well you say, the sim must have been down. That’s what I thought.

 I decided to try to walk into it. You can’t walk into a sim that’s down. If a sim is down it won’t let you It doesn’t exist. Yes but this seemed different I gingerly put a toe forward and to my surprise I floated.

 Yes floated like I was swimming. of course I had my swimming AO on but I wasn’t in the water I was above it . Then something even weirder started happening. I started jumping.

 I was bouncing up and down in the air/water whatever it was.

 It was surreal I bounced out a bit further

 and I think I must have twisted awkwardly because then I suddenly froze and was logged out . I’ve never experienced that before, I don’t mean being logged out I mean the bouncing in an empty sim syndrome that I experienced.

When I logged back in Grahica had returned and I was standing at the end of the river looking out to sea.

I rezzed my sailing boat and made my way down the coastline.

 The sailing was good with a steady wind behind me

On the way I saw another pelican this time swimming in the sea

and also the first sight of these sion chickens that I keep hearing about .

The next bird that I encountered was a bit more unusual Isn’t she sweet 🙂

 I soon reached the sim of Thera. It’s an interesting named sim is Thera . Most if not all of the Atoll continent’s sims have moth or moth connotation names but Thera is not only the name of a moth it’s also the name of a volcanic island 120 mile southeast of Greece in the Aegean sea that apparently exploded in the mid second millennium BC. The eruption was one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history. The island is known to the Greeks a Santorini and If you take a look at the satellite image it’s very like the atoll continent that I was travelling on even the mountains in roughly the same area 

As well as that, It’s also very similar in pattern to the UK   look!

 and for my friend bb, and other  residents who are interested  please note,  very close to the island of Patmos where St John in The cave of Armageddon received visions before writing the book of revelations. 🙂

 It was in the sim of Thera that I decided (unaided by visions, but maybe influenced by virtual drugs and rabbit holes);  to head inland for one of my little excursions.

I have never been to the very centre of Heterocera and so that is what I intended to do. Pushing the rudder hard to port I ventured into the heart of darkness :); in to the mouth of what many believe to be the remains of a gigantic SL extinct volcano The Atoll Central basin.

There were many routes leading in to the outer basin from the surrounding ocean of Heterocera I took a narrow strait starting in Idaea. It was very quiet only the lapping of water as my boat slipped very slowly through the channel.

 As the sky darkened, unfamiliar and slightly unnerving sounds could be heard up ahead, I caught glimpses of strange and unwieldy beasts as they occasionally broke the surface to see who dared to enter their territory.

 I also got a slightly stifling, muggy feeling asthough the air was getting warmer .

As dawn broke I found myself in Hagen and confronted by what must be one of the longest bridges on the mainland. It has to be in the region of four Sims long and constructed entirely of wood. It stood like a gateway to the inner world of the Atoll.

 I folded my mast and punted the boat under its span.

 The water although still fairly deep had large rocks sticking up just below the surface and I had to take care, not to run aground.

 There must also have been a wash from the ocean somewhere as I was surprised to see a large wave racing towards the shoreline. I couldn’t resist surfing my yacht along its length.

 When I finished the surf I found myself washed up next to my third pelican on this leg of the trip.

 I continued north eventually hitting a sort of manmade island in the sim of Pinastri

 I beached the yacht and from there walked and swam underneath the island across to the central basin

and then up on to the outer ring road

 The circle of land  inclined upwards towards the centre sometimes with almost sheer rock faces to tackle

 I did eventually reach the inner road that runs the length of the perimeter edge I looked around, you could see the other side of the cavity and the road running round quite easily. There were various houses and small shops dotted around the edge.

One of the shops was brightly lit with oriental patterns and glowing trees and like a moth to the flame I was drawn to its door.

 As I entered a tiny butterfly fairy fluttered over to welcome me.

There were all sorts of gifts and items of interest but standing next to a fortune-teller with a crystal ball was a beautiful set of wings in a sort translucent fuchsia purple.

 It was fated that in order to go to the very heart of Heterocera I would have to fly there on these wings

 and they were only $30, a bargain 🙂 I packed them into my inventory and rezzed them upon my back.

 It was the first time I had ever worn wings, they were unscripted and didn’t flap but still it was nice feeling being part Lepidoptera.

 I launched into the sky and soaring past a brightly lit sign saying I Love You, I headed to the middle of the sim.

 I stopped and placed myself exactly at 128,128, 128 which I guess is plum in the middle or at least seemed to be

 I hovered, waiting for something to happen, but nothing did.

 So after some while I l flew straight up as I had done in the fuchsia sim in my fuchsia post 

 and from up in the air I caught sight of a large spinning sphere.

 Belonging to a CEO Soderstrom he had apparently left SL to concentrate on RL so his profile informed me.

I was interested to know why his sphere was still hanging over somebody’s land.

I dropped down immediately underneath the sphere and landed in a skybox selling skins and clothes. I tried a few skins and some hair on

and  bought a couple of freebies and then I continued down to the ground where I found the plot of land was for sale .The land wasn’t owned by CEO any more but by someone called Auraya who owned the dress and skin shop I had just been in There were several items scattered around that people had rezzed here and there. The main one I noticed was the large red chocobo which reminded me of bb’s post he had done on  Extasia which is Fuchsia’s twin island sim.

 In the post Baker Bloch had found a yellow chocobo and also a red cardinal bird. Still thinking about this I teleported over to the Extasia sim and found the yellow chocobo to be missing I looked around in case it had moved but it was nowhere to be seen. The red cardinal bird on the other hand was still whizzing round and round in its manic orbit.

just a short way over from the cardinal I suddenly noticed someone else had arrived

an Italian girl looking for land presumably I managed to get a picture of her tattoo’s before she tp’d away

It’s interesting to note that a cardinal is also a butterfly

which feeds extensively on violas.

 What this has to do with anything I don’t know,  I had started making strange connections  again where there probably wasn’t any but then these thoughts are going on in  my mind and it’s kind of best if I set them outside 🙂     

 I moved back over to the centre of the sim and fluttered down towards the water and submerged myself gradually beneath the surface and eventually to the bottom. I couldn’t see anything at first but then when I turned around I saw a stone plinth with a sign on top saying: 2006 SECOND LIFE LINDENS TSHIRTS & CARDS.

 It also had some floating text saying Click Me 16 cards left. I clicked and it went down to 15 cards and I was given a folder with a Michael Linden mug card and 2 T-shirts I examined the sign again and discovered it was owned by Nicole Linden and built by Ryan Linden in 2004. He was the same guy who had built the telehub back in Ranunculus exactly north of where I was now. I checked his profile and the groups he was in. One of them was a group called love machine , a group with only two other members, a guy called Ryan horn and Philip Linden. When I did a search on Lovemachine it turned out this was Philip’s new company with long time linden employee Ryan. I’m not sure whether Ryan Horn and Ryan Linden are the same people but when I clicked on Ryan Horn’s profile a familiar face came into view. I couldn’t place it at first but then I remembered the Violet telehub I had explored back in Fuchsia and the photographs that had been left there. I took them out and took a look at the two av’s .

Very similar but maybe everyone looked like that in those days. As I was looking at the two pics I noticed something that I had missed the first time I had studied the Violet pics and that was the tattoo just peeking out of the avatars waistband I guess I hadn’t been looking for these sort of things at the time but now I was , it was quite clearly a butterfly.

There was something else that I found; Ryan Linden was not only an early employee of Linden labs he was also a sound engineer and by all accounts a talented musician

 and the latest group that he’s been  playing in is called.

 Moth Vellum. Whoooohh shpooky…

 Well I’m done for now, if you managed to stay awake to the end of this post and even if you just flicked through the pics and maybe fell asleep half way through. I will wish you a Happy Holiday season or whatever you want to call it and I hope you enjoy your break and if you don’t have one I  hope you get one soon.

I’ll leave you with This  gorgeous song  from Beck

Relax Unwind unfurl your mind  float downstream I’ll see you at the other end

 Round the Bend           Love Nish

enjoy 🙂


~ by Nish Mip on December 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “GOING ROUND THE BEND and into the middle (connections part C )”

  1. I think this is your largest post yet, NM! I definitely want to give it a closer look, as well as your previous post. Should have time during the X-mas break. Been poking around the new Nascera continent in the meantime, and working on revising my gallery space (speaking of large!).

  2. Forgot I was going to add that an avatar named Mose Westland visited my tiny Something To Chro About gallery in what’s called the town Teasdale and sent me an im, saying he had a gallery right next door in Teasdale Towers (this is in the Rosser sim). Checked his profile and low and behold he gives a link to your closed bus tour location. He takes some nice photos; very reasonably priced as well. Fwiw again.

  3. Hi bb! Sry is it ok to call you bb I just like shortening names and bb sounded cool 🙂 As for my posts, they do seem to be getting longer! I think this is because there are long parts of the tour where not a lot appears to be happening and that nothing seems to make any sense, or there are no connections which at the moment I seem to need before I can get any thing down in writing . It’s like I’m not seeing anything there till some spark ignites it all and then by that time there is an accumulation of stuff. I must come and take a look at your new gallery when it’s finished looks like I’ll spend a day there by the size of it . By the looks of it Nascera is a very different sort of continent those trees are massive also it seem to be in autumn spring and summer judging by the foliage and is sort of unworldly which is nice to see. I’m going to have to take a look it over the holiday.

  4. Hi. Checked back here before heading to bed again. Looks like Nascera is getting mostly negative press, as in this SLUniverse thread.


    Whatever the drawbacks, I do like the oodles of open space, an aspect not covered much in that thread, for example (which focuses on the buildings).
    Here’s a good map of the area from another SLUniverse thread.


  5. I was at 128, 128, 128 a few months ago but the kiosk was empty. I’m very glad it was filled up for your visit.

    Thanks for recording your journeys.

  6. Wowsers! Another HUUUUUGE post! 😀

    Lemme see…

    Love the caravans! Soo nice! I wonder if my show-mate Lucy Tornado (http://sitsup.blogspot.com/) has seen them – she owns one like that I think.

    LOL on the vampire moths – I’m pretty sure you would be one of the only people safe, given how much you love tiny critters – you may find you have an entire army of guardians there!

    The red clouds – do the ctrl-alt-t thin, but them in ctrl-p > Graphics, switch off your particles and you should see the prim 🙂 You can also use the Beacons function (Torley can explain better than me: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2007/09/13/tip-of-the-week-4-how-to-use-beacons-and-highlights)

    I love the ruined cottage – you must tell Salazar Jack (http://web.mac.com/salazarjack/Site/Welcome.html) about it – it may be a part of his lost world! Sal, if you’re reading, get over there and check it out – you never know! Nish, drop him an IM!

    Walking into the void! Be careful! You must get on of Salazar’s void-suits next time you try that – things live in the void, things that can detect your presence in their world, things that are always hungry. A void-suit should protect you!

    Thera: Historians reckoned that is what caused the collapse of the Minoan empire – also they think Plato used the tale as his background for Atlantis. Again, Sal would be interested as it may have some historical significance to his partial records of Uthara, the world before Linden’s SL.

    Cards and T-shirt sign – please give me the LM – I’ve been looking for a working one for years!

    Lovemachine is Philip’s new company, but it’s also the name of the system he introduced to get jobs done in LL. Hard to explain (I don’t understand such things really) but basically ppl could undertake what work they wanted and other ppl sent them ‘love’ for doing it. I don’t think that would work where I work 😀

    Phew! It looks like you are nearly home now 🙂

    p.s. I think the new Linden Homes sims look ace! Lots of lovel Mole-y goodness hidden away 🙂

  7. They must have heard I was on my way and I was destined to recieve my Michael Linden Mug it was shown in the tarot cards, somewhere 🙂 Thanks for reading about my escapades June I didn’t know anything about these kiosks but I’m glad there was something there. Happy holidays 🙂

  8. Whoops Head I replied to both your comments on the fools post . <<<

  9. Hi!
    The substantiality of the contents of this article is splendid 🙂
    I was overwhelmed here…
    I linked to your blog at once.
    If you see me, please cry 🙂

  10. Hi Ujiyasu
    Thankyou so much for your kind comment . I will be sure to say hi
    if we see each other and if we do not then we will have to meet up some time and visit somewhere together. Have a Happy Christmas . 🙂

  11. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Agrius/62/165/93

    I was attempting to check out the land with the chocobo perched on the For Sale sign and teleported into Zindra Abandoned Land formerly owned by the ApolcaLips Resident group. No cave around, though. 🙂
    More later…..

  12. […] stick with me – I’ve always *wanted* to find one). So, dear reader, imagine my joy when Nish found one! I hopped right over and got me […]

  13. […] It’s always seems difficult to get started again after a break, and this winter holiday seems no exception to the rule. Although I haven’t been exactly lazing around. During the break I’ve rented myself a plot of land in Steelhead, a Victorian American steampunky sim I learned about from Mr Headburro. At the moment it is just a building site with  a beautiful gypsy caravan on it just like the one I saw in  Tawny during my Going Round The Bend post […]

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