Happy Holidays

I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday be it in SL , RL or wherever you might find yourself



~ by Nish Mip on December 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Happy Xmas (belated) and have a great New Year (just made this one!)

  2. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year Nish (and all!)

  3. Hey guys (Nish & The Bakers) have you seen this blog: http://ujiyasu.wordpress.com/ ?

  4. Thanks Head but Yes I have been following Ujiyasu (see My Blogroll) since I saw her on Sachie’s blogroll. and take a look at Rabbit Sky Pirate Adventure which baker told me about there’s quite a few of us taking to the open road, but these guys are even faster than me in getting round Perhaps I should get myself a motorbike like Uji’s πŸ™‚ I really must get back on the trail but that butterfly house has me caught up at the moment.

  5. Ahhh, cool!

    I know what you mean about time & traveling – I’m *trying* to restart my road trip again, but I’m already feeling the pressure of time!

  6. Hey HBA! Yes I know of Ujiyasu’s blog now, but thanks for the tip. And Kou’s. Most excellent sources, but they both post *way too much* IMO, maybe even once a day avg. (joke!). Kou actually posted a number of Japanese related links in a reply on my blog. Thought that was very nice of him and I’ll share it with you guys here.


    Nish, sometime you really must go over to the Rabbit Hole of Blackmount and tell me what you think. A friend speculates it was used to measure health in a damage enabled sim. Mine decreased from 100 to 87 percent after jumping into the hole. Maybe sometime I’ll go back and see how many times it takes to bring it down to 0, at which point I’ll “die” (in other words, be teleported Home).

    You can now tp directly to it here…

    (And that’s only *1/2* the story!)

  7. Thanks bb I’ll have to have a look at this rabbit hole most definitely πŸ™‚

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