Rabbiting on and then onwards ..

Warning..(This post contains Orange B’s)

It’s always seems difficult to get started again after a break, and this winter holiday seems no exception to the rule. Although I haven’t been exactly lazing around. During the break I’ve rented myself a plot of land in Steelhead, a Victorian American steampunky sim I learned about from Mr Headburro. At the moment it is just a building site with  a beautiful gypsy caravan on it just like the one I saw in  Tawny during my Going Round The Bend post

Steelhead settler

 Since renting the land, I’ve been busy building a butterfly house for the town, where along with having a colourful display of butterflies, I plan to breed vampire moths, in fact I already have bred a few specimens. I might even breed some anti zombie moths aswell .

Now I’m not going to show you the complete house yet because I want it as a surprise with a  grande opening and everything, sometime  maybe around easter, but here’s a pic of part of the inside which doesn’t give too much away, besides it will be ages till it opens. and even I’ll forget what it looks like by then.

 As well as this I’ve been sidetracked with winter activities such as skating

 and attending the annual Linden snowball fights

 and of course there’s been shopping . I have to keep an eye on how much I spend now. I’m not getting that stip end from the Lindens anymore which I used to buy myself something nice with every now and then.  Now I have to watch what I’m spending it’s so easy to go mad on stuff. Mind you I’m not shelling out on a premium subscription any more so I ‘ll be saving a bit that way, I just need to budget that’s all. I do intend to start selling again as soon as I’m settled so that hopefully will pay for the treats. I’ve made several nice bits and pieces for the butterfly house which would make nice standalone gifts including a cute little humming-bird,some furniture and of course my moths.

Another thing I did over the holidays was start following rabbits.  They seem to be all over the place at the moment.(or is it just me) They’ve even brought out a sort of sion rabbit called an Ozimal bunny.

The rabbit following began whilst building the butterfly house at a university sandbox . I’ve found university sandboxes the best places to build in as they tend to be fairly quiet and some are even policed to stop griefing. Anyway I was taking a break from making the B.H. and was  making a happy holiday /extravagant particle /sound 3d thingy greeting card. At the time I  was just  sitting on the wall that surrounds the university sandbox………

 The sandbox  by the way is  in a sim called Whitmyre and is in the Robert E Cook Honors College part of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania  and has a quite excellent archaeology department. I know this because, Miss Nova Saunders ,one of the tutors at the College showed me around.

 I call her Miss because she’s a teacher and might give me detention or lines or something if I do wrong.

It’s a good job she isn’t an English Teacher:)

This pic is of a  Mayan temple excavation in Northern Belize around 100BC

and this one shows Native American huts as they were 1000 AD

 It must  be  so fun now to learn stuff in a virtual world. I wish they had this sort of thing when I was studying. It even has an underwater dig part to it

 and everything is based on real life digs. Virtual worlds are such excellent places for educating people, especially for historical subjects which can be recreated so easily here. I’m actually learning quite a bit myself about Victorian times as I build my butterfly house. +

…………So I was sitting on this wall when I saw these two girls chatting away together and one of them was dressed in a rabbit costume and she is  saying about the new watch she had recently got, just like the rabbit, in the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland story by Lewis Carroll.

Well in the story Alice follows the rabbit down the hole into Wonderland, so that’s what I thought I’d do. Not go down a hole or anything after all I’m all ready in Wonderland. I just decided to follow her trail. Mind you I could hardly get up and follow her about could I, I’d soon get a TOS report against me and besides if she had any sense she might teleport away from her stalker and then I wouldn’t know where she was . No, what I decided to do was have a  look at her profile pics, so I did  and low and behold I found on them  a place called Sanu, in a sim called Scribble  The description of Sanu had amongst others the  words Bunny and Bunneh.  So I teleported over to the place and found it to be a  fashion  shop selling various  clothes and accessories.  It had a sort of Alice in wonderland/ bunny  theme about it with large cakes, bunnies and bunneh’s 🙂 dotted about the place.

 I’ve actually since gone back and taken a few more photos of the rabbits there

 and whilst I was there apart from winning a prize of some cool pink hair I bought these really cute earrings with the tiniest rabbits I’ve seen

 as well as a tiny butterfly.

While I was there the first time around, another girl teleported in as I was looking around the place  and I  glanced at her profile pics. This time I found a place called Alice’s Garden an obvious link on my rabbit quest so I teleported over to a sim called Carmina where Alice’s garden was located.

 Alice’s garden was a sort of, I don’t know , sort of a garden centre selling all sorts of wierd and wonderful creations. I bought this unusual bird chair there.

The rest of the place although essentially a mall was quite a quirky interesting build with rustic story book wooden houses and unusual not your run of the mill sort of gifts.

 I bought several items from the shops there.

 As I wrote this piece I went back there as my alt Coffee the bear  for a pic of the bunny that sits in front of Alices Garden and I bumped 🙂 into a girl called Jenn Hienrichs. I took a photo of her with the bunny and she gave me a link to her blog  SL Things To Do  which amazingly I’d been reading only that day. True, It rang a bell when she said, but it wasn’t till I looked it up again that I remembered. So Hi Jenn . Great blog by the way especially  for us explorers.

Just look at that big  patchwork rabbit , he even has a big pocket watch and monocle

 I looked for another clue in following the rabbit trail but there was no obvious choice apart from a sign saying something about a film to watch. I ended up Teleporting in  to the sky where in a sort of waiting room by a station.

I sat and watched a short film about a guy called Burton who had lost his sweetheart called Carmina. Obviously Carmina was whom the sim had been named after She had apparently gone  looking for herself as many people do in SL and he was left on his own forever searching for his sweetheart .Awww. There were clues consisting of photo’s that he had thrown out of their photo album and they were scattered around all over  the sim. These photographs were places Carmina and Burton had been too before and it was hoped by Burton that she might go to them  again. As you found the photos you put them in a passport that was given to you at the ticket office on the station.

 There was a short train ride which left you back down on the ground and then you were on the search .Each photograph had a landmark to an interesting location in SL, It was a very well done and a  good way to get people to go exploring and of course with a mission to find  Carmina.  Well Carmina wasn’t a rabbit  so I left the trail there and sat down to have a read of my book  under a tree .

What? a rabbit..!! Where?  🙂 


 I could have been there for ages searching for rabbit trails. but as I said I had other things to do and I couldn’t find any more bunneh trails so it was back to the University.

Hmm right…… Now all this sounds like it has nothing to do with the tour really has it? Well it has in a strange sort of way  . You see, the one other rabbit I have been following recently is the Rabbit sky pirate. Yes the Rabbit Sky Pirate who has a wonderful blog where he recounts his journey’s across the SL continents. Much the same as me except he get’s on with it and doesn’t waffle (rabbit) away and colour every B orange , or any other colour .

I got the link to his blog from Baker blinker who kindly dropped me a note about this rabbit explorer. His blog is in Japanese but you can translate it with Google and I always find the translation from Japanese to English quite endearing. Now then you might be wondering what this has to do with anything connected with the tour………….well

 The connection is that after making my way back to the shore, (do you remember where I ended up before the Holiday)     (Come on get on with it)..

Yes in the middle of Heterocera, that is after I got My free Michael linden mug and shirt from the vendor,  (yawn)    Well I was standing there getting my bearings. When out the corner of my eye I noticed someone standing a little way along the lake side.

 Taking a closer look I could see it was a rabbit on a helicopter launch pad. Now at the time I didn’t twig that the rabbit was the Rabbit Sky Pirate (for it was) not even when he came over and introduced himself and said he knew my blog.

I had only just began reading his blog and He was some what taller than the rabbit I had seen on it. I suppose in the back of my mind I did have an idea that he could have been the Rabbit Sky Pirate but as I was talking to him at the time it was difficult to look up his blog even though he had given me the url for the blog , it didn’t say ‘Rabbit Sky Pirate’ on the url. It actually said http://kuzoku.blogspot.com/…….. that is because his name is Kou. (not Rabbit Sky Pirate 🙂 ) So all the time I was talking I didn’t really know who he was, but now I do and we have become friends .and I have visited Kou’s beautiful gardens in the mountains and even had some breakfast/ Dinner with him.

So that was the connection with rabbits and the tour. So after I had met Kou, who had just purchased some land on the shore , it was actually time to get going on the tour .

(at last )

 (Told you it took a while to get going).

(well here we go )>>>>>> 🙂

I made my way back down to the coast off of Pachylia on the outer ring island and from there tried to take my boat out through the offshore housing,

but was hopelessly cut down by ban lines. So after getting myself sorted I swam the rest of the way

 keeping a safe distance from various sharks

 until I could find a place to rez my balloon. I thought it the safer option as I could rise high above any ban lines and still see down below with a higher draw distance.

There was one last place I wanted to go before leaving Heterocera and that was the Temple of Iris better known as the Moth temple, a Linden Historical sight. So when I had eventually found a rezzing place I set off in my balloon and drifted calmly over the sea in a southerly direction . I eventually spied land and I stopped over a small church that had been built on one of the tiny islands connected by boardwalk.

 It was early morning , still dark  and the church bell could faintly be heard chiming above the dawn chorus and chirping crickets. I clambered  out from my balloon and looking round  I could make out the top of the temple above the tree tops, with it’s moon like orb floating above a giant moth effigy.

 I made my way round the boardwalk and walked slowly and as reverently as I could up to the base of the temple . There were no stairs to the various levels but I felt it fitting that you should fly up there like a moth and so I rezzed my butterfly wings and flew up to the first level . I also took along  a fairy butterfly that I had bought at the same time I purchased the wings . I had called her Moth so I thought it only right that she’d be with me at the temple.

 As the Moth temple is an entry place for new av’s , I found  a few people standing there, most of them changing their appearance . I’m quite amazed at the way some  newer av’s less than a couple of months old seem to have filled their group listings, got new skin and hair and generally sorted out their second lives within such a short time span. I suppose they could be alts but they don’t act as though they’ve been around for very long . It took me ages to even think about changing my skin from the default. You just get used to the way you look and I didn’t feel like changing. As for groups It was a really big thing when I met the wizard and he asked me to join his  group. Me being shy had hardly spoken to anyone and I remember being so excited not knowing about magic and roleplay in SL it was like for real and so exciting .

 As far as I knew nobody was speaking to each other here, everyone concentrating on getting their look just right, so I left them in peace and flew up to the higher levels.

Making an inspection of the temple I found that Xenon Linden the guy who had built the temple, had began building it sometime in Feb 2005. That’s the same year he had  built the great wall .

I flew down to the base and took a picture of  four huge wooden legs which supported the many columns and arches above .

While I was there I spied some lamps that apparently rezzed moths , I guess they rezzed them during the evening as there were none about at that time. I decided to let a couple of my own vampire moths out around the temple so that they could soak up the atmosphere. I first checked there were no vampires about , I didn’t want to cause a scene. It was day time anyway so they should have been safely tucked away in their coffins

Across from the temple , I spied a set of large Moth wings attached to a striped moth body.

 They were owned by Prokofy Neva and had been made by Osprey Therian both names I knew well; Prokofy from the extremely topical and informative Second Thoughts blog that he writes and Osprey from her also highly enlightening and entertaining  blog Atomic Raygun  aswell as the travelling variety show she directs and acts in TSMGO . I’ve seen it on several occasions now and it’s very funny and extremely well done .

The wings were sitting outside some huts on the Moth Temple Preserve Infohub set up by Prokofy and built by Jessica Ornitz and they were free to copy. Well I couldn’t resist trying the moth on so I flew over and copied myself a set and once I had adjusted my self inside the moth avatar , I flew back up in to the centre of the temple where a fire was burning away in a pit down below .

 Inside the flames and smoke of the fire I found a red box belonging to Ryan Linden.

 At first I thought I had found another Linden mug and t-shirt vendor but instead it contained a clue to some sort of scavenger hunt. You could click on the box and it would take you to a URL and give you a clue, but the link seemed to be broken.

After exploring the temple a bit more I crossed back over to the infohub to have a look around . Amongst the many attractions and games

I found a great music room where you could play along on a guitar or drum to a writhing beat,

 there was a hairdressers where I got a shampoo,

 a bath house

 so relaxing after a long trip,

 a bar where I bought an anti vampire garlic necklace for free

 and also a tattoo parlour. I was a little disappointed that there were no tattoos for sale as I would of liked a moth tattoo to remember my time at the temple.

 Further round Jessica had built a peaceful little isle with various animals/ birds and a temple with a place to meditate.

It was time to leave the temple and continue on my journey .  I decided to try and walk the boardwalk as far as I could.

 It got a bit difficult in parts to see which way I had to go but I tried to head south as far as possible.

I noticed a fairly large gathering of people over in a building that I was heading towards so I took a look in.

It seemed a normal shopping type mall with a gothic theme about it and quite a few campers scattered around to boost up the numbers . An Italian girl asked me for help in finding a vampire skin 🙂 Maybe I should have let my moths regurgitate something  🙂 but  I ended up instructing her on using the search facility on the viewer.Silly me I didn’t stop to think that maybe there were skins in the building we were in doh. I spent some time in telling her the buttons to press. She either humoured me by going along with my instructions or else she probably had been quite surprised when she eventually teleported to some completely different shop on a different continent altogether, nowhere near where she was used to being. I thought that just maybe she might of started a whole new second life, finding new friends and places to go just  because of my dumb instructions 🙂

. At the end of the boardwalk I rezzed my balloon again and set my course south rising up   high 

 from there I just had a relaxing flight watching the scenery go by and the shops and houses beneath me. I was surprised at how long some of the big buildings took to rez, some of the larger ones never rezzing completely even though I was going very slowly past them.


 Looking down I could see the fishing boat ferry that I remember Ugiyasu (another  fellow explorer) had mentioned in her blog @YAMATO and I decided to try and catch it. I bailed out of the balloon

 but by the time I got to the ground I had missed it so I made my way to the road and found myself in Tuliptree.

 There was lots of new train stuff going on since I last came this way. When I had first set foot on this continent there was very little in the way of independent train makers


 I walked around a while and I found the second Life Railway Commission’s office of which I am a member

. The Aim of the SLRC is to oppose the takeover of Linden railway with automated Linden trains and signalling systems.and keep the central rail which guides some of the trains.

I learnt so much when building my trains. All about texturing, prim work, animation and even bits about scripting and also it was just great fun when I had eventually made it, to actually ride my train along the central rail track that runs around the Heterocera atoll  it would be a shame to see that gone.

 There are lots of people who create vehicles to run on this line so I support their efforts to keep the tracks free of automation.  I’m sure if the Linden’s put their minds to it they could build an underground track beneath the current railway that was fully automated or maybe one overhead . Why ruin something that works and that many people enjoy.

I’m not sure that the guy behind the desk was so dedicated to this job though  🙂

 I carried on down the road down through Columbia and into Cecropia. It looked like Zimmy who owned the shopping parade in Cecropia and whom I had rented a shop from for a while, was extending his miniature railway that ran around his mall

I followed it down into the rabbit warren of tunnels that ran underneath the land

 At the end of the track I met an old friend of mine.

I think he must have swum across from Purple. I hadn’t seen his smile since around May last year

Do you remember this Snap shot  🙂

How doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pour the waters of the Nile

On every golden scale!

How cheerfully he seems to grin,

How neatly spreads his claws,

And welcomes little fishes in

With gently smiling jaws!

By Lewis Carroll

My how time goes by so quick  ‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!’

Returning to the surface I found the pipeline that runs to the ANWR prim rig and I stood there for a while waiting for the main ferry to come in . Whilst I was waiting , the little fishing boat that I had missed earlier turned up

so I decided to take a ride in it.

 It took me back up to Tuliptree and then returned me to the pipeline. When I returned I carried on waiting for the main ferry but it didn’t seem to be running so I debated as to whether to sail or motorboat across the strait. In the end I decided to swim.

 I know it’s winter and the sea is pretty cold at this time of year but I love swimming and just maybe nobody had swam this sea before. I might be the first, who knows? So changing quickly in to my cozzy I dived in and braved the deep ocean. At least I knew there were no sharks in here maybe just the odd crocodile 🙂

 so after that  fairly lengthy swim which I rather enjoyed I clambered up the jetty in Purple.

And I was once again on the shores of Sansara.

Changing out of my virtually wet swimsuit

 I set off along the coast of purple

 but not before this little guy hopped straight  out in front of me adorned in festive red nose and stuck on  antlers.

 Oh yes , he was  described as a Jackalope ,  a mythical  North America creäture

But he wasn’t fooling me,

 I know what he was  🙂     )))))))))

 C YA.



this post is dedicated to Lewis Carroll  born  27th January 1872  . Who probably gave me my first glimpse of fantasy and also a welcome introduction to absolute nonsense. 🙂


~ by Nish Mip on January 29, 2010.

33 Responses to “Rabbiting on and then onwards ..”

  1. Amazing you met Kou U. by accident in that way! I’ll have to return to the center of Heterocera asap.

  2. You for your introduction, Thank you very much.:)
    wow! A chance meeting and it are miraculous.
    Nish_san Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu. m(_ _)m
    I want to meet you by all means. in World. it is soon. 🙂
    baker_san Totemo Totemo Tanoshimi desu.(^_^)

  3. W O W !


    I’ll have to skip through as I’m meant ot be working 😉 but I love the pics and I’m sooo glad Steelhead hasn’t stolen you away from your tour!

    I can’t beleive the taster shot of the butterfly house – I had no idea what I was expecting, but that one shot alone exceeded anything I could have imagined. It looks not on’y beautiful, but stunning, amazing and wonderful too! 😀 x

    A couple of extra connection for you:

    My post on the Moth Temple: http://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/infohubs-iris-moth-temple/

    Osprey is a Combat Bunneh!: http://www.atomic-raygun.com/2010/01/blog-post_26.html

    Enjah is a filmmaker Bunneh!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEGYhMjvZFY&feature=channel

    Osprey is also a Jackalope but I can’t find a pic 😦

  4. I’m beginning to think maybe there’s more things at work than meet the eye. I’m not so sure about accidents like that anymore. 🙂 Did you get your gift by the way?

  5. My pleasure Kou. I am so glad we met that day . I’ve enjoyed your company and our ride in the paraglider the other night was great fun 🙂

  6. Thanks Head I ‘m not sure why your comments are not going straight to post might be a glitch with wordpress some do some don’t I seem to have to reset it again.
    I hope Steelhead likes the butterfly house as much as you do I went to soft paw’s tea house and it seemed familiar to my BH. in content , different styles but I think we have similar ideas. I wish one day to come up with something original.
    I do remember post now, when I read it . I guess it does no harm to let people know about the place again , I just had to go there. I’m probably covering quite a bit of what you and others have done before. I did wonder what that thong with an embroided H was doing in the bath house 🙂 . Enjah’s bunneh films are magic I saw bike and bloon before but not boat which I found rather sad.
    I can’t believe Osprey is a Jackalope as they don’t exist 🙂
    they are just bunneh’s with antlers stuck on 🙂
    sry about delay to reply telly night.

  7. My Videos. 🙂
    Which do you like? sees and feel it. THE BUNNY Sky pirate’s world.


    You Tube


    sansara from flying between Heterocera.

    To fly, the my map is made. 🙂

  8. hehe – no worries about delay, silly 🙂 Telly nights are important!

    Also you may be visiting places where others have visited, but so are we – I wasn’t the first to find the temple or write about it. What we new explorers bring is a fresh look at these places. I mean look at the differences between my post and yours – I wrote a bit about the history whereas you wrote loads about the connections I’d never even guessed at! All of our visits help build a bugger picture (sometimes bugger than the builder ever imagined!) and elevate these places to a level of almost hyper-reality. Without the builds we could not visit & write about them, but without us visitors what’s the point in building 🙂

    Honestly, Os is a Jacaklope! I’ve seen it with my very own peepers!

    Also, you must watch Enjah’s new tiny film – she’s been working really hard on it and it looks great!

  9. Ohhh, and I know what you mean about an original idea. Without seeing your place I can’t comment on how much it looks like the teahouse or not, but let me assure you that your picture gave me a very different vibe and really did not make me think of the teashop. It looks so atmoshpheric and steamy and verdant and, well, green! I love it – it’s a really beautiful picture and I think it’ll be a special place unlike anthing I’ve seen in the steamlands. You are always original mate xx

  10. And another bunneh connection…

    Steelhead St Helens Tour

  11. And Osprey links!








    See 🙂 Would I lie to you? 😀

  12. Oh! Bunnehs is very prety! 🙂

    I am ride Bike & balloon too.

    thank you.!

  13. Important one. This is cute rabbit. 🙂

    I will also guide explorers.
    Groups will also tour.
    You Do you know a secret underground passage?

    I was in school in Second Life, is captain of the plane of activity.

  14. I remembered. 🙂

    Plane made by Bunny

    Bunny dance

    Bunny rider in Sansara Snowlands.

  15. Aww Cheers Head it’s definitely a steamy sort of place loosely based on the glasshouses at Kew. I’m feeling a bit mopey at the mo one of my chooks died not a sion one I should add.Think That’s why I’m down on myself Will watch Enja’s new film soon hope it dosn’t contain any dying animals this time . i’m glad Steve and Becky are back together 🙂

  16. Kou .That is the cutest bunny of all 🙂 I want one

  17. Nah I believe you when you say you think you’ve seen a Jackalope. I hear Osprey’s good at this photo trickery stuff 🙂

  18. Of course You are The Rabbit Sky Pirate YAYYYY… 🙂 🙂

  19. Kou. The Nautilus trip looked wonderful . I’ve never explored there so i do not know the underground passage. I love the music on that video

  20. Ooh i found that one Head. I sent the slurl off to the bakers , when they found one the same somewhere . some people have fantastic imaginations I love that sort of idea Live in a giant rabbit head lol 🙂

  21. Sorry to hear about the chook, mate – big hugs xxx

  22. It is my favorite music. i fun.
    See, hear and feel. It is very important.
    I have learned it. From many friends & mate, it is my teacher.
    My friend referred to My Youtube.

    Sign Language Song in the SL. Mermaid Dance. GoldFish. Fireworks. Traditional Japan KEICHITSU. Dance & Music. etc etc
    People of the world, look feel heard. :)

    “Magellan Search”, i find it .
    Mr.HeadBurroAntfram, Thank you . 🙂

  23. […] hear that her experiments to breed an anti-vampire vampire moth are going so well she’s thinking of branching out into the anti-zombie field! Maybe she needs to speak to […]

  24. Thank you thank you for the Heterocera series. I look forward to your ongoing journeys.

    I’m pretty sure that jackalopes actually live in South Dakota. I have a postcard 🙂

    Now I’m off to read Kou Umaga’s blog.

  25. Arr June just as I thought. Those Jackalopes only exist in the real world when imagined and not in the virtual in reality. I should imagine,only bunnies bunnehs and rabbits can exist virtually, so you are probably wrong or maybe or maybe not, or quite possibly or possibly are definitely or definitely not right. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. kou, you’re a treasure trove!! You have the best maps in SL, perhaps.

    These are interesting too.


    I need to just go through and look at your videos all at once sometime. When’s the next tour??

  27. Hi baker were you wanting Kou’s blog http://kuzoku.blogspot.com/

    I’m getting well mixed up with all these comments lol emmm…. But I agree Kou has got some excellent maps and is a super explorer He took me treasure hunting last night Great fun http://www.flickr.com/photos/21241638@N04/4353671248/

  28. “Hi baker were you wanting Kou’s blog http://kuzoku.blogspot.com/

    Nah, tis OK. I stop posting here now.

  29. Nah, tis OK. I stop posting here now.
    What forever 😦 Yare you’re right I’ve said something wrong
    I’m good at that at least.
    I’m Sorry

  30. Nah, I think he just meant stop using this comment thread, not your blog! How could you say anything wrong? You’re lovely! And Baker’s too nice to see offense where there is none. xx

  31. Oh I hope so. When I reread it it sounded like I was telling baker to shove off to Kou’s which I wasn’t Just thought Kou might not see the comment . On the good side of my reading too much in to everything this’ll be the 31st comment YAY. 🙂

  32. […] as fellow explorer Nish Mip emphasized to me, it’s best to follow the rabbits, so letting the pen act as a pointer of sorts, Ol’ Biking Baker skirts it to continue […]

  33. Meddledown is a place, for married life with my SL_wife.
    Remarried. hahaha 😀
    i have Three daughters and one granddaughter.
    you know my next door Dr.jeff?
    He is a specialist in the SL_maternity.

    and now time To make a paraglider was hooked. :)))
    My map is made for the purpose of flying.

    Sky walker in NautilusCity AROUND THE ATOLL Owner June Trefoil Land in Nautilus – Elissa,i am go!

    Ye are ,no problem! 
    Meddledown is returned build to the airport. SL Airport Map INFO Center registered in the list.

    SL Airport Map INFO Center

    i am not SL_Explorer, i am SkyWalker and SkyPirate.:)
    I honored to have met the great explorers. Thank you.:)

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