Do not be alarmed .  

Not only are there coloured letters in this post there is  also just a slight narcissistic streak 

 On top of all that there  seems to be  a sort of  alter- ego- thing  or whatever …going on

 but  I will try to deal with that as we go   (  🙂 )  (you talking about me )


So… here I am still in Cecilia’s wonderful park. Weeks/months have gone by from my last post as usual and things have certainly slowed down but they have not stopped completely you understand. Just taken a back seat , whilst I try my hand at being an artist. (an artist  haha) Yes I know I said that I didn’t think I was an artist, but now I’m not so sure, after all I’ve been and gone and won the University of Australia Imagine prize for 3D art and design twice Three times now  🙂

Drawing first prize with the renowned SL artist Bryn Oh at one point (I love this name dropping thing  ) (   I don’t  think Bryn actually  batted an eye lid  she certainly didn’t  brag about it on her blog like you’re doing here ). Oh  well perhaps  I’ll be like that one day   cool and blaze  (I don’t  think ) So there’s a few people out there in the metaverse that like what  I do  which is nice 🙂 hee hee enough bragging (hmmm we wish )  Oh come on this would never happen to me in RL and I’m absolutely over the moon  to have something that I have made recognised as something good.  So there.  /me sticks tongue out at pink text  :)))))))))    (hey I saw that)   🙂

So apart from that and occasionally nipping back to Steelhead to fiddle around with the building site of my Butterfly House and attending numerous parties and oh yes I almost forgot (more bragging coming up we fear)  On the same day I won the UWA 3D art and design comp (for the 2nd time that was ) I also got a special mention for a trophy that I designed for the competition. 

  (This was a separate competition organised by Freewee Ling and the folks at Artmesia (are you keeping up here) so I was doubly pleased. What’s more as though that wasn’t enough…… ( I think the reader thinks  it probably is )

I repeat ..If that wasn’t enough..

I also won second prize in a competition run by the wonderful artist Asmita Duranjaya  at her  gallerie starbase  in which you had to design a room in space using  a limited  amount of prims    I can’t remember exactly how many  but not that many which made it  a lot harder.

So am I an artist ? (Well if you don’t know  you probably aren’t) emmmm well I don’t know. I don’t know if it really matters.  These  were just  competitions  and art is so subjective  it shouldn’t really be judged should  it ? “L’art pour l’art” .(what?) (oh never mind)

 I do feel a bit like I’ve pulled the wool over every ones eyes and they’re gonna  suddenly realise  that I’m not a “real artist”  and that I’m not that good.(well what is a real artist ?)  (er…  erm..  well according to  the wikipedia it’s more or less someone engaged in making art) (well there you go then) (So does that mean when I’ve finished making  whatever I’m making  I’m not an artist any more ?) (In your case that’s probably true) (So I’m not an artist at the moment ) ( well no , unless you count this blog as art)  🙂   (So who are the real  artists ?)  (Oh I don’t know maybe the ones who just get on with it and don’t stop and question  “am  I an artist ?” )

  Actually on that note I went to see a sim full of art by Glyph Graves the other night. Glyph is  an SL artist extraordinaire.(He’s also a very clever chap inRL by the sounds of it).  It just blew me away with his  use of scripts and surreal , way out  imagination he put into his work. 


I suppose it really helps when you can manipulate stuff with scripts.  It was amazing I felt like I should just give up trying to be an artist It’s the same when  I see soror’s art (soror? ) yes you know her  soror nishi the famous virtual artist who does those wonderful trees and landscapes with sculpts and fantastic painted textures .

 (Now that is what I call art , you have been mixing with the creme de SL haven’t you ) Well not mixing with them so much  just getting a better look at all their fantastical art. (and you have  managed to fool a few people in to thinking that you were an artist) (hmm)  ( At least you gave it a go )

 (so now my ego has been  duly deflated it’s time to get on with rest of this tour ) (TOUR !!!!.. ?   you mean you’re actually going to do some more touring  I don’t believe it )  (hey I’m not having all that alter ego weird  stuff   and doing it again and again stuff I’m going to get right on with it and no messing about redoing bits and pieces and you interrupting me ok )(yep ok ) sorted. So  this leg of the tour might  not  have  that many highlights in it  but  as  I warned  you  It has got coloured  text. …..and  ban lines  as usual  plenty of ban lines   😦         but it does have a few cute animals   🙂  (YAY)

(oh just one thing ) (What?) (why the coloured letters again ?) Oh….. well I was talking to someone. .. Miso Susanowa ( there you go dropping names again )  She had just won the  contest for the trophy prize actually (she’s a “real” artist) ( and a real blogger isn’t she   🙂  )  (yes she is )   anyway she said she liked my use of colour in previous posts and what was the point in having coloured text if you didn’t use it.  She also gave me some cool roller skates which I will be employing as soon as I find a nice bit of road on the tour. And whats more  I agree with her, there should be more coloured text so here it is !!! (Oh ok )

 Right that out-of-the-way …….

I was still at Cecilia’s place in Teslin  Oh  by the way that’s  not a link,  I’m not going to link  places to their  slurls any more unless they are of particular interest  I just don’t think it’s  necessary , I doubt whether  anyone has  actually  tp’d over to a slurl to see where I just walked and it’s quite easy to find if you really  wanted to, plus you can see by my maps at the end  where  the places  are  and also it  takes me forever to do . (fine  just get on with it)

 So I was over  at Cecilia’s park (for the third time ) and  I wanted to go over to the Southern Islandia sims to take a look at one of my old haunts. not that  I was a ghost avatar or anything like that  you understand.

  Luckily Cecilia had a place where I could rez the Kayak

and after negotiating a few tricky currents

 and Cephalopods 

(I might still link to a few animals and stuff but not as much ) I managed to get out to the open sea and from there I headed east towards the  southern Islandia sims .

 Half way across I noticed a green dot on my minimap .

I thought I’d take a look you never know it could be someone in distress, caught in the laggy tides that frequent the SL sea. Floating on the surface above where the green dot, was a box called crate 11 . It was a  box made by Arcadia Asylum no less.  (I don’t know or have never met  her by the way)

  The box was last owned it said by bucket Linden and owned now  by Mia Linden.  Well  I’m not sure if I got this right but bucket Linden  seemed to be some sort of bot  because it said on bucket’s profile that it was a receptacle. “(I store stuff )”  . Hmm that was odd, a bit of a mystery, one that I probably would never find the answer too. I guess the Lindens just like storing stuff in boxes owned by  bots (scratches head) and dropping them in the sea here and there. Maybe it’s a visitor counter to see how many people cross the sea .  I got out of the kayak and dived down to where the green dot was . The green dot turned out to be an avatar called WuZetian Ragu 

and Wuzetian seemed to be in a permanent state of ghosting.  I never did get to see Wuzetian’s  proper form . The name  Wuzetian rang a bell in my tiny avatar brain  almost  like a deja vu and then  I remembered the poor guy stuck in Limbo back in Carmichael.  It was when I had been crossing over to the North Islandia sims.

Now I wouldn’t normally use a tp to get any where when on this tour only in dire emergencies such as getting stuck under buildings and being flung back home by security systems , but it was a whole leg of the tour back  and so I decided to teleport back to Carmichael to check up on that limbo av again . 

Seconds later I was back at the place where I had seen him and sure enough he was still there and his name was WuZetian Debts,  a connection surely. They must both have been bots as well as the crate thing. (incidentally  I dropped back  some days later and both WuZetian’s had gone and there was a copy of crate 11 at Carmichael…  How strange !!! I have seen Linden bots before, out on the far perimeters of the grid,  collecting data  or so people said at the time  . There was a few conspiracy type stories about them banded about I can’t remember  I think some people said they were  spy’s looking for criminal activity (you just made that up didn’t you) (no  well ur ur..  yes    I did sort of but  they  could have been  doing things like that  for goodness sake I’m just trying to  add a little  interest here).

I teleported back to Bireme and swam back to shore to rez my kayak again.Then  I paddled over to the shores of southern islandia

 and the sim of Picasso where  what seemed  a very long time ago  I had spent  a lot of  time camping (not haunting? ) (no ).  I was  either playing the guitar, gardening or cleaning windows.  I didn’t really mind  but I prefered the guitar .

(is that you there?) (yes) (ooh all in black) (yes,  well  I was a witch then,  see the wand in my hand)

 I remember there being   a large stately  fashion store with the most wonderful ball gowns adorning the walls  .  So while you were camping you could wander  the floors with your camera and dream of a time when you would have enough money to buy something there. (these were times, obviously  before  I went premium or handed my credit card number over to the lab. ) It’s amazing how long I used to camp, hours on end for a few dollars watching folk go by getting on with  their business. Sometimes you’d get a large tip from a kindly avatar. I remember getting L$100 tip once after camping out all night . I couldn’t believe it.  There was  a message with it  wishing me luck and saying to use the money  to  learn to build or script. Very sound advice indeed  although  in the end  I actually spent the money on some new shoes  🙂  .

When I arrived at the far shore and disembarked I made my way over to where I thought  my old camping place used to be.

 Obviously things had changed somewhat although there still seemed to be a  building selling fashion items, it was unrecognisable from the place  I remembered although still very grand.

 The store itself was owned by a Nonna Hedges and sold formal gowns  and costumes. Perhaps it was the same store I remembered  I can’t be sure.  Along with the shop there was also a wonderful patisserie

 and a large central courtyard with ponds and a small chapel to one end .

  After having a good look round and making a note to come back soon and purchase  one of the beautiful  dresses that Nonna had  designed ,  I made my way back over the sea to Cecilia’s park. 

  No use looking  back  all the time as they say Onwards and upwards and after taking the cable car back up the hill .

  I  carried on down the other side  and  rezzed the kayak   at the end of the valley and set off along the south coast.

 Well I tried to but  I immediately hit a ban line (yawn) and was catapulted on top of the roof of Fratboy men’s underwear and shapes.    


Ha ha )     Hmmm  🙂 

I set off again and was very careful to watch out for the lines this time.

I laughed at the message s where I was told. “You are no longer allowed on this land”…Grrr  I’d never been there for crying out loud stupid messages (are you sure you didn’t have a spate of griefing at some point) (yes I’m sure ,they are just stupid messages from stupid scripts) It takes ages peering in front of you looking out for these dam lines they are so hard to spot and then at the back of your mind waiting to see if somebody has employed some intruder  system.  Eventually I made my way through and after a good paddle down the coast came to a huge great store stuck out over the cliff. 

 Now I wish they wouldn’t do that, it really spoils the look of the coast line . Why bother buying premium coastline land and then ruining the view with a badly built badly textured monstrosity.  I suppose they don’t care  because people  tp in and never look at the view stupid people , stupid store , ( The customers aren’t stupid)  (emm ok  but some of them  are by the law of averages)

 As long as they buy the goods  it’s ok I guess. Still as I was there   I thought I’d take a look in to see what they were selling . ( here comes one stupid customer you were right  ) It took me ages to find a way in (told you so)   I don’t think there was an actual door  I managed to slip in through a gap in the wall .   I wouldn’t of said there was anything there that couldn’t be sold in a place half the size and with a bit of taste thrown in.  A few people  appeared to be looking around the store but they turned out to be  models ,

  just bots  I think  as they never replied to my questions when I tried to strike up a conversation (It’s a lonely business , travelling sometimes) I did wonder about the sold out signs on the walls.

How do you sell out of copyable virtual goods lol.

 So leaving the shop I  hiked  over towards Promethium where I could see the sim called Boardroom.  Its the most southerly sim on Sansara worth a look  I suppose (desperate  for interesting things to see or do ) I couldn’t cross over the land there to get to Boardroom because the IFT Scifi alliance group (I think that’s what they were called ) had abandoned a huge plot of land,

 (several sims worth  by the looks of it) which I had to trudge round because of the ban lines still up on it.

It was  dark before I eventually got back down to the coast line on the other side of the land. 

   I put on some scuba gear that I had picked up in Cecilia park and swam out hoping to get across to Boardroom

 but found the way blocked again by the abandoned land .

I had to cheat and tp the short distance across .

 I always thought this place was somewhere that people hired for actual board meetings but it turned out to be just another info hub with people just standing around not saying anything.

  No one was sitting in the large boardrooms with their large boardroom tables and boardroom chairs making virtual decisions about their real life companies.

 It seemed a bit of a waste of space .

 I wandered round for a while in my scuba suit

  jumping in to the water and  swimming across to the  two  little islands that lay around the main part of the sim.

   I then sat down deciding what to do or where to go next .

I had a strong inclination to head towards Kekekabic , the place where I used to live, where I used to have my shop and cafe.

 it wasn’t exactly on route it was quite a bit inland  but here on the south coast of Sansara it was the nearest  I would be to it and besides  I just wanted to visit to see if it had changed since  I last visited and there was no harm in making a detour, I wasn’t in a real hurry  (more a virtual one ) so I did.

 It wasn’t that easy travelling across land but after some considerable difficulty involving many dead ends (I won’t say ban lines  again ) (you just  did )(ok I will then ) There were ban lines  and while  I pick my way through the maze of  unfriendly unsociable unneighbourly scripted rubbishy bits of no good pixellated straightness

Here’s the interlude :






 There we are, made it to the other side.

  thanks for that Tutsy  🙂    (wow great film it’s a shame he had to include your art)

 (yare well he wanted to, you’re just  jealous ) (what of your stupid bendy limbed robots

 (they’re not just robots they’re art) (oh  art … right!..  ok   sure  …yep  hmm ok ) (Shut it)  🙂

So I was finally at  the road that runs around the forgotten lakes, as I like to call them.

 they don’t seem to have a name on the big continent maps they just seem to be clumped under the lost lake region  and next to the snowlands.   You know I said I had come second in the competition at Asmita’s galleries well I had also turned my Room in Space into a flying saucer. with the help of  a some vehicle  scripts. 

It just looked as though it should have been a flying saucer so that’s what I changed it in to.  come to think about it, it looks a bit like my trophy 🙂 It worked rather well  I thought,

 maybe  I hadn’t put much care into the driving animation, just a simple pose and a couple of sticks to control the saucer with  🙂 

still it looked em .. sort of ok and made some cool alien saucer noises. It would be fun to travel the road up to Kekekabic by saucer and luckily enough there was a handy spot when I arrived at the roadside to rez it .  So off I set, hovering above the road heading towards my old home. Not far along I spied a few people laying on a beach sunbathing . It looked like they were camping as there was a time and money sign hovering above them. I hovered down half expecting them to get up from their beach towels and wave to me (fool

 I found they were just bots again, trying to attract more people to whatever this land had on it . I miss real people campers lol.  Just as I was thinking this a real virtual man (is there such a thing ) came flying into my saucer and asked to be my friend .

I accepted of course, I would probably never hear from him again anyway.  I couldn’t understand him too well either as my translator is not too hot and he spoke in French.   We made some sort of conversation though which was nice and he managed  to tell me that he was a real life artist (what another?) and then just as suddenly as he flew in , he flew off again and I found  myself in  Kekekabic .

There was nobody about of course. I had picked the wrong time,my friend Odessa who runs the Czarrina club  (and by the way makes fantastic machinima films for her glamour/erotic magazine Crush)  was not online and  the whole of Kekekabic was empty

  I had come at the wrong time if  I was looking to bump in to any one  . After standing around a while I wandered up the road and then looking back down towards the Czarrina I noticed something heading towards me . I focused in on it and it appeared to be two seats on top of a small wooden board .

 They were just making their way down the road on their own . I’d seen this sort of thing before caused by sim crossing and people getting thrown off vehicles it had happened to me no end of times . I thought I’d  try to hitch a lift on it all the same and amazingly It allowed me to ride without throwing me off for not being the owner .

This vehicle in fact (as it told me when  I sat down) was a free bus service . I’m afraid I didn’t get the company name that ran it. perhaps they should have done a better PR job .  It made me think of my old bus tour service that I once ran along these roads. Now that was a lot more fun than an automated bus. 

Funnily enough it was an Arcadia Assylum bus  I used to drive . Just as I was thinking about this another avatar appeared beside me in the other seat and after having seated and greeted  we proceeded along the road heading towards the snow country. 

 We got  talking  and my travelling companion Hype,  then  revealed himself to be a form of…. vampire ( dun dun derrrrr)

 (what was that ?) (sort of cliffhanger music, you know  dun dun derrrr) (oh emmm ok )    yes he was  one of those, you know  dreadful things that suck your blood remember (The things that live off others ?),  (Yes , parasites that don’t come out doing the day just  fly around at night biting people ).  and then as though that wasn’t enough to have me turn tail and run, he asked me if I’d like to join his group ……  My immediate thoughts were of that dreadful  group where  all the noobs were running around trying to suck your blood to gain points, (bloodlust)  (Yes ) but it turned out it was not to do with that side of the vampire regime he was a German vampire of the Salians  who on their group profile say they are not gathering souls but just friends , well it seemed like just a socializing sort of thing  but  I declined all the same it would have been against my principles to have joined a group rife with such beasts although he appeared a proper gentleman to all intense and purposes and we excepted each others friendship  and  continued the journey exchanging pleasantries (what you are friends with  vampires now ?)  (well actually  I’m probably friends with  a few) (well what about the vampire moths? ) ( emmm well  I’m sure they’ll come in handy and as they are very intelligent  they could be retrained to protect against  other threats) (what other threats?) (oh  emm   I don’t know just other threats , now let me get on with this tour ok) (ok Ok)

 . I told Hype of my bus tours that I had once done  in this area and he seemed interested in partaking in one and so I agreed to rez a bus and take him on a trip . ( evil laugh) (ya ha ha) (ya ha ha  you call that evil) he didn’t know what he had let himself in for. Actually they aren’t that bad, no really just there is a tendency to crash, …. often ..

 After finding a place to rez the bus we set off .

 I’m not going to say the exact route we took as that was always a surprise for the passenger and you never know one day you (the reader of this blog ) (Who me ? )  (no not you ,  the reader  the one who reads this blog  occasionally) ( oh   I thought that was me ) ( no it’s  not ) (well who am I then  ?)  (emm well that would be telling I’ll leave that  as a mystery) ( another mystery ooooh !! ) (I’m not you am I ?)  (emmmm.. no, you’re nothing like me ) (Oh)

 Yes well you might like to take that trip one day reader and if you do you might also like to know before hand that it involves dangerous cliffs and mountain tops and even some underwater parts . The full trip is rather long and people tend to go AFK rather than look at the spectacular scenery. I’ve had to wake several people up by crashing the bus in the past . (you had to wake them up  wow  that sounds a right riveting ride) (shut up)   🙂

 Hype survived everything I threw at him and with good spirits, surviving several nasty sim crossings and some extreme terrain driving . I didn’t take him the full long route I’m not even sure if that is still open It involved a balloon ride and some really deep water gully manoeuvres where you can if not careful be stuck in very erm deep water . At the end of the ride after crashing over a  particularly nasty sim line I managed to lose Hype and was catapulted down the road. I did though  eventually find him and we  finished the tour by taking a ride on the fairly new automatic train that runs down beside the easterly snowland highway .

 I waved goodbye to Hype at the station and took the train back up the line .

 why  I did this  I can’t think , it was completely the wrong way for me . Then began what  has to be the most  arduous part of my  journey yet, as I proceeded to try to get back to the coast. It didn’t help that I had gone the wrong way after leaving Hype  and to save face  I didn’t want to head back down the rail track and look like an idiot  who didn’t have a clue where they were going , after all I was a seasoned traveller who knew these parts like the back of my hand (ha)   what I tried to do mistakenly was to go cross-country, take a short cut if you will , not a great idea,  it never has been  and in the end  I had to rez the balloon  to get over those dam  lines and then I still ended up crashing several times  and then having to  walk for miles and miles around countless parcels of banned land It was dark by the time I reached the coast again

 and I practically fell in to the sea with mental and pixel exhaustion.(awww)

 The next part of the journey mainly involved swimming and climbing round (ban lines? ) (yes them ) and over  the steep cliffs that overhung the ocean in this part of the world.

I did take a  boat ride along the way

It didn’t last long

 I did this until I had eventually made my way to the coastal part of the  snow lands.

  I was quite familiar with some of the sims here. During my bus tour phase of SL I had spent some time trying to find  routes through the snow to join up the  sparse road system  .  I headed up to the large cathedral that stands in  Snowball  

I had passed by here many times and it was a familiar landmark for me .   The cathedral was built by Cat Driver and based on the Notre Dame cathedral in France . . Cat was a member of the Kuhrang open air association , a group in SL who’s statement reads We all need our privacy sometimes, but blocking off ones land creates a maze of no fly zones that make it hard to get around. KOAA is a group of citizens that have agreed to keep their land open during times when they don’t require privacy so that others may fly freely about. Ultimately KOAA strives to create a more open environment and a neighborly community for the people of Kuhrang. KOAA also serves as an open community forum. feel free to invite others to join!……

 What an excellent group

 by the way Kuhrang is the sim above and  adjacent to Snowball and Sled.

 It was a shame when I got in to the cathedral  that some noob or griefer had decided to try their hands at rezzing prims 

  the rotters ( yare  lame brains ).    I left the cathedral through the north exit and stumbled into a land orb I just managed to escape by the skin of my teeth from being sent back home. It only gave me 10 seconds and I was on the edge of a sim so I only just finished elastic banding and had to cross back in a hurry Grrr. Further over in the next sim Sled there was a slightly smaller Cathedral also built by Cat,

so I took a look around this as well. It was beautifully constructed . 

 I made my way slowly along the coast after that sometimes having to detour the odd parcels . It was very pretty in parts 

 A lot of  folks who lived here had maintained that winter wonderland feel with snowy pines and log cabins. 

 Through Risoul, Caberfae, Trolhaugen and Klaw I  continued trudging  through the deep snow. At the very corner of Klaw there was a huge prim scenery board that had been rezzed with snowy mountain scenery on one side.

 It was odd but I understood why it had been put up It was to hide the other scenery board on the far edge where somebody had decided that the snow wasn’t for them. How mad is that I thought.

 A beautiful snowy hillside on the coastline and you want  the Caribbean . Why bother buying land here ?  The mind boggles as they say.(who says?)  (The people who say things when they can’t comprehend stuff) (what like you ? you mean)

 I made my way down to the corner and plunged in to the icy sea.

 I had to get round this monstrosity of a board somehow luckily for me someone had made a warming fire on top of the ice flow which helped ward the cold off for a while , 

 but I still needed to dive in again to get around the board.  I think I actually went under it in the end immediately feeling warmer as I arrived on the other side  🙂  

On the other side was a store and something called Art box

 I had been to an Art box installation before briefly. I don’t think it had been here at the time  I remember it on a private sim somewhere.  The Art box group make famous pictures in to 3d scenes that you can set yourself in to and become part of the art work.  I had put myself in the Scream by Edvard Munch.

 A year back now (my how time flies) ,  I’d seen Dale Innis and a friend  pose for several pics  at Artbox and  I didn’t want to put the same ones on my blog here so   I checked up on which ones they had done , ( all the best ones by the looks of it) (hmm  maybe ) I looked around for a picture that would suit  and chose  a picture by Dali  one of my favorites   Dream caused by the flight of a Bee around a pomegranate. It seemed an appropriate painting for second life, hardly out-of-place at all  in fact this sort of situation is quite common in second life 🙂

this is the original    ……

and this is the one  I managed to do

Yes  I know  not that great

. It was very hard to get the angles right to take a decent photograph this was about as near as I could manage .

(yes yes , I’m naked get over it , It’s art)

(I didn’t say a word)

There was only one other store on this side of the board selling apps for some sort of virtual iphone. 

In the middle of  the store  there was a large square hole with a drain that ran under the shop and an abandoned shopping trolley and childs toy floating in the water,  cool, that’s art   🙂  .

  Out side the shop there was this  sign standing on the jetty

which  I quite liked but nothing else there to hold my attention so moving on from the shop I had proceeded to walk some way in land to avoid those red straight things that eject you ( what?)(you knowthingies) (oh…them )  .

 From a distance I spotted a huge rainbow that crossed the valley where the automatic train I had earlier travelled upon terminated.

 I made my way over to the rainbow but before I got there I found this neat little airship

 It was hovering over a large plot of empty land on the snowy hills. When I looked at the land owner (why I did this I have no idea just another one of those weird SL moments ) I found the land belonged to none other than Sachie Bade a fellow explorer and artist. (real artist)  how weird was that, (err sort of weird more just surprising ) ( oh come on to have found Sachie’s land amongst all these parcels of snow the first time I inspect the land!!?) (yare  ok  sort of weird). 

 I made my way down the slopes to one end of the great rainbow and just below the rainbow I found this handsome chap looking out over the valley

 ( see told you there was some cute animal pics in here) there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow  but he would do nicely 🙂

  I took a bubble up to the top of the rainbow as it was too steep to climb.

It was both very high and long and spanned the whole valley  which was known as Smithers Bluff . that was the whole sim name  actually.

 I managed to walk down the other side of the rainbow nearly the whole way just slipping off when it became vertical

and then I  wandered around the valley looking at various builds eventually heading towards what I had seen from on top of the rainbow, something called a space lift, it sounded kind of interesting  I imagined it might orbit you in some way .

 On the way I ran into Zooby the wolf who had got himself caught in a pond.

 I managed to free him, but by pushing him out  I somehow managed to knock my self off the grid .

 When I returned I scolded Zooby  (bad boy)

 and then went off to  find the space lift .

 When I got there  I went inside and  sat down, funnily enough  in a lift , this wasn’t as it turned out the actual space lift although  I suppose thinking about it , it might of been. 

 It took me up to a room with a Stargate type contraption in it

 but  after having messed about with the controls for a some while, trying to make a wormhole or something appear I gave up and left.  I found a place to rez the kayak again by the ocean

 and paddled for a short while down the coast until I reached Sognefjord ,named after the largest fjord in Norway.

At Sognefjord I came ashore and found an interesting project by Woolly Hax, where you could make different musical rhythms and sounds by holding various different sound spheres, as they were called.

I spent a while experimenting with these but it had been a long day and I was  getting tired.

  I jumped in to the sea  and swam for a while and looking under the water found an underwater art gallery set up by Tan Xevion with some interesting sculptures and paintings . (Was Tan a real artist  do you think ?) 

 ( Do you know what) (what?)  (I don’t think it really matter as long as the person viewing the art get’s some sort of emotional feedback an understanding of what the art is trying to convey that’s the important thing. It’s  not the person who made it it’s the Art itself )

(hmm agreed 🙂 )

The shoreline appeared to be ok for a while so I set off walking again but soon ran in to trouble from a large stretch of rental log cabins with ban lines everywhere. I got so frustrated at one point that I found a place on the rental land where the object removal had been turned off and rezzed some of my own ban lines which I had found on xstreet

I was going to leave them there but I felt guilty in not tidying them away . (I ‘d never make a griefer). (At least you gave it a go .   🙂   )

 So there you have it  for the time being . (what you mean  that’s it ? that’s as far as you went?  ) ( yes).  (Well actually I did go a bit further  but nothing really happened or held my interest and  I didn’t meet anyone  and  there’s no point  in putting that down here is there, I’ll just include it in the next post.) ( Oh  ok  well …  what now ? ) ( Nothing  the reader just  has to wait to find out what happens next  dun dun derrr) ( ooh   I bet they are on the edge of their seats ) (ha ha very funny)…

(hey) (what?) ,  (I thought you weren’t going to do all that thing with  me)  ( what? ) ( you know  me being  another coloured text in  brackets  ) (you mean parenthesis apparently that’s what Americans call curly brackets) (yes that’s what I mean)  (Well  I ‘ve   got sort of used to you being there now)   (so can I stay?)  (emmm yes   well maybe  If you promise to behave and don’t get in the way and just keep me company ok?) .  (awww  thanks  Nish )  Yw.  bye bye    . (bye) (hey isn’t there another video  )

oh yes   here it is 

 fit’s in nicely again  this one.   🙂



~ by Nish Mip on September 11, 2010.

9 Responses to “Art.”

  1. Wow… another monster!

    First off, huge fat congrats on the three wins – it just shows that SL isn’t all about sex and roleplaying because it is a creation that allows you an outlet for your creativity 🙂

    As for the tour… OMG where to start? One thing stands out, Exciting Antfarm!!! Someone has put me in a box!!!

  2. Thanks Head I have to thank the UWA for giving me that opportunity They’ve really done so much on the SL art front this past year Sounds like I’m giving an acceptance speech again 🙂 I thought you might like that sign Of course they should put you in a bottle as well lol but wot no comments on my Dali !!! hee hee 🙂

  3. I’m slipping!

  4. Yet another of my very favorite posts ever! 🙂 I love how there’s always both great travelogue stuff, and also Amazing Mysteries (those Wuzetians!).

    Not to mention artistic nudeness. 🙂

    And grats more on the Recognitions!

  5. Hey Dale 🙂 /me waves across the blogasphere So glad you’re still enjoying my tour even though it’s been slowing down some what. Can’t wait to get out on the playa My PC broke again and I’m using super slow laptop but fingers crossed this weekend.
    Don’t forget to stay in the shade and take plenty of water

  6. Hey, congrats on the string of wins, Nish! *Well done.*

  7. 🙂 Thanks baker I’ve really enjoyed the competitions and not just the winning bit It’s been a real challenge to come up with something a little bit original within a month each time .I’m kind of in two minds as to whether art competitions really bring out the best art or artists It certainly brings the best out in me and it’s been fun, which for me personally has been the important thing 🙂

  8. Yay a new post!!!

    I wonder if the free bus service was AnnMarie O’toole’s? She has buses, minis and trucks that ride around the Atoll, Jeogeot and Corsica. Maybe other places too. Anyone can grab a ride. The best part is that she has little gas stations sprinkled on various roads all around with rez zones. Yay her!!!

    I know Miso personally (getting into the spirit of name-dropping even though not coloring text. I am not an artist). As far as your being an artist, I can say Miso, Nish and Ms. Nishi in the same breath. Well, actually I can write it in the same breath. ‘Saying’ is another matter and would become garbled-ly. 🙂

    Much happiness all around on your wins, Nish!

  9. Hi June That bus of AnneMarie’s sounds a bit like the one I traveled on in my 8 b’s post that was standing in a garage and then exploded in mid air when I stood up lol . I think this one was run by some sort of company I should of noted their name down really There was a notecard but I seem to have lost that as well (tut tut ) .Thankyou very much for your happiness and I do think I was, in one of those strange SL ways destined to fill the gap between Miso and Ms Nishi if only by name 🙂

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