I have an Exhibition “Heart of the Planet”

•October 4, 2011 • 7 Comments

Yes it’s not the” expedition”  that  I’m meant to be finishing, it’s an exhibition, an exhibition of art and it’s not lots of bits of art  it’s  just one and probably the only one I’ll ever do     .

 My friend and gallery owner Asmita Duranjaya has very kindly given me a bit of space ( no pun intended) in her starbase gallery which is a huge planet/ moon . so I thought I’d make something appropriate and  came up with an inner planet creature feature filled landscape called Heart of the Planet. so if you have the time  and I know how difficult it is to find time in SL, to do all the things you want to, but well  I’d  love for you to go take a look . It’s very tranquil and pretty and somewhere lurking in the alien atmosphere is a monster so watch out oh and there are lots of weird sounds as well so put your headphones on or turn your speakers up  . I do hope you can drop by  🙂   So  If you can make it , the exhibit” Heart of the Planet”  will be opening on Fri 7th Oct 2pm SLT through the month   at this slurl which is on the planet surface  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deutsche%20Info%20Welt/151/150/4066