I have an Exhibition “Heart of the Planet”

•October 4, 2011 • 7 Comments

Yes it’s not the” expedition”  that  I’m meant to be finishing, it’s an exhibition, an exhibition of art and it’s not lots of bits of art  it’s  just one and probably the only one I’ll ever do     .

 My friend and gallery owner Asmita Duranjaya has very kindly given me a bit of space ( no pun intended) in her starbase gallery which is a huge planet/ moon . so I thought I’d make something appropriate and  came up with an inner planet creature feature filled landscape called Heart of the Planet. so if you have the time  and I know how difficult it is to find time in SL, to do all the things you want to, but well  I’d  love for you to go take a look . It’s very tranquil and pretty and somewhere lurking in the alien atmosphere is a monster so watch out oh and there are lots of weird sounds as well so put your headphones on or turn your speakers up  . I do hope you can drop by  🙂   So  If you can make it , the exhibit” Heart of the Planet”  will be opening on Fri 7th Oct 2pm SLT through the month   at this slurl which is on the planet surface  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Deutsche%20Info%20Welt/151/150/4066



Still going ahead (not yet though)

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Oh dear it’s March already and I still haven’t managed to get on with the tour  I did make an effort before the Christmas Holidays but my PC broke down mid stride in fact it has since broke down twice and is currently awaiting  repair.  At the moment I have a laptop that I go in world with but it’s  a bit slow and  I don’t enjoy  it because after all SL is a visual thing , well it is for me  anyway . 

 I wouldn’t normally put a fill in like this   but I keep thinking that the  few readers of my blog will have disappeared by the time I get back on the road  😦 

So if you  are still there and are wondering if I am ever going to  finish this  tour,  then I want to assure you that  as soon as I  am back up and running I’m gonna make a concentrated effort to get back on the road and finish what should be the last leg of tour

oh and although this blog isn’t usually political  I just want to give you the chance to vote for keeping the vote in the second life JIRA  I mean what harm can it do keeping it in ? If you want to save  a little bit of democracy in your second life  why not have your say HERE and sign a petition to Rodvik Linden the new CEO you never know  he may take notice.

 cu soon…. promise


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Despite my main pc once again doing a massive FAIL last night  I’m going to make the most of my time off . I hope everyone get’s to have a wonderful festive break Best wishes

love  NISH xxx



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Do not be alarmed .  

Not only are there coloured letters in this post there is  also just a slight narcissistic streak 

 On top of all that there  seems to be  a sort of  alter- ego- thing  or whatever …going on

 but  I will try to deal with that as we go   (  🙂 )  (you talking about me )


So… here I am still in Cecilia’s wonderful park. Weeks/months have gone by from my last post as usual and things have certainly slowed down but they have not stopped completely you understand. Just taken a back seat , whilst I try my hand at being an artist. (an artist  haha) Yes I know I said that I didn’t think I was an artist, but now I’m not so sure, after all I’ve been and gone and won the University of Australia Imagine prize for 3D art and design twice Three times now  🙂

Drawing first prize with the renowned SL artist Bryn Oh at one point (I love this name dropping thing  ) (   I don’t  think Bryn actually  batted an eye lid  she certainly didn’t  brag about it on her blog like you’re doing here ). Oh  well perhaps  I’ll be like that one day   cool and blaze  (I don’t  think ) So there’s a few people out there in the metaverse that like what  I do  which is nice 🙂 hee hee enough bragging (hmmm we wish )  Oh come on this would never happen to me in RL and I’m absolutely over the moon  to have something that I have made recognised as something good.  So there.  /me sticks tongue out at pink text  :)))))))))    (hey I saw that)   🙂

So apart from that and occasionally nipping back to Steelhead to fiddle around with the building site of my Butterfly House and attending numerous parties and oh yes I almost forgot (more bragging coming up we fear)  On the same day I won the UWA 3D art and design comp (for the 2nd time that was ) I also got a special mention for a trophy that I designed for the competition. 

  (This was a separate competition organised by Freewee Ling and the folks at Artmesia (are you keeping up here) so I was doubly pleased. What’s more as though that wasn’t enough…… ( I think the reader thinks  it probably is )

I repeat ..If that wasn’t enough..

I also won second prize in a competition run by the wonderful artist Asmita Duranjaya  at her  gallerie starbase  in which you had to design a room in space using  a limited  amount of prims    I can’t remember exactly how many  but not that many which made it  a lot harder.

So am I an artist ? (Well if you don’t know  you probably aren’t) emmmm well I don’t know. I don’t know if it really matters.  These  were just  competitions  and art is so subjective  it shouldn’t really be judged should  it ? “L’art pour l’art” .(what?) (oh never mind)

 I do feel a bit like I’ve pulled the wool over every ones eyes and they’re gonna  suddenly realise  that I’m not a “real artist”  and that I’m not that good.(well what is a real artist ?)  (er…  erm..  well according to  the wikipedia it’s more or less someone engaged in making art) (well there you go then) (So does that mean when I’ve finished making  whatever I’m making  I’m not an artist any more ?) (In your case that’s probably true) (So I’m not an artist at the moment ) ( well no , unless you count this blog as art)  🙂   (So who are the real  artists ?)  (Oh I don’t know maybe the ones who just get on with it and don’t stop and question  “am  I an artist ?” )

  Actually on that note I went to see a sim full of art by Glyph Graves the other night. Glyph is  an SL artist extraordinaire.(He’s also a very clever chap inRL by the sounds of it).  It just blew me away with his  use of scripts and surreal , way out  imagination he put into his work. 


I suppose it really helps when you can manipulate stuff with scripts.  It was amazing I felt like I should just give up trying to be an artist It’s the same when  I see soror’s art (soror? ) yes you know her  soror nishi the famous virtual artist who does those wonderful trees and landscapes with sculpts and fantastic painted textures .

 (Now that is what I call art , you have been mixing with the creme de SL haven’t you ) Well not mixing with them so much  just getting a better look at all their fantastical art. (and you have  managed to fool a few people in to thinking that you were an artist) (hmm)  ( At least you gave it a go )

 (so now my ego has been  duly deflated it’s time to get on with rest of this tour ) (TOUR !!!!.. ?   you mean you’re actually going to do some more touring  I don’t believe it )  (hey I’m not having all that alter ego weird  stuff   and doing it again and again stuff I’m going to get right on with it and no messing about redoing bits and pieces and you interrupting me ok )(yep ok ) sorted. So  this leg of the tour might  not  have  that many highlights in it  but  as  I warned  you  It has got coloured  text. …..and  ban lines  as usual  plenty of ban lines   😦         but it does have a few cute animals   🙂  (YAY)

(oh just one thing ) (What?) (why the coloured letters again ?) Oh….. well I was talking to someone. .. Miso Susanowa ( there you go dropping names again )  She had just won the  contest for the trophy prize actually (she’s a “real” artist) ( and a real blogger isn’t she   🙂  )  (yes she is )   anyway she said she liked my use of colour in previous posts and what was the point in having coloured text if you didn’t use it.  She also gave me some cool roller skates which I will be employing as soon as I find a nice bit of road on the tour. And whats more  I agree with her, there should be more coloured text so here it is !!! (Oh ok )

 Right that out-of-the-way …….

I was still at Cecilia’s place in Teslin  Oh  by the way that’s  not a link,  I’m not going to link  places to their  slurls any more unless they are of particular interest  I just don’t think it’s  necessary , I doubt whether  anyone has  actually  tp’d over to a slurl to see where I just walked and it’s quite easy to find if you really  wanted to, plus you can see by my maps at the end  where  the places  are  and also it  takes me forever to do . (fine  just get on with it)

 So I was over  at Cecilia’s park (for the third time ) and  I wanted to go over to the Southern Islandia sims to take a look at one of my old haunts. not that  I was a ghost avatar or anything like that  you understand.

  Luckily Cecilia had a place where I could rez the Kayak

and after negotiating a few tricky currents

 and Cephalopods 

(I might still link to a few animals and stuff but not as much ) I managed to get out to the open sea and from there I headed east towards the  southern Islandia sims .

 Half way across I noticed a green dot on my minimap .

I thought I’d take a look you never know it could be someone in distress, caught in the laggy tides that frequent the SL sea. Floating on the surface above where the green dot, was a box called crate 11 . It was a  box made by Arcadia Asylum no less.  (I don’t know or have never met  her by the way)

  The box was last owned it said by bucket Linden and owned now  by Mia Linden.  Well  I’m not sure if I got this right but bucket Linden  seemed to be some sort of bot  because it said on bucket’s profile that it was a receptacle. “(I store stuff )”  . Hmm that was odd, a bit of a mystery, one that I probably would never find the answer too. I guess the Lindens just like storing stuff in boxes owned by  bots (scratches head) and dropping them in the sea here and there. Maybe it’s a visitor counter to see how many people cross the sea .  I got out of the kayak and dived down to where the green dot was . The green dot turned out to be an avatar called WuZetian Ragu 

and Wuzetian seemed to be in a permanent state of ghosting.  I never did get to see Wuzetian’s  proper form . The name  Wuzetian rang a bell in my tiny avatar brain  almost  like a deja vu and then  I remembered the poor guy stuck in Limbo back in Carmichael.  It was when I had been crossing over to the North Islandia sims.

Now I wouldn’t normally use a tp to get any where when on this tour only in dire emergencies such as getting stuck under buildings and being flung back home by security systems , but it was a whole leg of the tour back  and so I decided to teleport back to Carmichael to check up on that limbo av again . 

Seconds later I was back at the place where I had seen him and sure enough he was still there and his name was WuZetian Debts,  a connection surely. They must both have been bots as well as the crate thing. (incidentally  I dropped back  some days later and both WuZetian’s had gone and there was a copy of crate 11 at Carmichael…  How strange !!! I have seen Linden bots before, out on the far perimeters of the grid,  collecting data  or so people said at the time  . There was a few conspiracy type stories about them banded about I can’t remember  I think some people said they were  spy’s looking for criminal activity (you just made that up didn’t you) (no  well ur ur..  yes    I did sort of but  they  could have been  doing things like that  for goodness sake I’m just trying to  add a little  interest here).

I teleported back to Bireme and swam back to shore to rez my kayak again.Then  I paddled over to the shores of southern islandia

 and the sim of Picasso where  what seemed  a very long time ago  I had spent  a lot of  time camping (not haunting? ) (no ).  I was  either playing the guitar, gardening or cleaning windows.  I didn’t really mind  but I prefered the guitar .

(is that you there?) (yes) (ooh all in black) (yes,  well  I was a witch then,  see the wand in my hand)

 I remember there being   a large stately  fashion store with the most wonderful ball gowns adorning the walls  .  So while you were camping you could wander  the floors with your camera and dream of a time when you would have enough money to buy something there. (these were times, obviously  before  I went premium or handed my credit card number over to the lab. ) It’s amazing how long I used to camp, hours on end for a few dollars watching folk go by getting on with  their business. Sometimes you’d get a large tip from a kindly avatar. I remember getting L$100 tip once after camping out all night . I couldn’t believe it.  There was  a message with it  wishing me luck and saying to use the money  to  learn to build or script. Very sound advice indeed  although  in the end  I actually spent the money on some new shoes  🙂  .

When I arrived at the far shore and disembarked I made my way over to where I thought  my old camping place used to be.

 Obviously things had changed somewhat although there still seemed to be a  building selling fashion items, it was unrecognisable from the place  I remembered although still very grand.

 The store itself was owned by a Nonna Hedges and sold formal gowns  and costumes. Perhaps it was the same store I remembered  I can’t be sure.  Along with the shop there was also a wonderful patisserie

 and a large central courtyard with ponds and a small chapel to one end .

  After having a good look round and making a note to come back soon and purchase  one of the beautiful  dresses that Nonna had  designed ,  I made my way back over the sea to Cecilia’s park. 

  No use looking  back  all the time as they say Onwards and upwards and after taking the cable car back up the hill .

  I  carried on down the other side  and  rezzed the kayak   at the end of the valley and set off along the south coast.

 Well I tried to but  I immediately hit a ban line (yawn) and was catapulted on top of the roof of Fratboy men’s underwear and shapes.    


Ha ha )     Hmmm  🙂 

I set off again and was very careful to watch out for the lines this time.

I laughed at the message s where I was told. “You are no longer allowed on this land”…Grrr  I’d never been there for crying out loud stupid messages (are you sure you didn’t have a spate of griefing at some point) (yes I’m sure ,they are just stupid messages from stupid scripts) It takes ages peering in front of you looking out for these dam lines they are so hard to spot and then at the back of your mind waiting to see if somebody has employed some intruder  system.  Eventually I made my way through and after a good paddle down the coast came to a huge great store stuck out over the cliff. 

 Now I wish they wouldn’t do that, it really spoils the look of the coast line . Why bother buying premium coastline land and then ruining the view with a badly built badly textured monstrosity.  I suppose they don’t care  because people  tp in and never look at the view stupid people , stupid store , ( The customers aren’t stupid)  (emm ok  but some of them  are by the law of averages)

 As long as they buy the goods  it’s ok I guess. Still as I was there   I thought I’d take a look in to see what they were selling . ( here comes one stupid customer you were right  ) It took me ages to find a way in (told you so)   I don’t think there was an actual door  I managed to slip in through a gap in the wall .   I wouldn’t of said there was anything there that couldn’t be sold in a place half the size and with a bit of taste thrown in.  A few people  appeared to be looking around the store but they turned out to be  models ,

  just bots  I think  as they never replied to my questions when I tried to strike up a conversation (It’s a lonely business , travelling sometimes) I did wonder about the sold out signs on the walls.

How do you sell out of copyable virtual goods lol.

 So leaving the shop I  hiked  over towards Promethium where I could see the sim called Boardroom.  Its the most southerly sim on Sansara worth a look  I suppose (desperate  for interesting things to see or do ) I couldn’t cross over the land there to get to Boardroom because the IFT Scifi alliance group (I think that’s what they were called ) had abandoned a huge plot of land,

 (several sims worth  by the looks of it) which I had to trudge round because of the ban lines still up on it.

It was  dark before I eventually got back down to the coast line on the other side of the land. 

   I put on some scuba gear that I had picked up in Cecilia park and swam out hoping to get across to Boardroom

 but found the way blocked again by the abandoned land .

I had to cheat and tp the short distance across .

 I always thought this place was somewhere that people hired for actual board meetings but it turned out to be just another info hub with people just standing around not saying anything.

  No one was sitting in the large boardrooms with their large boardroom tables and boardroom chairs making virtual decisions about their real life companies.

 It seemed a bit of a waste of space .

 I wandered round for a while in my scuba suit

  jumping in to the water and  swimming across to the  two  little islands that lay around the main part of the sim.

   I then sat down deciding what to do or where to go next .

I had a strong inclination to head towards Kekekabic , the place where I used to live, where I used to have my shop and cafe.

 it wasn’t exactly on route it was quite a bit inland  but here on the south coast of Sansara it was the nearest  I would be to it and besides  I just wanted to visit to see if it had changed since  I last visited and there was no harm in making a detour, I wasn’t in a real hurry  (more a virtual one ) so I did.

 It wasn’t that easy travelling across land but after some considerable difficulty involving many dead ends (I won’t say ban lines  again ) (you just  did )(ok I will then ) There were ban lines  and while  I pick my way through the maze of  unfriendly unsociable unneighbourly scripted rubbishy bits of no good pixellated straightness

Here’s the interlude :






 There we are, made it to the other side.

  thanks for that Tutsy  🙂    (wow great film it’s a shame he had to include your art)

 (yare well he wanted to, you’re just  jealous ) (what of your stupid bendy limbed robots

 (they’re not just robots they’re art) (oh  art … right!..  ok   sure  …yep  hmm ok ) (Shut it)  🙂

So I was finally at  the road that runs around the forgotten lakes, as I like to call them.

 they don’t seem to have a name on the big continent maps they just seem to be clumped under the lost lake region  and next to the snowlands.   You know I said I had come second in the competition at Asmita’s galleries well I had also turned my Room in Space into a flying saucer. with the help of  a some vehicle  scripts. 

It just looked as though it should have been a flying saucer so that’s what I changed it in to.  come to think about it, it looks a bit like my trophy 🙂 It worked rather well  I thought,

 maybe  I hadn’t put much care into the driving animation, just a simple pose and a couple of sticks to control the saucer with  🙂 

still it looked em .. sort of ok and made some cool alien saucer noises. It would be fun to travel the road up to Kekekabic by saucer and luckily enough there was a handy spot when I arrived at the roadside to rez it .  So off I set, hovering above the road heading towards my old home. Not far along I spied a few people laying on a beach sunbathing . It looked like they were camping as there was a time and money sign hovering above them. I hovered down half expecting them to get up from their beach towels and wave to me (fool

 I found they were just bots again, trying to attract more people to whatever this land had on it . I miss real people campers lol.  Just as I was thinking this a real virtual man (is there such a thing ) came flying into my saucer and asked to be my friend .

I accepted of course, I would probably never hear from him again anyway.  I couldn’t understand him too well either as my translator is not too hot and he spoke in French.   We made some sort of conversation though which was nice and he managed  to tell me that he was a real life artist (what another?) and then just as suddenly as he flew in , he flew off again and I found  myself in  Kekekabic .

There was nobody about of course. I had picked the wrong time,my friend Odessa who runs the Czarrina club  (and by the way makes fantastic machinima films for her glamour/erotic magazine Crush)  was not online and  the whole of Kekekabic was empty

  I had come at the wrong time if  I was looking to bump in to any one  . After standing around a while I wandered up the road and then looking back down towards the Czarrina I noticed something heading towards me . I focused in on it and it appeared to be two seats on top of a small wooden board .

 They were just making their way down the road on their own . I’d seen this sort of thing before caused by sim crossing and people getting thrown off vehicles it had happened to me no end of times . I thought I’d  try to hitch a lift on it all the same and amazingly It allowed me to ride without throwing me off for not being the owner .

This vehicle in fact (as it told me when  I sat down) was a free bus service . I’m afraid I didn’t get the company name that ran it. perhaps they should have done a better PR job .  It made me think of my old bus tour service that I once ran along these roads. Now that was a lot more fun than an automated bus. 

Funnily enough it was an Arcadia Assylum bus  I used to drive . Just as I was thinking about this another avatar appeared beside me in the other seat and after having seated and greeted  we proceeded along the road heading towards the snow country. 

 We got  talking  and my travelling companion Hype,  then  revealed himself to be a form of…. vampire ( dun dun derrrrr)

 (what was that ?) (sort of cliffhanger music, you know  dun dun derrrr) (oh emmm ok )    yes he was  one of those, you know  dreadful things that suck your blood remember (The things that live off others ?),  (Yes , parasites that don’t come out doing the day just  fly around at night biting people ).  and then as though that wasn’t enough to have me turn tail and run, he asked me if I’d like to join his group ……  My immediate thoughts were of that dreadful  group where  all the noobs were running around trying to suck your blood to gain points, (bloodlust)  (Yes ) but it turned out it was not to do with that side of the vampire regime he was a German vampire of the Salians  who on their group profile say they are not gathering souls but just friends , well it seemed like just a socializing sort of thing  but  I declined all the same it would have been against my principles to have joined a group rife with such beasts although he appeared a proper gentleman to all intense and purposes and we excepted each others friendship  and  continued the journey exchanging pleasantries (what you are friends with  vampires now ?)  (well actually  I’m probably friends with  a few) (well what about the vampire moths? ) ( emmm well  I’m sure they’ll come in handy and as they are very intelligent  they could be retrained to protect against  other threats) (what other threats?) (oh  emm   I don’t know just other threats , now let me get on with this tour ok) (ok Ok)

 . I told Hype of my bus tours that I had once done  in this area and he seemed interested in partaking in one and so I agreed to rez a bus and take him on a trip . ( evil laugh) (ya ha ha) (ya ha ha  you call that evil) he didn’t know what he had let himself in for. Actually they aren’t that bad, no really just there is a tendency to crash, …. often ..

 After finding a place to rez the bus we set off .

 I’m not going to say the exact route we took as that was always a surprise for the passenger and you never know one day you (the reader of this blog ) (Who me ? )  (no not you ,  the reader  the one who reads this blog  occasionally) ( oh   I thought that was me ) ( no it’s  not ) (well who am I then  ?)  (emm well that would be telling I’ll leave that  as a mystery) ( another mystery ooooh !! ) (I’m not you am I ?)  (emmmm.. no, you’re nothing like me ) (Oh)

 Yes well you might like to take that trip one day reader and if you do you might also like to know before hand that it involves dangerous cliffs and mountain tops and even some underwater parts . The full trip is rather long and people tend to go AFK rather than look at the spectacular scenery. I’ve had to wake several people up by crashing the bus in the past . (you had to wake them up  wow  that sounds a right riveting ride) (shut up)   🙂

 Hype survived everything I threw at him and with good spirits, surviving several nasty sim crossings and some extreme terrain driving . I didn’t take him the full long route I’m not even sure if that is still open It involved a balloon ride and some really deep water gully manoeuvres where you can if not careful be stuck in very erm deep water . At the end of the ride after crashing over a  particularly nasty sim line I managed to lose Hype and was catapulted down the road. I did though  eventually find him and we  finished the tour by taking a ride on the fairly new automatic train that runs down beside the easterly snowland highway .

 I waved goodbye to Hype at the station and took the train back up the line .

 why  I did this  I can’t think , it was completely the wrong way for me . Then began what  has to be the most  arduous part of my  journey yet, as I proceeded to try to get back to the coast. It didn’t help that I had gone the wrong way after leaving Hype  and to save face  I didn’t want to head back down the rail track and look like an idiot  who didn’t have a clue where they were going , after all I was a seasoned traveller who knew these parts like the back of my hand (ha)   what I tried to do mistakenly was to go cross-country, take a short cut if you will , not a great idea,  it never has been  and in the end  I had to rez the balloon  to get over those dam  lines and then I still ended up crashing several times  and then having to  walk for miles and miles around countless parcels of banned land It was dark by the time I reached the coast again

 and I practically fell in to the sea with mental and pixel exhaustion.(awww)

 The next part of the journey mainly involved swimming and climbing round (ban lines? ) (yes them ) and over  the steep cliffs that overhung the ocean in this part of the world.

I did take a  boat ride along the way

It didn’t last long

 I did this until I had eventually made my way to the coastal part of the  snow lands.

  I was quite familiar with some of the sims here. During my bus tour phase of SL I had spent some time trying to find  routes through the snow to join up the  sparse road system  .  I headed up to the large cathedral that stands in  Snowball  

I had passed by here many times and it was a familiar landmark for me .   The cathedral was built by Cat Driver and based on the Notre Dame cathedral in France . . Cat was a member of the Kuhrang open air association , a group in SL who’s statement reads We all need our privacy sometimes, but blocking off ones land creates a maze of no fly zones that make it hard to get around. KOAA is a group of citizens that have agreed to keep their land open during times when they don’t require privacy so that others may fly freely about. Ultimately KOAA strives to create a more open environment and a neighborly community for the people of Kuhrang. KOAA also serves as an open community forum. feel free to invite others to join!……

 What an excellent group

 by the way Kuhrang is the sim above and  adjacent to Snowball and Sled.

 It was a shame when I got in to the cathedral  that some noob or griefer had decided to try their hands at rezzing prims 

  the rotters ( yare  lame brains ).    I left the cathedral through the north exit and stumbled into a land orb I just managed to escape by the skin of my teeth from being sent back home. It only gave me 10 seconds and I was on the edge of a sim so I only just finished elastic banding and had to cross back in a hurry Grrr. Further over in the next sim Sled there was a slightly smaller Cathedral also built by Cat,

so I took a look around this as well. It was beautifully constructed . 

 I made my way slowly along the coast after that sometimes having to detour the odd parcels . It was very pretty in parts 

 A lot of  folks who lived here had maintained that winter wonderland feel with snowy pines and log cabins. 

 Through Risoul, Caberfae, Trolhaugen and Klaw I  continued trudging  through the deep snow. At the very corner of Klaw there was a huge prim scenery board that had been rezzed with snowy mountain scenery on one side.

 It was odd but I understood why it had been put up It was to hide the other scenery board on the far edge where somebody had decided that the snow wasn’t for them. How mad is that I thought.

 A beautiful snowy hillside on the coastline and you want  the Caribbean . Why bother buying land here ?  The mind boggles as they say.(who says?)  (The people who say things when they can’t comprehend stuff) (what like you ? you mean)

 I made my way down to the corner and plunged in to the icy sea.

 I had to get round this monstrosity of a board somehow luckily for me someone had made a warming fire on top of the ice flow which helped ward the cold off for a while , 

 but I still needed to dive in again to get around the board.  I think I actually went under it in the end immediately feeling warmer as I arrived on the other side  🙂  

On the other side was a store and something called Art box

 I had been to an Art box installation before briefly. I don’t think it had been here at the time  I remember it on a private sim somewhere.  The Art box group make famous pictures in to 3d scenes that you can set yourself in to and become part of the art work.  I had put myself in the Scream by Edvard Munch.

 A year back now (my how time flies) ,  I’d seen Dale Innis and a friend  pose for several pics  at Artbox and  I didn’t want to put the same ones on my blog here so   I checked up on which ones they had done , ( all the best ones by the looks of it) (hmm  maybe ) I looked around for a picture that would suit  and chose  a picture by Dali  one of my favorites   Dream caused by the flight of a Bee around a pomegranate. It seemed an appropriate painting for second life, hardly out-of-place at all  in fact this sort of situation is quite common in second life 🙂

this is the original    ……

and this is the one  I managed to do

Yes  I know  not that great

. It was very hard to get the angles right to take a decent photograph this was about as near as I could manage .

(yes yes , I’m naked get over it , It’s art)

(I didn’t say a word)

There was only one other store on this side of the board selling apps for some sort of virtual iphone. 

In the middle of  the store  there was a large square hole with a drain that ran under the shop and an abandoned shopping trolley and childs toy floating in the water,  cool, that’s art   🙂  .

  Out side the shop there was this  sign standing on the jetty

which  I quite liked but nothing else there to hold my attention so moving on from the shop I had proceeded to walk some way in land to avoid those red straight things that eject you ( what?)(you knowthingies) (oh…them )  .

 From a distance I spotted a huge rainbow that crossed the valley where the automatic train I had earlier travelled upon terminated.

 I made my way over to the rainbow but before I got there I found this neat little airship

 It was hovering over a large plot of empty land on the snowy hills. When I looked at the land owner (why I did this I have no idea just another one of those weird SL moments ) I found the land belonged to none other than Sachie Bade a fellow explorer and artist. (real artist)  how weird was that, (err sort of weird more just surprising ) ( oh come on to have found Sachie’s land amongst all these parcels of snow the first time I inspect the land!!?) (yare  ok  sort of weird). 

 I made my way down the slopes to one end of the great rainbow and just below the rainbow I found this handsome chap looking out over the valley

 ( see told you there was some cute animal pics in here) there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow  but he would do nicely 🙂

  I took a bubble up to the top of the rainbow as it was too steep to climb.

It was both very high and long and spanned the whole valley  which was known as Smithers Bluff . that was the whole sim name  actually.

 I managed to walk down the other side of the rainbow nearly the whole way just slipping off when it became vertical

and then I  wandered around the valley looking at various builds eventually heading towards what I had seen from on top of the rainbow, something called a space lift, it sounded kind of interesting  I imagined it might orbit you in some way .

 On the way I ran into Zooby the wolf who had got himself caught in a pond.

 I managed to free him, but by pushing him out  I somehow managed to knock my self off the grid .

 When I returned I scolded Zooby  (bad boy)

 and then went off to  find the space lift .

 When I got there  I went inside and  sat down, funnily enough  in a lift , this wasn’t as it turned out the actual space lift although  I suppose thinking about it , it might of been. 

 It took me up to a room with a Stargate type contraption in it

 but  after having messed about with the controls for a some while, trying to make a wormhole or something appear I gave up and left.  I found a place to rez the kayak again by the ocean

 and paddled for a short while down the coast until I reached Sognefjord ,named after the largest fjord in Norway.

At Sognefjord I came ashore and found an interesting project by Woolly Hax, where you could make different musical rhythms and sounds by holding various different sound spheres, as they were called.

I spent a while experimenting with these but it had been a long day and I was  getting tired.

  I jumped in to the sea  and swam for a while and looking under the water found an underwater art gallery set up by Tan Xevion with some interesting sculptures and paintings . (Was Tan a real artist  do you think ?) 

 ( Do you know what) (what?)  (I don’t think it really matter as long as the person viewing the art get’s some sort of emotional feedback an understanding of what the art is trying to convey that’s the important thing. It’s  not the person who made it it’s the Art itself )

(hmm agreed 🙂 )

The shoreline appeared to be ok for a while so I set off walking again but soon ran in to trouble from a large stretch of rental log cabins with ban lines everywhere. I got so frustrated at one point that I found a place on the rental land where the object removal had been turned off and rezzed some of my own ban lines which I had found on xstreet

I was going to leave them there but I felt guilty in not tidying them away . (I ‘d never make a griefer). (At least you gave it a go .   🙂   )

 So there you have it  for the time being . (what you mean  that’s it ? that’s as far as you went?  ) ( yes).  (Well actually I did go a bit further  but nothing really happened or held my interest and  I didn’t meet anyone  and  there’s no point  in putting that down here is there, I’ll just include it in the next post.) ( Oh  ok  well …  what now ? ) ( Nothing  the reader just  has to wait to find out what happens next  dun dun derrr) ( ooh   I bet they are on the edge of their seats ) (ha ha very funny)…

(hey) (what?) ,  (I thought you weren’t going to do all that thing with  me)  ( what? ) ( you know  me being  another coloured text in  brackets  ) (you mean parenthesis apparently that’s what Americans call curly brackets) (yes that’s what I mean)  (Well  I ‘ve   got sort of used to you being there now)   (so can I stay?)  (emmm yes   well maybe  If you promise to behave and don’t get in the way and just keep me company ok?) .  (awww  thanks  Nish )  Yw.  bye bye    . (bye) (hey isn’t there another video  )

oh yes   here it is 

 fit’s in nicely again  this one.   🙂


Do It again

•May 31, 2010 • 11 Comments

Hmmm this is going to be a strange one , I say strange not because it involves vampires or moths or anything like that it’s just that well it’s turned out  a bit disjointed  and instead of rounding off nicely, which I like it to do, it just never seemed to end and it also had a very difficult start . I’d say it’s been quite a gruelling leg of the tour, I’ve almost given up at times but that would never do. Ever onwards  round and round.  🙂

 One of the main reasons it’s taken so long  is that I just couldn’t get going. I tried and tried but every time I started I just hadn’t the will to carry on . whether it was that I just wasn’t finding anything to tell you about  or it was just me not being inspired I can’t really say. I mean I could have just  blabbed on like I am now filling this post with nonsense ramblings, It might give you something to read if you were really bored and in fact that’s what I almost ended up doing before I wrote this . 3000 words in on this post and I decided that I was just waffling on so much and hadn’t really anything to say and so I pulled the plug on it  to start again. I mean really start again I did the tour leg again. As a matter of fact I tried to do the thing again I think something like four times before I actually got going. It just wasn’t happening for me. Yes I tried to be something different  as usual. I started off as me then I tried touring as a Dragon then as a lion then I tried doing the thing on horse back. It was mainly the lag that stopped me on these, but also   I just wasn’t feeling right. I don’t know how many hours I did touring using the various Av’s before I thought NO I’m going    do it again.

 This time I bought myself a canoe which I’ve wanted to do for some time. Not an Indian canoe but a sea kayak a proper touring one complete with drink bottle .I’ve had a far better journey than by going in any alternative av or by horse back . the kayak has been a dream to handle, I haven’t had to contend with missing limbs or sliding along the ground rather than walking, sure I’ve hit a few ban lines and been catapulted home from security systems but my boat has weathered the storm and got me (as I write this ) a fair way down the eastern coastline of Sansara . Why it is that I’ve taken so long to even begin this leg well apart from being artsy and making and exhibiting stuff at the UWA I’ve just had other stuff RL and SL to do and to deal with no excuses because I don’t really need any, just an apology to anyone who might possibly be wanting to hear my next thrilling bit of narrative lol.

It seems a shame to waste all those other attempts at doing it again so I’m going to combine them all and then perhaps I’ll get something more whole

Yes ok  I can hear you saying (or is that me)    “Can you please just get on with it”. “This is after all a tour blog”.

  Ok ok patience I just need to get a few of these other  voices out from my head and I’ll be right with you.      (what voices)  { who said that}    🙂       .

(You wouldn’t have wanted to read the earlier version that I deleted. It went on and on and on…………….)     hmm right. ok  enough.   [you heard her ]

 This leg of the tour has been shall we say probably the  longest for me and my av’s  but then again it’s had a few highlights and I’m sure there’ll be bits to interest you (try’s to think back …. Errm) {zzzzzzz} [Zzzzzz]  

One thing I have done on this leg has been to take a lot of photos so I think to save you from me, waffling on any longer I will show you the pics and try to tell you roughly where they were taken and maybe why or whats going on.  They might be a bit out-of-order but I’ll try my best to make sense of them…………….     

 Ok picture 1. (Shuffles through the endless virtual piles of photographs) .




OOps!!  🙂

 always wanted to do that joke of the wrong presentation slide      hee hee.  (has that ever happened for real? ) can’t quite rememberwhere I took that picture . I think I just liked the colour.

There we are ..  Thats me as though you didn’t already know that . Thats how I started off . 

I started off in many other ways  but this is  as good as any way  to start now.

Here I am where I last left off  at the tallest structure in Sl remember , the one made by Mariner Trilling which seems to have  disappeared

 I took a photo just to be sure I was in the right place.

There you  see Gone!! here today gone tomorrow that’s Sl for you things happen so quick

 Now this  pic above is just before I decided to do the tour as a Dragon . I’m on one of the little islands that are dotted about in the lake district of Sansara

There we go Slipped into something a little less comfortable  My Dragon Avatar . I got this from the Isle of Wyrms it’s a fantastic place I recommend seeing it if you haven’t already .The link I put here takes you to  the fantastic cathedral where the Dragon eggs are kept . They only give out so many av’s every equinox so I consider myself very lucky to have bagged myself this lovely astral dragon . It breathes planets and stars from its nostrils don’t you know 🙂

There’s a website that tells you all about them.

I really must go back there when I get the time.

Look at all those colours and options you can fiddle about with  on the Dragon’s Hud

The pic  shows me  going down near the end of  the first bit of road in Coniston. I did several times  you can see the end of the freeway ahead It was sort of trying to tell me something. The freeway ends here ! .


Here’s me trying again as a lion this time

then on horse back

then I went twice more as default me  but by then I didn’t bother with a pic

 I did get a bit further than the sign with Dragon.  Here I am near the sea in Langdale with a guard dog .  Interestingly enough this seemed to be some sort of Port  with cranes and mysterious crates being transported around the place  I had my suspicions about  it as there had recently been some disappearances  of pregrid artifacts in the forest of Kahruvel . When I tried to look inside they were empty as far as I could see but there are ways of disguising primage.

 I took a few more pics just incase it may come in handy in the future , you know court cases and legal stuff.

There were two guard dogs there luckily I get along with most animals so they didn’t attack me I hope they don’t get in to trouble .

I tried to unload the boxes using the forklift truck. Maybe  I should have broken into one to see what was inside but I might have damaged the goods  best just record what was going on and carry on my way.

Not sure what I’m doing here looks like I’m just sticking my bum out as I  continue along the road. I do that sometimes when I’m not doing anything else , it helps pass the time  lol

  I’m guessing a bit but I think I’m  in Derwent here  or not far away There was this place called a Knowledge park  mainly with landmarks to points of interest

I found a lemonade stall in front of it where you could hand out lemonade  but nobody was around so I just stood there looking  dumb. wondering if anyone ever managed to give anyone some lemon.

I had a few slurps of the stuff myself .It does make me thirsty drinking virtual drinks  I often have to replenish my glass in rl whilst I’m trying to square up the virtual glass with my mouth. It’s so hopeless this animation it’s about time someone came up with a better one  actually they probably have   and if they haven’t then I’m going to give it a go. Wouldn’t it be nice to hold your glass elegantly and sip  rather than constantly knock the stuff down in one usually missing your mouth by a mile .

This is Sarana (sounds or looks a bit like Sansara)( I don’t mean Sarana looked like Sansara just her name)

 I don’t meet many people  as I’ve said before  but when I do, I like to get  a pic with them. We both look a little moody here and  I seem to have a wonky eye aswell. I have got an emote so I could have smiled but I hate my smile.

 Sarana was fairly new to SL and was finding it a bit  hard to get to grips with things. I doubt if she’s reading  this but if so Hi Sarana hope you’re enjoying SL a bit more and hopefully found something you like doing.

There was a boat rezzer near the Port in Langdale, obviously if you were stealing artifacts from the forest of Kahruvel  you would need a quick getaway if someone caught you  .  I rezzed one and headed out to sea.

This is me back as a dragon also in Langdale not far from the port . this is  after I had found an American football pitch with a vehicle rezzer on it. Don’t ask me why it had a vehicle rezzer on it  but it did  and at the time a monster truck seemed a good idea to ride around on,  especially as I was  a dragon. 🙂

I think just after riding around on a monster truck I sort of  gave up with being a dragon I did make an attempt at getting over to the Islandia sims but I just felt a bit big and awkward with everything . I’m not saying dragons haven’t got a place in touring  I just think they are probably better off flying around and I didn’t want to fly around all the time , you don’t get to see as much .

 Arh yes  now this is when I tried using a hover board (still in Langdale)   It was a free one that I had tucked inside my inventory  I’ve since deleted it  sometimes you pay for what you get  and this turned out to be pure rubbish .

I made it this far to Torver as a lion I swam out to a floating  island with  lots of trees on it . It reminded me of the eco dome  place I had found where I had got the idea about a butterfly house.

Maybe it was  like that originally and the owner had the dome taken off to save prims

 This is where I started changing back  to human form always an awkward moment  best done under the cover of trees

 I love my lion avatar but sometimes body bits vanish when its laggy and as for crossing sims it takes for ages to rearrange yourself , so not a good av to travel any distance in.

If you look close you’ll see I still kept my lion feet for a while  they felt like those big comfy slippers you can get or used to get from Woolies  and walking this tour has given me a few blisters to say the least. Wouldn’t it be great to have lion feet  (thinks ) Actually it would be great to be a lion  apart from when you were hungry and had to kill something hmm

Before I swam over to the island I wandered over (Actually I got lost and wandered the wrong way) to a freebie place in Stone pike with hundreds of free items.   Most of the stuff I’d seen before even purchased  for free elsewhere . A lot of dross mainly  But occasionally you can find a gem maybe a script hidden within a full perm product or a clothing accessory that looks just right with something expensive you’ve already purchased. For people entering in to SL life they are a godsend.  I still have my Cowgirl t-shirt I got from the freebie dungeon but I seem to have lost my red  mandarin top, don’t know where that went.  There are lots of  other things that I hang on to for  erm..  not   sure really maybe for sentiment .   I guess I  should have another  inventory clear out soon   🙂  when i wandered over as  a lion a guy who was standing there pretended to be scared of me . I’m never really sure whether or not I should speak or just growl . I growled this time but It didn’t make for much of a conversation. I think maybe with other lions I could talk.

here I am sailing away into a Classic Sl sunset I can’t say for certain where this was, I think in the void seas between The Islandia sims and the mainland.

My path after dismounting  from my horse took me in an easterly direction where I explored the northern Islandia sims . not strictly on my tour map but they are never the less attached to Sansara and I thought might make a pleasant excursion. My other restart which succeeded all the others and also the restart  which included the previous lemonade selling, missed out  the Islandia sims and had me purchase the kayak.

So the next set of pictures are of my excursion to the Islandia sims (I hope you can follow this) (if you can’t don’t worry I didn’t either). {I did} [well you would wouldn’t you]

I’m not completely clear on the whole story of the Islandia sims but it seems they were made in 2006 by Linden Labs  to sell off as complete and the well-known land baron Anshe Chung  bought them up and controversially  terraformed them.

  Because they were set out on their own sticking out in to the void as they did they also became known as  Nerevoyde

There are three empty or void sea covered sims separating Islandia from the mainland of Sansara they are  Moses ,Bevel and Carmichael to cross them I chose a submarine I had got as a freebie at Abbots aerodrome. I also went over by sailboat as you saw earlier.

Now this is a quality freebie it works well, has good control, bubbles,  colour changes, noises.

Here I am investigating a green dot on the radar and finding  an unformed cloud av

I tried making contact with it but to no avail I think it was stuck in limbo  poor soul

I got to the coast of Montserrat and swam up an inlet  and into the Northern  Islandia sims.

From there I walked east down a long straight road occasionally cutting across the land to look at stuff

there was a nice field of flowers and cherry trees by the long lake that stretched parallel to the roadside

and just past that I found a box of fireworks for sale

  I quite liked them so bought a box. Don’t knows when I’ll use them but when the day comes I’ll be ready.  🙂

Back on the road I found I could actually rez stuff on it

I rezzed a map of the continent so I could see where I was heading and also just because I could

  It’s not like it’ll be there for long if I leave it . Why aren’t all roads like this? Why do we at have to have rez areas along the roadside or on the old roads find a friendly place to rez our vehicles and whatever. Why is that? 

This is me petting a little dog  I think a staffy who I found outside an office block .

This is incidental to the tour but have you tried derezzing stuff with the emerald viewer I’ve only just started using emerald just to see what all the fuss was about and  I didn’t know what derezz did first of all I mean it sounds obvious but I was a bit frightened when I tried it on a building and it just disappeared . After consulting Google I found how to bring it back by changing group title but it seemed quite an awesome power to have. Along with the ability to have bouncing boobs I could take over this world I’m sure.

There was a really annoying noise in the office that the dog and myself were outside so I tried derezzing stuff to see where it was coming from  I thought it was from the computer

I ended up derezzing half the office till I found it was coming from a van that had somehow got stuck under the foundations

Whilst derezzing I got to thinking how people see the world in different ways and how If I wanted I could have derezzed everything around me and had beautiful views of the open countryside . .  It was like when they brought windlight out and said that maybe estate owners could have their own settings so that everyone saw the same sort of weather. It seemed a bit strange to me that some people would see a blood-red sky and purple sea while I saw  it in default mode. Maybe it’s a selfish thing but I felt that I wanted people to share the same views as I was seeing. It didn’t feel right that we could be in our own tiny worlds the world seems segregated enough I mean for one thing if we all saw it different  how could we discuss the weather 🙂  (what do you mean we don’t discuss the weather in SL) {well we don’t there is no weather although we could discuss the lack of weather} [ I think you’ve already done that]

I could see at the end of the road  some sort of castle

It turned out to be Alienbear castle a vast  store that sold beautiful jewellery. I’d actually been here before and hadn’t realised where it was on the map

It’s a very big castle to display jewellery in. Look at all that carpet must have cost a fortune. I suppose when you think about it A big store is handy in SL when you get huge av’s like my dragon dropping in . Not that dragons could easily wear the small pieces of jewellery sold here.

I looked around the castle for a while trying to find something with butterflies on it but I couldn’t.

So I moved out of the castle and ventured to the end of the road

I was at the end of the sims staring out into the void. I have been warned about the void, it’s a dangerous place many avatars have come to a sticky end in this unknown quantity. The thing is there’s something about it that has always fascinated me. I remember when I lived in my first home by the sea I lived relatively near the edge of the sim and I would often see objects and even people appear like ghosts across the edge in that strange soup of zero’s and ones (digital sea) . The people I saw would sometimes be animated as though going about their everyday second lives but they  didn’t seem to hear when spoken to. I had no idea what it was all about then and I still have very little knowledge of what go’s on there now. Perhaps it is a way of contacting other virtual worlds, maybe it records  avatars and objects else where on the grid . There is I’m sure some immensely powerful forces at work within this seemingly empty space. They  shouldn’t be mucked about with people not in the know. like me that is  🙂  Trouble is I just find stuff like this fascinating  I want to test the boundaries as it were .

This is me trying to walk into the void  I know I shouldn’t and  I’ll get stuck one day .

After trying to walk into the void for some while. I gave up and I made a physical cube  just like I did in the rabbit hole experiment(What experiment was that) you know the one I did last but one post a while back now.  I pushed the cube and it fell  forward and  tumbled down the slope and got pushed back towards me.  I continued to do this until I managed to push it off the edge and make it disappear into the void “Your object has gone off world” it was returned to me . I wondered if the prim had changed in some strange way but it looked and behaved as any normal prim but who knows it might have changed and I just couldn’t see . I gave up voidpushing and moved over to the north side of the north Islandia sims where it was perpetually covered in snow like a miniature version of the snowlands in Sansara

 I found this side riddled with ban lines and I had difficulty getting anywhere. At one stage I ended up going completely in a circle trying to avoid them

 In the end I moved back to the road . I noticed it wasn’t a Linden road it had instead been made by someone called Tessa Harrington of Unreal designs I thought maybe she had been  a sort of  forerunner to the moles. the actual road was owned  by Ryan Linden his name crops up all over the place.

My next set of pictures come from the two times I made a diversion over to Linden Village which lies somewhere around Waterhead in  the Sansara lake district. I was still hoping to meet a Linden and get a picture with them.

 BUT…….Before I made my second journey over to Linden village I teleported  over to Newport Bay in the  the Blake sea where I bought my sea kayak

I must say I got a great feeling from being out near the Blake Sea. I haven’t been this way since I came over with my friend Kou to  Nautilus . I’ve always liked being near the water and now that the Blake sea sims have been joined to the  mainland it kind of got me thinking that I’d like to live out this way with  all that sea and the  islands to explore. So maybe I’ll look into it when I finish the tour. That  was the message wasn’t it, FREE WAY ENDS maybe I should go back to premium  and start paying . funny how these things hit you.

Now this is so cool why I didn’t buy one before,  the animation is brilliant Some things are definitely worth spending  out on

ah yes the freebie shop at Stone pike again

 In a kayak you get so close to the wildlife

I made my way down to Great Urswick then came ashore.

 Remember I’m on my way to Linden Village  the home of the Lindens (Yes we do Get on with it) {ok ok}

I noticed several large bunnehs lying around in the sunshine

Tearing myself away from these cuddly floppsy bobtails I set off cross-country towards Linden village

Just a bit further down the coast on my other trip to Linden village I rezzed a balloon

I did try going over land by my friend Kou’s wonderful paraglider  but forgot I needed a hill to take off from and crashed in to the sea

I landed the balloon in Sawrey at a science fiction cinema  owned by Cube Inada. 

 I thought I recognised the name.  Cube often comments on Prokofy Neva’s blog ; Second thoughts  I can never understand what Cube is on about most of the time he seems to be speaking a different language, then again a lot of the time in SL when I listen to conversations, I  have no idea what people are on about . They seem to speak in a  disjointed slang,  It doesn’t seem to be what I’d call normal conversation but perhaps its just my lack of intellect. (you hit it on the head there) {yare thickie} [lol]

 The cinema itself was up in the sky so I teleported up to take a look

I never have much luck with cinemas in SL  and after I had bought some popcorn and settled down I clicked on the screen to start the film and immediately froze and had to relog

When I relogged a message told me I couldn’t go to the place I wanted to and I was being taken to the nearest place available. The place I ended up in was actually the infohub at Zindra…… 

 Funny that an adult area,     I’m not age verified    I never thought I’d ever go to Zindra as I don’t want to give LL or any other company come to that , any more info than my credit card . I’m insured against internet fraud with my credit card. I’m certainly not giving my passport details or driving licence out,  I might come home one night and find someones taken my place that I’m no longer who I was . (who are you) {I’m me} [no you’re not]  I’m not  very trusting with information on the net but that aside what the hell was I doing in Zindra .  Oh well I was tempted to look around as I might never see this place again but I didn’t really  have time so I tp’d back to the cinema  successfully this time and logged out for the night. ( thinks back to the first pic) I’m sure I didn’t take any photos there hee hee 🙂

The next day after logging in back at Sawrey I decided to give the cinema another go   I was pleasantly surprised when the film started without a hitch

unfortunately for me the film sucked big time  🙂

I tp’d down and made my way across to Caldbeck.

across the river right on the bend was a sort of domed tent surrounded by pieces of equipment . I moved over to take a closer look . It turned out to be the home of none other than the Changhigh Trinity Sisters the dance group that I  had raved about during burning life . I remember them putting on this fantastic show of Music  light and dance .

There was nobody around so I was just about to get up on the trapeze when I noticed someone had tp’d in over the other side of the stage . I looked over and saw it was one of the Dancers. I quickly got down and made my way over to her .  I said hello but she seemed busy doing something and didn’t answer. I waited around for a while but she remained indulged in her activities so I left and headed down the river

Linden Village from what I could find of it wasnt much to write home about . I would (if I hadn’t had some inclination as to what the Linden’s were like) have expected an architectural show piece of outstanding builds . Great palaces of crystal and beautiful sculptures,  museums,  libraries, ……..well guess what  🙂

there was this stone edifice that was sort of …interesting………not

and I found some prims that Dan and Kelly Linden had rezzed in what looked like an effort to get the basics of building out-of-the-way

DAN : “so that’s your basic prims , that’s a coloured prim and that there Kelly is a flexi”

KELLY : ” er  yawn  right yar… thanks Dan can we get back to that spreadsheet now  I’m still having trouble seeing why these numbers are going  down  ”

The whole place lagged like crazy for some reason . My swimming AO which usually works pretty well  just made me hop about the water like a demented frog and swim about in the air.

this is me waiting for a Linden to turn up .

this is me on my other visit still waiting for a Linden

I did however spot Hamlet  Au from New world notes  up on top of a building. he was “away”, perhaps he was waiting for a Linden to arrive as well. It didn’t look as though there were any news stories for him or anyone else to report .

 I spotted a tour balloon up on the  bank opposite me in Ambleside so I  made my way over.

Look simple instructions

1 Sit in seat

2 Wait……………………………………………………………………………………………………

3  Whispers  cannot start ….path not loaded.

4 try going somewhere else {where} (possibly another world where stuff does work and the people who run it care if it does)

I flew over to the Linden village landing point in Kirkby which is basically designed for new citizens to get to grips with SL I wasn’t impressed. It looked ancient and I don’t mean the design  It just looked very 2006. not exactly a show piece more like a lego building.

 It should have been put away in a museum somewhere . Is that harsh?  Maybe I’m just disappointed with not finding a Linden.

 I did wait up fairly late. Then again knowing me I’d probably be too shy to say hello. On the plus side I did manage to bag a Jeska Linden bear (is that a plus?)  {oh yes } 🙂

 Before I trekked back to the sea I took a look at a place on the Caldbeck shore that taught people how to recognise heart murmurs 

There’s got to be everything here in second life hasn’t there.  haha   :))

each patient had a plaque on the wall you could click on and listen to the heart beat

I clicked and waited at the various signs but unfortunately I couldn’t hear a thing probably the lag although I suppose   they might of all  been dead .

Time I think for a break from this multi dimensional tour. {no come on let’s carry on }  No  just a quick break  some music would be nice  and I think this one sums things up nicely.

 I started  heading back to the coast and   I logged off  before I got there and as I was logging back in the emerald viewer gave me a glimpse of a sim designed on Le Mont Saint Michel in France. the viewer gave you a oppurtunity to visit there so I did and I thought it was brilliant. now if Linden village landing point had been a patch on this it would surely have inspired a few more people to hang around in SL . 

Here’s a few pics I put in a  sideshow for you .

After making my way back to the sea and my paths had finally merged  I set about heading south around the coast as quickly as I could only stopping occasionally to take a pictures mainly of wildlife

I spotted this little guy running up the beach  isn’t he cute.

Have you noticed the number  really bad drivers in SL.

I hope there were no patients aboard this ambulance. I suppose it could have been picking up  battered fish and taking them to have an operation performed by  the sturgeon        (Sry)  🙂    {so you should be}

by the time I got to Dearham it was getting dark

I had to come ashore to move round some ban lines

 I walked quite a way down the coast to find a plaice (enough with the fish jokes) to rez the kayak.

As I crossed the border in to Bassenthwaite I noticed two beautiful big yachts moored up on a jetty

I couldn’t resist having a peek in them as there was nobody around I didn’t actually go inside just looked through the window . The yachts were heavy on the prims with everything rezzed and I wasn’t sure there was a  need for a kitchen  but it did look really nice.

I carried on walking  and Just round the corner and  right on the edge of Black Mire and Lingmell I came upon  a smallish red house sitting on the coastline

When I actually got to the house I was delighted to find that it actually belonged to Frogg Marlowe of  Frogg and Jaycatt, two splendid musicians whom I had seen twice now , Once in Luskwood 

 and the other time at burning life.

 Luckily for me just as I reached the house,  Frogg  accidently teleported back home from a concert that they were just finishing up in Lusk

I said hello quickly and he said hi back , but then   he said he had to tp back to the show quickly to finish off a couple of songs . I hung around for a while and after the show had finished he came back to the house and I got to take a picture with him 🙂  🙂 much better than any silly Linden pic  Hee hee. 🙂

The next part of the trip simply flew by. There were few incidents and the kayak was still handling well

the water was calm

with a few waves here and there

Along the way I stopped a few times to look at the view

and rest a while..  I found this skateboard in a sim called Findlater  there was a tent pitched on the shore that I had an overnight stay in.

there was still plenty of wildlife around mainly dolphins .

At Inverloch  I came ashore to stretch my legs and found some abandoned land with  a big dog  called Akamaru standing on it 

 I looked  him up on wiki and he is a character from a Japanese anime.  He looked very friendly and I felt a bit sorry for him left here on abandoned land  but he wouldn’t come with me when I called him so I had to leave him there perhaps his owner will come back and claim him some day

he looked like he was waiting for something or someone 😦

This lovely lady cephalopod was paddling on the south-east coast of Moy when I met her

After  a long paddle I got down to  to Gulquac and stopped to look at some ruins sticking out from the sea

The place was called Shangri La

Around the top of a glowing lamp like structure there were many gulls calmly standing around on a wall just under the sea’s surface

As I approached the structure the gulls went absolutely crazy making a hideous and completely eerie squawking sound

It was quite unnerving they started flying and dive bombing the sea goodness knows what they were protecting  I could make out a floor and columns  and sparkly stuff but I didn’t hang around for too long  the noise was horrendous

Further on down the coast under the sea, what appeared to be houses  and possibly stores for Merfolk stretched for some way  beneath the cliff tops

There were streams aswell  under the sea!!!  most odd.

At Tirol I took a turn west away from the Southern Islandia sims and headed towards a river that ran parallel to the open sea sims separating the mainland .

When I entered the river mouth I noticed  there was  wreckage  beneath the water 

Maybe the wrecks were from storms or possibly  they had just sunk due to neglect

The river that ran from Powder Mill to Pinehouse was very pretty   the folks that lived along this stretch  had taken pride in keeping it so

I left the Kayak at the end of the River and walked up into the sim of Teslin

Cecilia Delacroix had built a wonderful park  here with many attractions

among them was a cable car ride

an undersea adventure trail  with diving suit supplied


An art gallery of Cecilia’s photos

And my favorite an aeriel runway .  There was much more besides. but It was time to go.

  Multi time touring takes it out of you. You can only actually blog in multi dimensions you have to actually do the tour in mono again and again. 

 So picking up my paddle I wearily trudged across the sim towards the seaand the south coast of Sansara.

And that about  raps it up for now. 

 It would have been nice to travel all the paths at the same time  and keep myself company ,  it sort of gets a bit lonely out here on the perimeter. Still I might have ended up arguing with myself as to which route to go  and how  to get there and what av to do it in  and  I don’t want to start doing that now do I . (No you wouldn’t want to do that )   {nothing wrong in arguing with yourself}  [yep I do it all the time ]

  CYA.  🙂

 ^ END ……….

soror’s Exhibition

•March 23, 2010 • 6 Comments

Well that was a coincidence or not I’m not sure !!

 In my last post I was musing on art and virtual design amongst other stuff and low and behold I’m working away on some finishing textures for the Steelhead butterfly house and a guy called Jayjay who happened to be the sim owner comes up to me saying he really liked the house and would I consider putting it in for a competition that the university are holding. You see at the time I was working in the SL sandbox of the University of Western Australia and they happen to have this art competition going on. well I said that I didn’t think the butterfly house was really art but Jajay said there was this other flagship competition which is more of an architectural thing, I think the winners design could actually be used at the RL university, not that they were looking for a butterfly house more an art gallery but he said it didn’t matter too much he even entered my little hummingbirds into the art part of the competition which has got me even more confused about art  🙂 

So anyway I’ve entered the competition and It’ll be nice to have my creation seen by a few more people but that wasn’t what I posted here about today. Really that was just the background because, whilst putting the finishing touches of flowers butterflies etc to the butterfly house before entering it, I was paid a visit by soror Nishi, I’m sure you must of heard of her, she does this wonderful art with sculpted trees , flowers and landscapes all with an amazing, stunning wonderful texturing It’s sort of like a multicoloured stunning, cartoon alien world art and I absolutely love it,   🙂 

Whilst she was looking around the butterfly house soror invited me to an exhibition of some of her work which was being held by Juanita Deharo (another amazing artist) at her Virtual treeline gallery so I went along and was very glad I did. I’ve taken a few pictures in case you have never seen her work before. Obviously you have to be there to get the full 3D effect. So if you like what you see here, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy a visit. I’m not sure how long it’s on for, so hurry along to the gallery  a.s.a.p and you’ll not be disappointed.

CHANGES part 2

•March 15, 2010 • 9 Comments


 I’m here in Purple but where is everything???

Here I was ready to start the next leg of the tour .I thought I’d do this next section of the journey as a tiny purple bunneh. well why not ? 🙂

 Can you see the cute little bunneh 

there that’s better. Oh how sweet  but what lurks underneath? 🙂

There was something that annoyed me about the avatar that I had bought. It was cute and a rabbit and it was purple and  you’d think that would be enough to satisfy me and I must say  I’m not totally criticising it because it did what it said on the package  and I don’t know how else you’d make an avatar this small. (The new Viewer 2 someone shouts) (later not now I don’t want to deal with that right now) 🙂 

The thing is, when I look underground as I inevitably do and I look a little too close ,I get a glimpse of my concealed self. You have to put all that mass of avatar somewhere but it sort of puts me off having a mangled up naked body trailing along underneath me :).

Just a bug with invisi prims I guess. So what I’m going to do is,(hmmm thinks) yes I’m going back to default me. Boring maybe but I always end up as me I’ve been me  for too long to change I’m not that good at change.


I did buy a shoulder bunny with animated head and tail  instead and he’s rather cute too and next time I promise to try harder to have a go at change because change is good. Isn’t it??

Now getting back to where I began. Where was everything?

 What had happened to the beach house and landing stage and that funny little rabbit with antlers stuck to its head 🙂 taking a quick look at the land told me Purple was up for sale. The whole of it was up for sale good gracious me; gosh 🙂 I didn’t know purple was owned by one person in the first place. It’s a nice sim to own though especially with the coastline and easy connections by rail and ferry to surrounding Sims  . I click and buy the land for $3000000. I’ve had a good day and sold several pairs of binoculars ha-ha if only 🙂 Wow that is a lot of money. You either need to have some disposable cash or a good business, possibly renting the land out to afford a place like this. Think of all that mainland tier, $195 a month. I guess to some people it’s not that much of a layout .

After scouring the area just to see if the owners have left anything interesting behind (which they hadn’t ) I move on. I’m still thinking about what I could build if I had all that land. My friend  Head had suggested I try Open sim  but it all seems a bit techy for me at the moment and  I want as many people as possible to see my creations. It’s an attention seeking thing maybe but I don’t initially make things with that intention.

   Heading east I pass a couple of grand American Victorian looking buildings.

 I know this of course from my time in Steelhead. Lovely old buildings they are as well actually the second one is a bit more fortified than the first more medieval I’d say. Not that I’m a historian but I’m taking an interest in these things now So that’s good isn’t it that new interests are sparked by being in this world . There is definitely something for everyone here you just have to find it.(Search is a good starting point) I tend to drift from one interest to another, that reflects my RL as well. I never tend to stick to things for long although I have managed to stick at this virtual world thing for a while now. Maybe because of the diversity of interests within this world and being able to pick and choose what I do has helped. there are no massive outlays of money for a start this has also helped. I’d be broke by now if I tried all the things I’ve tried here in RL.

You do still have to work at things if you want them to be right though. I know this from my building. Anyone can build in SL its fun and it’s relatively easy to pick up. But to build something good that looks good whether it be a fantasy mushroom table with dolphin flipper legs or hi tech space weaponry with hundreds of complicated scripts, you need to work on your skills. The early bits and bobs that I used to build, I look at them now and think how bad they are and I dare say, when and if I, or even SL itself is still around in a few years time I’ll look at stuff that I build now and cringe . I do have a need to create but I wouldn’t call myself an artist, just a builder of virtual reality not a creator of fantasy and ideas, there is a difference in how an artist perceives the world around them and interprets that in their creations. I wish I could do that but I don’t think it’s something you can learn.

So what does this have to do with anything? well nothing much mainly just my thoughts on things, you know getting them out of my head and all that but the thoughts were strangely sparked off whilst I was looking at some Linden built road in Sido. Linden built road this is, not mole built I hasten to add. I’m not going to say which Linden built this particular road that I was looking at and It’s not the only example of Linden building that I’ve come across where the structure on initial appearance would seem to have been built fairly quickly and without much care.

Looking at the new mole built roads they appear carefully laid down with nice texturing and an eye for detail,

(See how they curve the road and texture  around the bend.)

 built by skilled builders whom I hope as they say  were picked for their building art, and scripting  skills. In fact going by what I’ve seen so far, I’m sure they were. Now this example of the old Linden built road that I was looking at seemed to show a disregard for detail and planning. Just a quick rez plonk it down roughly level and not to worry if the textures are not quite lined up or come to that whether the prims themselves are lined up correctly.

 Then I began to think. Perhaps that’s my non artistic eye looking at it. maybe this road set as it is in a virtual world could be considered a form of art It did really get me thinking about what was classified as art and whether having things precisely right was all that important. Maybe it was the idea of the road being there that was important .Could it be that an artist would lay down a road different from a builder . In RL some things just wouldn’t function if they were built incorrectly. But here they don’t have to. Things don’t have to be to scale.  In a virtual world RL precision serves no real purpose (except of course in certain real life role-playing situations) Even driving a car was sort of roleplay it was a fairly pointless exercise when you could fly or tp. Maybe that’s why artists are so prevalent in SL with no RL constraints including gravity. There are no real limits here with the exception of material/tier and subscription costs possibly. Ok this is going nowhere and isn’t making a lot of sense, a bit like the last post in a way 🙂 still I’ll carry on and maybe like monkey’s writing the complete works of Shakespeare, something will make sense in the end.(some hope )  🙂 . So imperfect roads or not, I decided to walk on them for a while as they were close to the coast line. I stopped at a little shack by the side of the road to get my bearings

and then I moved on and stopped further along the road to take a look at a sign for the W.S.P.A. (The World Society for the protection of Animals).

This obviously took my interest as they were campaigning for animal rights. I am a patron for several animal rights and welfare charities in RL and I try to contribute and support their campaigns as often as possible but I wish sometimes that the campaigners of these various charities would band themselves together under one flag for greater strength. Just because they have different ideas on how to campaign does not mean they want different things. There are so many smaller organisations that would benefit from working under a united front. And I think this go’s for similar charitable causes in general. That saying, I do think virtual worlds are a relatively cheap and worthwhile place to make people aware of the work they do .

 bla bla bla there I go again  II STOP Right that’s definitely enough of the rabbiting . (For the time being)…On with the tour……>>>>>>>>> FORWARD.

After looking at the signs for the WSPA I started off down the road and found myself back to where I had come from back at the little hut by the side of the road.

Oh dear my directions were really messed up I think I travel north and south better than I travel from west to east 🙂 i should take heed of the map more. I set off again with intent on getting my direction right this time checking the map every now and then to be sure. I was approaching the volcanic island Sims and looking at the map I could see what appeared to be a huge volcano in the sim of Mahulu There was a river stretching down from the crater rim so I rezzed a boat on the coast of Palulop and set sail .

There was no wind as usual and for some unfathomable reason I don’t like to cheat by using false wind so after a while I switched the motor on. The scenery began to change to a sort of volcanic ash grey and the grass became greener I guess do to the high nutrient content of the soil.

I headed up in to the mouth of the river and managed to push myself underneath a low bridge.

There is a command for making the boat phantom but I can never remember it, still it makes things more fun getting under obstacles by pushing them.

The river wound round a series of bends and then it split with a second distributary heading off to the sea whilst the main body of the river sat higher than the two streams and flowed over a fall.

 There was a small temple structure with a landing jetty to my left so I moored up and stepped ashore. On the other side of the waterfall there was a blue disc like object floating in the water which said touch to rez an inflatable boat

 so I touched it and sure enough received an inflatable boat. when I sat in the boat the boat said “ You are not the owner” but then said, “But that’s ok “ which I thought was quite funny . One thing I think that everyone tries when they first arrive in SL is to sit on or in a vehicle that does not belong to them. Usually you just get kicked off, occasionally you’re sent skywards but you soon learn the “ This vehicle does not belong to you” message which is written in to most vehicle scripts.

 The inflatable boat also told me that it had a leak but would probably last the journey up the river 🙂 . I took my chances and headed upstream. The boat did appear to have a leak as it had said, but it managed to carry me up the river eventually to a high fall cascading down from a small but fairly deep tarn.

Above this I could see a suspension bridge traversing the gorge above.

I deflated the boat and jumped ashore making my way up to the tarn (Not Gorean riding bird) above the tarn a huge rock jutted out from the slope. When I checked on it I found it to be even bigger than I thought as it was buried deep in to the hillside.

I made it up to the top of the gorge and waiting on the flat plain above I found four monkeys sitting around a black monolith

obviously a reference to the film 2001 A Space Odyssey. In the film when the black  monolith on earth arrived everything changed.

Crossing the creaky suspension bridge I tracked over to the foot of the volcano that I had first seen on the map.

At the base of the crater I met a scripted polar bear called Coldfoot who held out his paw for me to shake.

 Coldfoot was under the impression he was at the North Pole but seemed to be enjoying the heat generated from the nearby volcano although luckily it was not hot enough to melt his igloo.

 Leaving Coldfoot I started climbing the steep crater side.

 I slipped a few times on the unstable lava rock but eventually got to craters edge. It was very high up.

There was a little platform on one side of the crater built by Ryan Linden and there was another at the very bottom built by Eric Linden. I think maybe the volcano had been scripted to explode at some stage. Whether it still did I didn’t find out.

It certainly didn’t do anything whilst I was there. Eric had also made the red lava that contained bubbles made by Ben Linden. I’m sure it was all meant to do something but didn’t any more, maybe someone can tell me what it did. Perhaps the moles can fix it if it’s broken 🙂 .Donning a space helmet for protection 🙂 I jumped down into the molten lava

 It was deep and I found absolutely nothing at the bottom


oh well you never know do you. I might have found the answer to life etc.

 but jumping into the deep crater had reminded me about something  the Bakers had said in a comment on a previous post  that I should take a look at the rabbit hole (as they had called it ) that they had discovered in Blackmount so while I was thinking about it I thought I would go see it so that’s what I did .

There’s nothing like a bit of spontaneity  . I teleported over and found the rabbit hole just as Baker had said with the odd-shaped spike thing seemingly being tugged towards the hole.

Most peculiar, a bit like the bugspikes I had found in Spinach

but the other way round.

  Now this was a very deep hole even maybe a little bit scary look at the depth of that thing.

 I decided to throw something down it first before venturing down myself. I rezzed a wooden cube on the piece of land adjoining the rabbit hole then edited it to a position over the top of the hole.

Then I made the cube physical and it dropped down into the hole. I watched as it hurtled down the shoot getting smaller and smaller eventually disappearing beneath the water that I could see near the bottom.

 Hmmm Oh well In for a penny in for a pound as they say And without hesitation I launched myself off the side of the steep rabbit hole edge and dropped like a stone wooooooooooooooAAAHHHHH.

 When I got to the bottom I found myself beneath the water and standing on a greyish rocky surface.

Just by me was my wooden cube which had safely made it down to the bottom. I experimented by sitting on the cube and pushing myself through the sides of the rabbit hole

 but found I could not go any further out than the edge of the cube.

 I moved the cube back in and pushed it slightly . the cube being still physical rolled around  a bit with me on it

 then suddenly went ballistic and shot out of the hole like a rocket, carrying me with it AHHHHHHHHHH 

I can’t remember where it took me mostly straight up I was too busy trying to get off the cube .

In the end I had to reboot.

 I’m guessing I was lucky to get away with my second life but there you go these things have to be tried. What risks I take for SL science  🙂

I figured it would be safer back inside the volcano:)

After I got back to the crater and had climbed out . I made my way down

I came back down to the river and near the landing stage I found another type of inflatable boat that I could rez 

and make my way back down to the sea at Olopue. I swam across the channel there to the road . Someone had built a large sort of landing strip with brightly coloured markings aswell as a couple of little creature things,

 most odd and interesting 🙂

I think the one on the right looked a bit like Mickey Mouse but without arms and legs and the one on the left was a cat but it’s ears were not finished or perhaps it didn’t need ears. Why would it need them ????  🙂

Around the corner in the sim of Laka I came across a funicular railway which is a train that goes up and down a cliff side usually pulled by cable.

This one was powered by water. I’ve looked it up and there is such a thing in RL there’s one down  in the county of Devon in England.

I took a ride down the cliff side in it . as I went down water was pumped from a tank beneath the train I’m not sure exactly how this worked but it was cleverly scripted to do so.

 At the bottom was a boat chandlers selling several different types of boats . I resisted the urge to buy one, my inventory seems pretty full of stuff at the moment  I was due for a stock take . Every now and then I take myself off ,usually to Mischief where I can sort through my inventory . Often rezzing stuff out on the beach that I have no idea what it will be until it’s standing there in front of me. It’s truly amazing the rubbish I pick up in world. as well as that I tend to hang on to half-finished building projects just incase I decide to carry on with them. I still end up keeping stuff that I know I’ll never need.

 There was still an urge to buy something so I took myself off to the malls in search of an invent filler

Meanwhile while I satisfy this craving for something new here is a commercial break ………………………..





…………………………….. !

Ok I’m back

 There we are that’s better New clothes new hair and ready to carry on

 🙂 I know it’s just a small change  and I’ll probably not stick with the hair  but hey I’m still trying .

 Back in Laka at the boat shop, I studied a map of the route out to sea so I could head out to the Nuba regions.

 I didn’t study it too well though and after rezzing the motorboat and heading out I ended up hitting the ban lines.I even tried flying out on a magic carpet

and still managed to hit the damn things. I found the Nuba regions very pretty with their  winding water ways around the small islands. The only thing was the sheer amount of ban lines and I know I mention this nearly every post but it just so infuriated me this time. Every turn I made I was hitting them . I ended up swimming a lot of the way. I would have loved to have sailed gently down the stream around the many fine builds, but you little island mentality people who put those ghastly red flashing strings things up all over the place just will not allow me that pleasure You won’t will you Ggrrrr. I always hope when I have a moan that someone might see this and think twice about sticking ban lines up. (Yes crazy) .So between swimming and trying to rez the boat time and time again I did manage to see a few nice builds like this little homestead

 and this hopeless lighthouse at Urdu not because it was a bad build, it’s just that it failed to keep the ships off the rocks 🙂

 My favourite build though was the Sinking Inn at Zazi by Paradox Ruska

 a fantastic  building in sort of separate time frames showing how things change.

 Now I’m not quite sure if I’ve got this right but one of the inns is a ghost of a building as it would have been in the past  and the other is the present day building when the waters have risen above it with all the fittings and fixtures strewn all over the river bed and fish swimming through the remains. I think that’s it  although it might be the other way round and the building in the water is in the future. 🙂   I went  back there later to take a few extra  pics and I chanced upon the builder Paradox   standing on the jetty. it’s not often I manage to meet the creator of  a great build like this  so I stopped to have a chat with him and a very pleasant gentleman  he was indeed, a fellow Brit I might add which probably explains why I managed to meet him in the first place.(time differences and all that ) Paradox did tell me all about the building  but my head was so jumbled with stuff by the time I got to write it down  . But anyway If you get the chance , it’s definitely worth a visit .

Inside the present-day Inn,  a clock on the wall Tp’s you through time and under the water to the sunken Inn of  emm the future/past/present 🙂

 I carried on past the ban lines and security systems mostly swimming as the lines seemed to go from one side of the stream to the other

It was nice to find a security system at one point that actually said” Hi Welcome” ,it even said “Goodbye” as I left the area which made a pleasant change from being given 5 seconds to leave . I think I must have crossed this again as I received an emailed IM from the security system saying another goodbye to me. I wonder if it’ll send me a birthday greeting. Perhaps I should send in a jira requesting that you should be able to make friends with inanimate objects   🙂 then we could  build our own friends

 In Lozi I found a really nice sandbox called Harbinger It looked like an excellent place to learn to build and I would recommend to anyone who is learning building skills to take a look here.

There are many helpful tutorials and tips as well as free textures and sculpties to help you on your way.

As much as I wanted to stay and build something I remembered I was on a tour and would forever be if I didn’t get a move on so I headed off south

crossing several sims worth of open sea

and edging round the Grange and Carnforth sim with its excellent  statue of liberty

Then a quick canoe ride in Furness. I think it was Furness it could of been a bit further on my notes are terrible.  It did remind me though that I want to buy a canoe before the next leg of the tour . Such a nice way of travelling unfortunately I lost the canoe at the next sim crossing.

 I made my way steadily towards the hidden lake sims, passing Pooley stage (another welcome area) and then up to the very first place I ever saw in this amazing world:

 Orientation Island. I have to say I didn’t think Orientation Island was still around. But when I saw it on the map I just had to pay a visit.

It was exactly how I remembered it over 3 years ago.

(wavy lines and harp music as I reminisce)

 I had been seeing stuff about virtual worlds for a while on the internet and on TV once or twice.

 Just to get away to a place outside of the real world, which at the time I had completely become disillusioned with, seemed like a good idea. I would still have to come back to the real world, but my intention was just to escape from the hurt and cruelty of reality for a while which is how it’s mainly been since.

 I have to say SL was not my first choice of worlds. I tried the world “There” first of all which incase you haven’t heard has ended recently.

 At the time I tried it , for some unknown reason it didn’t want to work on my PC. Remarkably for SL 🙂 when I loaded it ,It worked first time and dumped me straight on to orientation island.

 I don’t know about other people but I found Orientation Island a great place to learn the basics of SL.

 With its simple path across an island leading to tasks that showed you how to use your interface, why would you need more. Yes you had to read the help cards and not just run across the island to the end like I know some did . I made an effort to learn the controls. It wasn’t a huge effort. The basic movement and communication control is all you need to get started in this world. The rest you can learn as you go on but a small effort on your part is all that’s needed. The rest of the stuff like building, photography and groups etc I just read up on using the internet, Googled it as they say now. That’s what search engines are for aren’t they. I’m still amazed when people in group chat ask for things like site addresses and how to do this and that etc. I just do a search and find the answer for them, but why can’t they do it? It’s all out there. People have spent time and effort to tell you so have a look you lazy sods 🙂 I guess people enjoy helping people really, I do as it makes me feel slightly more needed.

So here I was looking down that path again it really was a memory jogger. At the bottom of the path I found the parrot that would talk back to you and give you a kiss if you asked it for one

 and there was also the beach ball where you learned to push and lift physical objects. At the end of the path was a chasm that you had to fly across in order to get to a temple.

 If you succeeded you were ready to enter the big bad world of second life. I made the flying lesson  first time but I notice now when I look down into the water there are instructions down there for folks who are unsuccessful at their first attempts .

This process was enough to have me hooked especially the flying business that was a big Wow factor. It felt like I had entered my dreams. Even then I had some affinity with my avatar I felt like it was a part of me, something more than just a game character, some part of me had definitely gelled with the clunky badly moulded Ruthed out character that waddled on to the screen in front of me:)

(wavy lines and harp music brings us out of nostalgia )

 I didn’t know this back then but up from Orientation Island was the home of some of the Lindens, Linden village Annexe and that is where I headed for next.

Linden village spreads across six sims the first being Levenhall and lies north of the orientation island and the two public help islands. I briefly stopped on one of the help islands

 but as I didn’t really need any help I swam off to the rest of the village .

 The first Linden owned building I came upon was a sort of cinema conference setup. It had a large screen showing a film about space travel.

 The complex was owned by Infinity Linden and there was a sign up on the left hand screen .

I sat and watched the film for a while but it was rather dull so I decided to see if I could get any bears whilst I was visiting the village.

 The Lindens are famous for their bears amongst other things. Also I wanted to know if any of the Lindens that lived in the village were builders. And just possibly I might pluck up the courage to talk to one of them, they always seem so busy though.  I didn’t want to disturb them too much.

 I hiked around taking photographs and looking for bears for some time .

 I did manage to find a few bears I could copy. One of them from Enus Linden who had also built a nice little temple where the bear sat.

 and the other from H Linden who I noticed was one of the Brighton Brit Lindens.

 H had built a sort of stempunk/ robot bear

and had also built prim processing machines inside his house.a bit like the prim rig in the ANWR sim.

 Most of the builds were mainly built by other residents but the occasional part of a house was self built . I can’t say I found any Linden built builds that really impressed me. I was surprised to find a plot of land owned by the renowned artist Poid Mahovlich in the Linden village.I only know of Poid through her art which I’ve seen at Burning life. I guess she works quite closely with the Lindens perhaps they have no artists of their own. There were a couple of Lindens at home but like I said I didn’t want to disturb them. If I had seen one of the Lindens just walking around like me I would have said hi and got a pic but the opportunity never arose. I made my way back to Levenhall where I had began and then crossed over to Beaumont where I found another bear to copy by Periapse Linden.

More of a cat actually but I’ll not quibble. He also had an avatar cannon that I thought I’d have a go in as I had never tried one before.


It shot me right over to Rodney Linden’s futuristic black tower. Wooo great fun I did it again and again lol.

NOW (Just a little side note about the new viewer  ) It seems there were not a lot of real builders or Linden artists amongst the Lindens in the village which might explain why the new version 2 viewer I was starting to use seemed so awkward in dealing with prims and generally looking at stuff. With all those clunky menus popping out everywhere destroying the view I was still finding it awkward after a couple of weeks of using. Yes it is a Beta version but I just didn’t like the whole feel of it and couldn’t see myself doing so unless they completely redid it ,which they weren’t about to. Now I know I said you should put a bit of effort into these things and I did, I tried, am still trying but any FOOL especially this one could see this was no improvement over the last viewer.

 I knew how to use it, I knew what all the controls did, I just couldn’t see the improvement , I couldn’t see much at all with that great big menu of buttons scrolling over the screen and pushing my huds off the other side .

Look at this screen shot if I want my inventory open and minimap and chatting at the same time and as for building don’t even get me started  why do away with the pie chart (idiots) GRRRRRRrrrrr.

 Sure there were a few bells and buzzers like web on a prim which was cool and extra layers but that wasn’t swaying it for me and so for the time being, as I had a choice I thought I’d try Kirsten Lee’s latest shadow viewer.

Now look at this also with inventory open minimap and chatting

 This at the time was her S19 viewer. Ah bliss I even managed to get some shadows with it.

 Everything I needed neatly packaged.

 Mind you the new viewer 2 might of fixed my purple bunny with its alpha layer you wouldn’t need invisiprims for the bunneh then and Kirsten has now started making a v2 viewer of her own.

If only we could have the old style viewer with some of the new features I’m sure it would be a winner.

 To round this leg of the trip up I left the Linden village and moved across into the Campus region to visit a build by the artist and writer Mariner Trilling who had built what was called “the Tallest thing in second life”

It’s an enormous stack of around 300 prims reaching way up into the sky about two miles high.

 Whilst I was there Kou the Rabbit sky pirate came over and when we had eventually reached the top of the structure

we jumped off the top and sailed gently down using Kou’s wonderful paraglider Wind rider.

I don’t know if you’d call Mariner’s tallest thing in SL art or a structure or what. I think I would just call it, great fun, here’s what Mariner said about it.

Well that’s it until the next time and who knows what changes will have come by then, So whether you’re reading this in the future or present or even if you’ve read it in the past 🙂 have a great day and Enjoy your second life 🙂  (yes even you people with red  lines round your houses you have a good day too  🙂    )

Bye for now.